If You Watched (And Loved) The Circle Then You’ll Love These Memes

If you’re anything like me, you watched The Circle on Netflix as soon as it was released and binged the first four episodes all in one night.

You probably also cackled all the way through, screamed at your computer screen and almost woke everyone up at 3 am, and tried to quietly eat while trying not to choke every time you laughed with a mouth full of snacks. Lol

Or maybe you’re like one of the people that told me The Circle was wack after watching the first episode and then ran back to apologize when you realized how great it really was! Lol

But either way, it doesn’t matter HOW you watched The Circle, only that you DID. Because if you didn’t you probably won’t get why these memes are so damn funny!

So if you’re apart of the “I watched The Circle on Netflix and loved it crew’ here’s a few memes I found that you’re gonna love just as much as the show!

15 Hilarious Memes Inspired By The Circle On Netflix

Listen, why didn’t anyone just pretend they were sleeping and not respond to certain chats so they could get out of answering questions? Lol Was that NOT an option?

However, the more memes I find, the longer this post will get!

So, if you see more memes inspired by The Circle on Netflix that I haven’t added to this post, do me a favor and tag me on Facebook, or send it to me! Lol Thanks! Love you too.

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