Listen, we can’t ALL be on Joe Goldberg’s kill list! I mean, what makes you so great that JOE f*cking Goldberg would ever think you’re important enough to be a threat to his love life? *rolls eyes* Stop it!

And while you’re at it, you can stop wishing Joe Goldberg was your perfect boyfriend. It ain’t never gonna happen! And since Joe will never ever look your way, let alone attempt to kill you, here’s 12 You memes that just might!

Cause these thangs funny as hell! Lol

Here’s 12 Netflix You Memes About Joe That Will Make You Die (Of Laughter)

Wait … before you start scrolling through these memes. Can I just say …

If you’re drinking or eating something, can you put that shit down for a second? Cause I ain’t insured for you to be choking and blaming me, shit! Lol

Okay, now you can scroll …

netflix you memes joe cares

netflix you memes joe didn't want to kill

netflix you memes joe has changed in you

netflix you memes joe has to get rid of them

netflix you memes joe is a good boyfriend

netflix you memes joe is a good guy

netflix you memes joe is a great boyfriend

netflix you memes joe knows what you need


you memes about joe goldberg

I swear every time I see a meme about the You series on Netflix, specially about Joe, I pretty much die of laughter. Lol And folks just keep sending them to me on Facebook, cause apparently everyone understands how much I love Penn Badgley, and it’s so wonderful! Lol

So the more memes I find, the longer this post will get!

If you see more Netflix You memes about Joe that I haven’t added to this post, do me a favor and tag me on Facebook, or send it to me! Lol Thanks! Love you too.

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