About Me

My Story

I started my journey as a writer almost 10 years ago. I went from blogging about weddings, to music, to parenting, but it wasn't until I started reviewing movies and tv shows that things finally took off for me. And then of course, Hollywood went on strike and I couldn't write about films at all. So once the strikes ended, I decided to revamp things just a little to incorporate more aspects of entertainment that I love, along with my traveling adventures, and where to find the best cocktails ever.

About Popcorn and Tequila

At Popcorn and Tequila, I'm all about celebrating life's adventures, from cozy movie nights in with the girls, to exciting travel escapades for a quick weekend get away from home, and everything in between. So whether you're a cinephile craving honest reviews of the latest blockbusters, a foodie on the hunt for the tastiest cocktails and restaurants, or an avid explorer seeking new thrills, my blog is your go-to destination for fun-filled experiences.

Join me as I share my unfiltered take on movies, TV shows, culinary delights, travel destinations, and all things entertainment, tailored specifically for millennials of color looking to unwind and have a blast when they're off the clock. Whether you prefer to kick back at home, hit the town, or embark on spontaneous getaways, Popcorn and Tequila has something to satisfy every craving for excitement and enjoyment.

Let's Work Together

Got an exciting movie or experience you think my audience should know about? All event invites, movie screenings, and press + marketing opportunities can be emailed to me at shaye@popcornandtequila.com.

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