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Try Not To Spit Your Drink Out While Scrolling Through These ‘Love is Blind’ Memes

No seriously! I just finished the entire series of Love is Blind on Netflix (and I have sooo many thoughts right now) but first … memes! Lol

I originally wanted to post these memes last week after watching the first episode of Love is Blind, but I had absolutely noooo clue what they meant. When I looked at them, they weren’t funny at all! But NOW? Now I’m trying not to spit my iced caramel latte all over my damn keyboard. Lol

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So you have to watch the show to get why these are funny.

Or maybe I’ll just write a recap post so you can get them without going down the rabbit hole of this mess? Lol Tweet me and let me know if you want me to write a recap so you don’t have to watch the show.

However … without further ado, here are …

20 Of The Funniest Memes Inspired By Netflix’s Love Is Blind Show

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love is blind lauren and cameron love is blind meme barnett love is blind dog love is blind meme jessica love is blind kenny meme love is blind jessica meme

love is blind mark meme

love is blind barnett

love is blind meme marklove is blind meme damian

love is blind meme netflix

love is blind netflix memes

love is blind jessica

netflix love is blind memes

netflix love is blind meme mark is blind meme

love is blind meme kelly love is blind meme

That last one really got me! Lol Cause Kenny was cool, calm and collective until that last part! Like I really thought they were gonna turn the camera off. Lol

But oh wait, this is a reality show sir, you signed a waiver that said they’d be recording through it all!

But am I the only one that wanted to see Kenny throw something?

My man just sat down and turned his chair away! Lol Like you can keep recording, but you don’t need to see my face! I was waiting for him to get upset and mush the cameraman! No lie! Lol Maybe that’s the Brooklyn in me? LOL

However, the more memes I find, the longer this post will get!

So, if you see any more memes inspired by Love is Blind on Netflix that I haven’t added to this post, do me a favor and tag me on Facebook, or Tweet it to me! Lol

Thanks! Love you too.

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20 Of The Funniest Memes Inspired By 'Love Is Blind' Netflix Show

P.s – Here’s My Theory On Why Carlton From Love is Blind Exploded

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