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where we keke over movies + TV, go on adventures, and search for the best rum punch brunch in whatever town we're in this weekend


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I'm Shaye, your snarky, tell it like it is, blogger bestie -- le editor-in-chief of Popcorn and Tequila, proud Brooklynite + Hufflepuff, with a strong love for tequila.

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If you're looking for a vibrant, engaging, and influential voice to amplify your message, look no further. Popcorn and Tequila isn't just a blog; it's an experience.




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At Popcorn and Tequila, I blend entertainment, travel, and culture, with my snarky, but honest tone, to create a vibrant space for millennials of color to discover, digest, and discuss their geeky obsessions, along with their mental health and wellness in a safe space.

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“Shaye has consistently supported our projects that are an organic fit to her audience, participates in studio-run events and is an engaging advocate for the projects that she is passionate about. We love working with her.” - Risa & Ari, Boutique Publicity

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