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Watching “Ms. Marvel” Episode 1 Is Like Watching My Entire Childhood Play Out On TV And I Love It

Thanks to Disney Plus, I got to watch “Ms. Marvel” episode 1 a few days before it released on their streaming service, to review,...

Even Though I’ve Only Seen 1 Episode Of Netflix’s Newest Gay Romance Teen Series “Heartstopper”, I Love It, But There’s Just One Thing Bothering...

Yup, that's right. I think I'm in love with this new Netflix series. In love with its budding storyline, and especially in love with...

I’m Sorry Y’all But “Moon Knight” May Be Even Better Than “WandaVision” And That’s Saying A Lot Since I’ve Only Seen Episode One

Listen, I know what I said about the "Moon Knight" trailer a few weeks ago! But disregard that. I got to watch episode 1...

If You Can Get Past All The Fuckery In Peacemaker Episode 1 (Including Some Racism) You’re In For A Wild Explosive Finish

But again ... that's only if you can make it to the end of episode 1 of HBO Max's new DC Comics "Peacemaker" series....

I’m Shocked AF They Put This Ms Pat Show On These White Peoples TV And Renewed It For A 2nd Season

I’m not gonna lie … if this the new content BET Plus is spitting out now, then maybe I gave up on that platform...

Film Festivals

Best Of The Fest: Top 5 Sundance 2022 Films — 892, Emergency, And More

If you followed my Sundance journey this year on Twitter, then you already know I made it through my entire Sundance 2022 watch list!...

20+ Black Films You Need To Add To Your Sundance 2022 Watch List ASAP

While I'm still a tad bit sad that I won't be flying out to Utah this week to watch a ton of (what I'm...

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