Wanna See Will Smith As A Cute Pigeon? Grab Your Free Spies In Disguise Tickets Here

So you’re probably just here to grab your free Spies in Disguise tickets right? Should I bother to tell you that I’ve already seen Spies In Disguise but I STILL can’t tell you what I think about it yet because it’s under embargo? Probably not, huh? Lol Guess you should just click the link below to grab your free Spies in Disguise tickets then. Click here to grab your FREE…
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On Tv

"All That" Is Back Starting June 15 And Lori Beth Returns As The Loud Librarian

If you’re reading this post right now, you probably watched All That on Nickelodeon when you were growing up, like moi! If not &#8230…
On Tv

Billy Porter Joins ‘Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve As Host For New Orleans Festivities

Dick Clark Productions and ABC announced today that Emmy , Tony, and GRAMMY Award-winning actor, singer, director, composer and playwright…
On Netflix

Man Like Mobeen On Netflix Is The Funniest Thing Since Slice Bread, Wait That’s Not Right

But you get my freaking point, right? Lol I’ve had my eyes on Man Like Mobeen for awhile now, and it’s just been sitting in my…


Beyond The Screen

What It Was Like Meeting The Fighting With My Family Cast

A few days ago, I got to meet the Fighting With My Family cast, director, and Paige thanks to Annapurna Pictures, after screening the movie…
Beyond The Screen

I Can't Wait To Stay At The Safari Inn (The Hotel The Coach Carter's Team Snuck Out Of)

Normally, when I fly outta NYC, I’m bougie as hell! No seriously! Lol I gotta stay in the nicest hotel (I can afford), with all the…
Beyond The Screen

Toy Story 4 Ain’t For Kids Bruh, Just Leave Them At Home With This Activity Book

You heard me sis! I said what I said! I saw Toy Story 4 today with a friend and the whole damn thing was creepy! Lol I’m not gonna…

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