20+ Black Films You Need To Add To Your Sundance 2022 Watch List ASAP

While I'm still a tad bit sad that I won't be flying out to Utah this week to watch a ton of (what I'm expecting to be) awesome films at Sundance 2022. (Because you know Covid.) I am excited to cover the Sundance Film Festival again this year. Last year, I covered the Sundance film festival from the comfort of my bed (and couch), so I can't wait to do it all over again. With one difference -- I'm checking my ass into a hotel this time! (For multiple...

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8 Awesome Shows To Watch Right Now If You’re Tired Of Scrolling Through Netflix

If your favorite streaming platform is Netflix, then you're probably on there daily, which means you probably get tired of it too. Even with all the shows and movies being released, there comes a time in one's life where your new favorite show finishes, you wipe the tears, and then you're stuck. So you go scrolling and scrolling to find something new ... but it all just looks ... meh. Trust me, I've been there! And even though I haven't been writing much lately, since we've been in LA...

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40+ Shows & Movies You Need To Watch This Summer

Listen, I know you wanna go outside and live ya best life outside all Summer long. But take it from someone who went to Universal Studios and Disneyland this Summer ... it's HOT AF out thurr! You sure you wanna spend ya entire Summer outside? Nah, you don't! So when you're ready to stop gallivanting in these streets, here's a list of shows and movies you NEED to watch this Summer 2021. Like seriously ... just curl up inside, with the AC on full blast so you can cuddle...

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9 Underrated Series Folks Don’t Talk About Enough That You Need To See ASAP

Over the last few years I've noticed that there are shows that blow up, and everyone talks about them. Then there are shows that, despite being great, fall below the radar and get pushed aside without a second thought. But I kid you not, these shows below are some of my absolute faves! These series are totally worth the binge, even if they're a tad bit underrated. So here are ... 9 Underrated Series You Need To Binge Watch ASAP Betty (binge on HBO Max) Betty is all about...

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