These 7 Memes About The Dora Milaje Fight In FATWS Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

by Shaye Wyllie
dora milaje falcon and winter soldier memes

Listen here Linda, the Dora Milaje vs Captain Generica fight was the best scene in Falcon and the Winter Soldier ever, and I have the memes to prove it!

I found these laying around on the innanet somewhere, so of course I had to share them with you! I’m still laughing at the audacity of these men!

How did they think this was going to end well? Did they think this was going to end well? Did you? (Bless yo heart if you did!) But none of that even matters!

Not when these memes below are just waiting to be laughed at. Here are …

7 Of The Funniest Falcon And The Winter Soldier Memes Featuring The Dora Milaje Fight

falcon and the winter soldier poster

Note: I took the liberty of putting these in order for you, so you could relive the fight again and again through these memes. You’re welcome!

Listen, every time I look at these memes, or think about this fight scene I laugh! Every damn time! So thank you Captain American’t cause whew this was good!

I’m still in search of more memes though, ’cause the more memes I find, the longer this post will get!

So, if you see any more memes featuring the Dora Milaje’s fight with Captain Generica in Falcon and the Winter Soldier on the innanet that I haven’t added to this post, do me a favor and tag me on Facebook, or Tweet me!

Thanks! Love you too.

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