Listen, Sign Me Up For The Circle On Netflix Please! This Shit Mixxy On God And I Love It

by Shaye Wyllie
the circle netflix game review

When I saw The Circle, a “new” reality TV game show on Netflix, on the list of new Netflix releases for January, a few days ago I had no clue what to think! But then I heard what the concept of it was and I was immediately intrigued! I literally just finished the fourth episode of The Circle game show on Netflix and I dropped everything and ran to write this review!

You telling me all I have to do to win a few bucks is be popular online? Fame AND money? Shidddd! Well sign me up then! Lol Once I started watching the first episode I was hooked! How is this so freaking good? I hate reality tv!

the circle netflix game review

My Review Of The Circle Netflix Game

I can’t believe how good this is! If you don’t normally watch Reality TV you’ve gotta watch this!

I am hooked!! I love this shit man! Lol

This game / show is TOO funny! And honestly, I wanna play! Y’all think they got a way we can “phone in” votes or join the chat and pretend to be their mom or dad or something? Mix this shit up a bit more! Lmao!

I doubt it, but it’s definitely a must see! Especially if you hate reality TV like me. Lol

I’ve already told 3 other people to watch it and they ALL love it.

There’s absolutely no real drama in this show and that’s honestly a breath of fresh air … real air … not this New York City shit! Lol

I’ve honestly never been the “reality TV” type! I hate watching folks go back and forth on TV. Most of the time all that drama is SO unneccessary!

I don’t wanna hear nobody did this and that, or he/she is a b*xch, and who’s husband is f*cking who! And don’t nobody care about what these celebs do in they free time, in front of a camera, cause we all know damn well, it’s all a front for TV!

But The Circle’s contestants for the most part keep things clean and civil! Which I absolutely love! They even join forces and hold each other down – despite the fact that they’re competing against each other! It’s amazing. I’m a fan of light hearted drama, not the screaming in your face, hair pulling, drama.

I love that there’s no one trying to start real drama in the chat, or going to the extreme, to win! Where some would find The Circle boring because of its lack of drama, I find it “a breath of fresh air”. (So as long as that air ain’t the NYC air that we breathe. Think upstate NY air! That shit clean AF! Lol)

The fact that they have them play games together – ice breakers and shit, makes this so cool! There’s really no one trying to pit each other against anyone in a toxic way. (Of course some folks are lying about who they are – but they don’t do it disrespectfully or in a mean way.)

The twists towards the end of the first episode and in the second episode were smart AF!

Once you catch on to the pattern of their madness, then it’s no longer a big shock, but when those first few “twists” hit me I almost fell out the bed! Lol

I was taking notes while watching the show, cause you know I forget everything, so I take notes when I watch something I’m gonna review. But once that first “twist” hit me I threw my phone to the side! Show had my eyes wide open! Lol

The Circle had me feeling like it was the 90s and I was chilling at my uncle’s house watching TV.

When I was younger, I’d go to my uncle’s house to hang with my aunt. Only, most of the time she just needed an extra body in the house, ya know?

She’d let me go upstairs into one of the empty rooms and I’d just throw the TV on to whatever, mostly the Disney Channel, then I’d curl up under the sheets on the bed and just binge watch shows all day until I was tired.

That’s how I felt when I started watching The Circle on Netflix! It’s super easy to just lay back and binge. I was in bed with my snacks trying not to scream at my laptop screen at 2am in the morning, laughing to myself and shit. Lol

I stopped taking notes half way in because of this! Lol One, I don’t wanna ruin it with spoilers! However, I also just wanted to curl up in bed with my snacks and “watch TV” the way I did in the 90s!

The first four episodes ended with the sexiest cliffhanger ever and now I can’t wait to see what happens next!

The end of episode four gon have you drooling! Listen! Lol I was like OH SHIT, it’s about to get REAL! I can’t wait to see how this next player interacts with everyone!

Them folks finna lose they shit! Hell, I’m losing my shit! I need in on this game man! Lol This looks so fun! They need to make it like an app or something, so us little people can play for smaller prices! (Credit me when you steal my idea Netflix! I’ll come help with the production of it too, help me help you be great! Lol)

Last but not least … my thoughts on all the contestants (from the first episode so no spoilers) …

I absolutely LOVE Chris (pictured above)!

His energy is so amazing and I know we’d be friends in real life. He actually reminds me of someone I know – personality wise.

And at first I hated Alana, cause her “white girl” voice is SO annoying! Lol But then I started feeling really bad for her because of the way she gets treated all the time. She’s a model, and she even goes on to talk about how people never really believe she is who she is in real life just because she’s a model.

So for her to have to go through all of that again in the game, makes me a little sad. But it’s probably how I judge dudes that be in my DMs on Instagram! Cause there’s a few dudes just sitting there and I’m like NOPE, this GOTTA be a catfish! So even if her voice annoying AF, she’s really sweet, and misunderstood. Lol

Rebecca (real name Seaburn) is just so sweet! But maybe a bit too sweet? I think she’s starting to fall to the side because of it. Not that people don’t like her, but she’s not really popular! Folks just think she’s sweet … that’s it!

Joey and his god damn Italian self is OMG! Lol It’s a lot! Y’all sure he wasn’t supposed to be casted on Jersey Shore instead? Lol I get Jersey Shore vibes from him. But the more I see him interact with everyone, I see that he’s really true to who he says he is – he’s really a family, lovable guy! His soft side comes out and it’s cute.

Shubham (pictured above) is the chillest nerd of the bunch! I love him, and I love that even though he knows he’s not gonna be the hottest, he chose to be himself! He had confidence in HIM to still be him! He knew that people would like him for him, and he was right! I love seeing him help the others, and build bromances.

But honestly, I wish Mercedeze would just be her self! I get why she’s not, but I feel like I’d like her as her aka Karyn. Even if her ass is from the Bronx and I’m from Brooklyn! *rolls eyes* LOL But even so, she’s doing pretty good either way. But I get the feeling her cover is gonna be blown someway somehow. (I mean, if it’s not, she’s definitely gonna win!)

Sammie rubs me the wrong way sometimes, but she’s sweet. Am I shocked she’s still in the game? A little! Only because of what happens … stuff I can’t tell you! Lol I feel like she’d be friends with someone I know. They have the same energy. Super sweet but god forbid you say the wrong thing to them!

Last but not least, Mr. Professional Basketball Player *rolls my eyes* aka Antonio. Yeah, he’s cute! But as hard as he tries to pretend he’s not about the drama, I think he lost site of the purpose of the game. It’s not really a COMPETITION, so much as it’s a game show! You only win if people LIKE YOU. Some of the things he started doing, had me thinking “typical pretty boy fuckery”.

Episodes 5 through 8 will be available on Jan 8th, so if you wanna watch it with me, let me know! We can text and watch it I swear. I’ll start a group chat and everything. Lol

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Katricia January 7, 2020 - 10:41 pm

Group chat!! I didn’t think I’d like this show as much as I have and can’t wait till the next group of shows appear on Netflix!!

Shaye Wyllie January 12, 2020 - 9:31 am

*respond to Katricia* I know right *exclamation point* Everyone has said the same thing *period* *laughing emoji* *send* LMAO

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