Outer Banks On Netflix Had Me Worrying Like I Was These Damn Kids Mama (Season 1 Review)

by Shaye Wyllie
Outer Banks Netflix Review: If You Liked On My Block Watch This

A few days ago I threw Outer Banks on, just to see what the first episode was like and then I got sucked in.

I’ve always liked teen dramas, probably due to my own lack of a childhood, but Outer Banks seemed like a regular degular show I could watch to take my mind off of everything going on right now. A distraction!

At least that’s what I thought when I pressed play.

Little did I know, I’d be taken on a wild goose chase for some damn gold, and somebody’s daddy, who was probably already dead, and all the stress that would come with watching this show.

So if you’re wondering if you should watch Outer Banks on Netflix this week here’s my full review of the show below.

Outer Banks Netflix Review

Outer Banks Netflix

So what is Netflix’s new teen drama, Outer Banks, about?

Well … long story short, it’s about the Pogues, a group of teenagers looking for $400,000,000 worth of gold!

Yup! Not just a piece of gold, but a ton load shit of gold!

The Pogues consists of two poor white boys – John B and JJ, one Black boy – Pope, who I would label as working class, despite living on the poor side of town, and a rich, Black girl, Kiara, who hangs on that side of town because she just doesn’t fit in with the rich.

John B refuses to believe his dad is dead since they never found his body, so he and his crew, go searching for answers and the missing gold, he believes his dad found.

Kiara from Outer Banks

But Outer Banks is more than just some white kid and his friends looking for gold though.

The show loosely digs into what it’s like to have the only parent you have left, go missing. Leaving you running from the foster care system.

Imagine having your mom leave when you’re young, and then having your dad go missing a few years later, as a teen!

Then as you try to put the pieces together, to figure out where your dad is, while all living alone, and working to earn a few dollars to make sure you can feed yourself daily, you also have to dodge the ACS workers who pop up weekly.

It also shows us what it’s like to have an abusive, druggie dad, who you still look up to, hoping he’ll change, so you can finally have a dad, and what that hurt and disappointment usually looks like on a kids’ face.

See lots of people just see troubled kids, but when you watch Outer Banks, and the show unravels, you finally get to see why the kids are the way they are.

But the show doesn’t just show teen life in the lower class communities, of course, it also touches on the rich, who think they can do whatever the hell they want and get away with it. And this includes strangling kids almost to death – literally, tryna drown someone and selling/using drugs.

Oh, but out of all these “bad” ass troubled kids, the island isn’t hopeless! There’s a Pogue, with both, loving parents, who’s on his way to getting a scholarship for college. If he can keep his ass outta jail of course. Lol

P.s – The kids in Outer Banks remind me of the kids in On My Block. So if you watched OMB, you should totally watch Outer Banks on Netflix as well.

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Netflix teen drama series

Outer Banks had me worrying through the entire damn series!

I’m normally a worrier! I grew up saying I could never date a cop, or a soldier, etc., because of how much I worry. I had to train my brain to realize that sometimes people are just busy! My brain automatically thinks something is wrong. So it took a lot of years to adjust. But then, I watched Outer Banks and goodness!

I went from worrying about this kid becoming a foster kid. To worrying about if the “Pogues” were gonna shoot someone. To worrying about if this kid was gonna kill his own father or if his drunk / druggie of a dad was gonna kill him.To worrying about if this girls’ dad was gonna kill her boyfriend! Like seriously!

This whole series I was just worried about who was gonna die next. Cause folks were dying left and right. Oh and don’t even get me started on this crazy old lady! OMG.

With all this shit going on, I ain’t even have time to worry about it they were gonna find the damn gold or if this boy daddy was still alive! Shit, I forgot all about John B’s uncle until the cop came around again, like I know he ain’t here sir. Lol

netflix teen drama series

Overall, Outer Banks was great. But um, did them kids ever eat?

I know they were poor and things were hard but out of the 10 episodes, I swear I musta saw them eat like 3 times bruh. Lol So you mean to tell me, they were always running from death, sometimes literally running, despite having a car and a boat for some of their escapes, and all that running didn’t make them hungry?

I’m just saying! Lol

However … it’s definitely a good series and I wasn’t frustrated like when I watched Locke and Key. Lol The Outer Banks writers unraveled the details well. With each new episode, we learned something new.

But they also left lots of room for another season.

So I can’t wait to see what happens next. I’m a little scared to see how they’ll drag this gold search out in Season 2, since this can get old pretty quickly, but since they may end up in the Bahamas, this might be good!

Click here to watch Outer Banks.

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Outer Banks Netflix Review: If You Liked On My Block Watch This


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