“Heartstopper” Episode 1 Review: I Love It, There’s Just One Thing Bothering Me

by Shaye Wyllie
heartstopper episode 1 review

Yup, that’s right. I think I’m in love with this new Netflix series.

In love with its budding storyline, and especially in love with its characters. But, of course, I wouldn’t be me if there wasn’t something I had an issue with, right?

But first, the positives!

After seeing the below clip of Netflix’s newest gay teen romance series “Heartstopper”, I was convinced I needed to watch it.

So today I started the new series, and I’ve gotta say, episode 1 did not disappoint!

“Heartstopper” Episode 1 Review

heartstopper episode 1 review

While the series isn’t what I thought it would be, episode 1 of “Heartstopper” is light, and sweet, with just the right kick to it. Like a frozen mango margarita, with patron, and a sugar — yes sugar, not salt, rim.

And I love it!

High School is a place where kids begin to learn who they really are, and this first episode takes us through all the emotions … of a gay teen, who meets a new crush, while trying to figure out if he should stay with his “boyfriend” or not.

But what I love the most about “Heartstopper” episode 1 …

Is that, while it gives us a charming take on what it’s like to be an out-and-proud gay teen with supportive friends, it also gives us a reality check that some kids just aren’t as brave, or ready, to come out yet. And we see that harsh perspective played out through our main character’s “boyfriend”.

Episode 1 also isn’t some one-dimensional high school romance focused on one couple who just can’t seem to “get it right”.

Something a lot of romance stories seem to struggle with. Which means, while I cheered on Charlie and silently begged him to block this little boy off his phone, I was also praying Charlie’s best friend would finally get to see his girl again.

(They don’t tell us the pair are officially a thing, just that they’re all friends, but it’s clear through the last scene, that they too are in love.)

So I can’t wait to see how it all plays out!

Now, while I love me a teen romance, halfway through this episode I couldn’t help but wonder if it was a little “too” perfect?

I’ll scream this until my head turns blue, but white teen shows and films always seem to portray white kids with happy-go-lucky lives. (Have you seen “The Kissing Booth“?)

Even when white kids face “adversity”, it’s met with grace, humor, and a ton of amazing, never-would-that-happen, perfect scenarios.

Yet, teens of color get shitty, struggle love, scenes that make me wanna knock my skull into a wall. At least a few dozen times.

So while watching “Heartstopper” episode 1, I couldn’t help but think about how unfair the media portrays teens of color, and I can only pray that this doesn’t continue throughout the entire series. Because that girl Charlie’s best friend is secretly drooling for, is definitely Black! And I’d hate for this series to lean into those terrible story arcs like The Kissing Booth did.

But since I haven’t gotten past episode 1 yet, I’ll remain hopeful. I love me a light-hearted series, with a great underlining message, that I can watch as I wind down or eat dinner, and that’s exactly what “Heartstopper” seems to be.

Let’s hope they keep it that way.

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