“Moon Knight” Episode 1 Review: This May Be Even Better Than “WandaVision” Baby

by Shaye Wyllie
moon knight episode 1 review

Listen, I know what I said about the “Moon Knight” trailer a few weeks ago! But disregard that. I got to watch episode 1 of Marvel’s new “Moon Knight” series a few days ago, before it’s Disney Plus release tomorrow (March 30th), and boy was I blown out the water with this one. Or should I say blown out the sand? Let me stop tryna make up stupid ass jokes and just give y’all this review of “Moon Knightepisode 1.

But honestly … I don’t even know if we can call this a full, proper review.

‘Cause all I’m really about to do is just scream and squeal like a school girl who just found out her crush likes her back! Cause WTF man! How is this show so good ALREADY?

Okay, ready for my improper, no spoilers, “Moon Knight” episode 1 review? Here we go …

moon knight series poster

Let’s start this jawn off by talking ’bout how they came out the gate SWINGING with this one!!!

And yes … I’m standing by the title … for now. Y’all KNOW I loved me some “WandaVision“! (Especially the first four episodes, which so many folks hated. Weirdos!)

But I really think “Moon Knight” may be better than “WandaVision”! And that’s CRAZY to me right now. Absoultely f*cking insane!! Because Wanda and Vision was POPPING! We were talking about that jawn for WEEKS and WEEKS on end! Even when it ended, we were still talking about it! Hell we still talk about that show now.

But yet there’s something about “Moon Knight” episode 1 that just has me hooked! It’s not like “WandaVision” episode 1 that felt like we needed more time to really sink our teeth into the series before we could fall in love with it. (Which is also how I felt about “Hawkeye”. Them first episodes of “Hawkeye” were trash. And I know some of y’all think the entire series is trash, but it wasn’t. Don’t do my man Hawkeye like that.)

Yet still … this first episode really blew me away! And it’s gotta be the cinematography and editing! It’s something! Cause I noticed how amazing it was from the very first few minutes, and I swear I never sit back and scream at how good someone’s cinematography is! Firstly because I don’t know the first damn thing about cinematography to be talking bout it in the first place. But the first few shots gave me that same giddy feeling the “In The Heights” ‘window’ and ‘pool’ shots gave me. If you watched “In The Heights” then you know exactly what window and pool shots I’m talking about!

But like I said “Moon Knight” episode 1 starts off with a BANG! I’m not gonna spoil anything in this review for y’all, because I need you to watch it and experience every little detail yourself. Just know that if you get queasy easily, be prepared for the opening scene. It’s not TOO over the top, but it sure as hell made me cringe a little in my seat.

I knew this thang was gonna be more intense than previous Marvel shows, but god damn!

Either way it’s good! Like, don’t wanna eat while watching, because I’m scared I’m gonna miss something, GOOD! And the first few shots were literally just shots of “things”, his glass, his hands, his feet. Wasn’t even really nothing to really be intrigued by, and yet I was still glued to my god damn screen like a baby who rarely watches tv.

I do have to say though, this is another film that doesn’t feel like the “old Marvel”? OMG I SAID FILM!? Hilarious. I’m not even going to fix that, because I literally sat in my chair for like two good whole hours freaking out at how good episode 1 was! It really felt like I had just left the theater after watching a GREAT movie! Like, that’s how good this first episode is.

And the music is cheeky, just how I like it.

Plus, Oscar Issac is phenomenal! I can finally see why y’all were drooling over him a few weeks ago when they released those thirsty pics, I mean teaser posters. And his accent in this? The little humor bits, when he’s so confused at what’s happening, but still tryna be lighthearted about the situation! Ugh! *bites lip* Goodness!

But yeah, without spoiling anything, I’ve gotta say this episode definitely surprised me. If you read my review of the trailer, then you know I’m going into this series completely blind. Pretty much the same as I do for all Marvel movies and series, since I’m not like a hardcore fan or anything.

And I’ve gotta admit, that trailer did nothing for me. I wasn’t excited to watch this series until right before I pressed play on episode 1. I’m still not sure why I was excited right before I hit play. But DAMN!

This must be what hardcore Marvel fans feel like every time they sit in the theaters to watch a new movie huh? When they be shushing people like me, ’cause we be whispering and shit. THIS is what that feeling feels like! I seeeee. Me likey.

That trailer did NOT do this series any justice! Like seriously. If you watched the trailer and decided you wouldn’t watch this, wipe that awful trailer out of your memory. Listen to me when I say … you need to watch this! But lord have mercy if y’all aren’t hype the way I’m hyped after watching episode 1! I am going to flip and lose my shit, I sweartagawd!

I already said on Twitter that I’ll quit! You won’t get another god damn review from ME if you turn around and tell me this first episode wasn’t all that. Play with me if you want too.

All I know is … I can not WAIT to watch the next 3 episodes! I would have watched them back to back, but ya known … some of us had to wake up early to go to the job that actually pays us the next morning? So I tried to be responsible. Ya feel me?

Adulting sucks ass. I know!

But last ramble before I stop rambling. In the form of a question because that’s more dramatic, of course.


Like, how!? HOW SWAY!

This really is the top tier of Marvel series rightchea man! Like wow! Shaye is impressed! And if you’re not, then you can go to hell. I’ll call Arthur so he can check your scales and see if there’s something with with you, ’cause why!

I’m kidding. Sorta, not really.

But yeah …


I think I’m done rambling now! I hope you guys watch episode 1 of “Moon Knight” and ENJOY it as much as I did! I’ll be posting live recaps of each episode every Wednesday once a new episode drops so you can see how much I really freaked out during each episode. But until then …

Laters Gators!

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