“Moon Knight” Episode 4 Review: I Love It, But “WandaVision” Does This One Thing Better

by Shaye Wyllie
moon knight episode 4 review

Soooo … remember when I wrote that review of “Moon Knight” episode 1 and told y’all that “Moon Knight” was BETTER than “WandaVision”?

Here they come tryna prove me wrong and shit! Ugh!

Here’s a quick review of “Moon Knight” Episode 4

Spoiler Alert – If you haven’t seen “Moon Knight” episode 4 yet, this review will spoil things a bit. So if you loathe all kinds of spoilers, bookmark this joint and wait until you’ve seen the episode.

moon knight series poster

So after I watched “Moon Knight” episode 4, I realized that, despite my new found love for Marvel’s new series, there’s ONE thing “WandaVision” still does better!

And that’s “make everyone emotional”.

Yup, “WandaVision” was phenomenal at making us cry, or angry, or laugh, or … making us justify why it’s okay for a whyte woman to mind control an entire town of people, like that’s totally okay.

(Listen, Joe Goldberg … I mean Penn Badgley said it himself when he talked about YOU on Netflix … white folks get away with a lot!)

However, “Moon Knight” is great at a lot of things … just not emotions.

If I’m being completely honest, while I was watching episode 4 of “Moon Knight”, I really stopped to ask myself “why the hell were the writers trying to make us FEEL things?”

It almost felt like they were trying to make up for not giving us a lot of emotional, romantic scenes in the first 3 episodes. So they tried super hard to make episode 4 lovey dovey.

But it doesn’t work. I don’t want it!

I don’t even care why Marc is such a bad husband at this point!

And normally, I’m all in for a deep dive on why men are behaving like trash!

But yeah, no! Let’s just get back to the main mercenary story here people! FOCUS! Khonshu clearly isn’t as bad as we thought he was and now I feel terrible that he’s gone.

THOSE are the emotions I wanna feel right now.

I don’t care about Layla’s dad, or how he died, and if Marc had ANYTHING to do with it! I don’t care about Marc’s marriage and if him and Layla will work things out in the end.

F*ck that shit!

I wanna know if Layla is gonna be Khonshu’s next avatar when they wake him up. ‘Cause clearly she was built for this shit and should have that awesome suit. I wanna see how badass she can be! Hell, I even wanna see Steven finally get a girlfriend!

So yeah … I feel like episode 4 was the weakest link out of the bunch so far. But hopefully they make up for this terrible lapse in judgement in episode 5 and 6.

And yeah … if you didn’t already know “Moon Knight” only has 6 episodes, I’m terribly sorry for breaking the news to you this way. But here’s why you shouldn’t be upset.

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