I Would Have Paid To See The Main Event In Theaters! That’s How Good It Was!

The Main Event
The Main Event - Nikola Bogojevic, Eric Bugenhagen, Mia Yim, Mike 'The Miz' Mizanin, Seth Carr, Keith Lee, Erik Tuzinsky, Babatunde Aiyegbusi - Photo Credit: Netflix / Bettina Strauss

I watched The Main Event a few days ago on Netflix to review it, after getting an email about the movie, and I was completely blown away with how good it was.

If you’re not sure what The Main Event is even about, the family film on Netflix revolves around 11-year-old Leo Thompson (played by Seth Carr) who discovers a magical wrestling mask that grants him super strength.

He then enters a WWE competition using his new powers, with the support of his grandmother (played by Tichina Arnold).

And as much as I LOVE movies and tv shows with kids who have superpowers, I didn’t expect this to be SO damn good! But without further ado, here’s my full review of Netflix’s new movie, The Main Event.

The Main Event On Netflix Review

The Main Event Review

The Main Event on Netflix was so good I would have paid to see it!

Not even 5 mins in and I was already in love.

The storyline and the acting just felt good. And after watching Coffee And Kareem, a few days before this, I was super excited to watch a good movie with Black actors/characters.

So yeah, before I even got halfway through I was already thinking about how The Main Event feels like a theater worthy movie. Like, was this SUPPOSED to be released in theaters before Corona showed her ass? Lol Cause it feels like it!

The music is great! And I’m not gonna lie, I almost thought that was Kayne in the first song. (Oops! Lol) Also, I may never say this again but, I feel like a Meek Mills song woulda been great in this movie!

I’m no music supervisor, but yeah, that woulda been cool. Lol

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There were a few lines that really struck a chord with me, and made me laugh, like …

When Leo told the big ol’ brown giant “if you don’t beat me up now, I’ll teach you how to talk”. I swear I nearly died. Lol

Oh, and when Leo’s dad asked him who’s Erica and said he “had to hear it from TMZ over there” referring to Leo’s grandmother, I fell out! Lol

Cause my mama really got a big mouth too, so I knew exactly why he called her TMZ.

The Main Event
The Main Event – Seth Carr – Photo Credit: Netflix / Bettina Strauss

However, I also loved that magic wasn’t the answer!

Instead of giving kids a reason to solely rely on faith and good luck, or “magic”, The Main Event kept screaming “real strength comes from your heart and your brain”. So this was perfect!

I know I grew up thinking the adults had it all made, and were doing great, to only find out later on that it wasn’t true. And just like my kid knows the tooth fairy, and the Easter bunny isn’t real, she also knows magic isn’t real.

So the fact that they took the time to keep pointing out that it wasn’t the magical mask that made Leo strong, but instead he would have to find the real strength inside him, was great!

We can watch movies and tv shows about magic all day long, but at the end of the day there’s no simple fix to our issues, and there’s no fast route to our dreams.

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And the way they promoted Black men supporting each other was just amazing!

Like seriously! So often we hear the story about how Black men don’t support others, or how Black men are shown in such a negative light, including Black boys. (Have you seen Coffee And Kareem yet? Lol Did you see A Fall From Grace? Sigh!)

The narrative in the media is that Black men ain’t shit! And yeah, there are some bad ones, but not everyone is bad! Not every Black boy is gonna grow up and be a criminal, or a thug. So can we stop with that already?

I loved that Leo’s friend during the WWE competition was another Black man! And not a Black man who was tryna tear him down, or get ahead of him either. Just a Black man who Leo could look up too, and compete with, who still had his back!

When it was Leo’s turn his friend cheered him on, and when it was time for Leo’s friend to shine, Leo let him shine with no shade, no hate, and no negativity. They really just wanted each other to win and it was great to watch.

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The Main Event
The Main Event – Seth Carr – Photo Credit: Netflix / Bettina Strauss

But there’s one thing I absolutely hated!

Did they really have to make this kid a jerk? Like ugh!

Do they always have to portray Black boys / men as jerks? Like I just got done praising them for showing Leo and his friend supporting each other, and then boom … wait for it … Leo is a jerk to his ACTUAL friends! Sigh.

We can’t just have good kids?

Hell, y’all can’t imagine a world where Black boys and men aren’t jerks to women? This is the only thing I hated in this movie!

Like it’s a fictional movie and there’s magic in here, yet despite having magic, we STILL couldn’t imagine a world where men don’t disappoint women? You’re telling me we can envision a world with magical powers, but not one where men aren’t assholes? WOW! This really made me mad!

Oh, and I also hated …

The way the dad was acting! Lol I’m sorry, but I just didn’t like it. And I know his character was supposed to be tired and annoyed, but it just felt more like lazy acting instead. Like, why was he so f*cking awkward? Lol

I get he’s supposed to be weird, but this shit had me feeling uncomfortable bruh! TF! He did get a bit better towards the end though, but by then it was too late.

But speaking of the ending …

The ending of The Main Event made me wanna cry!

I still can’t believe they wrote the ending like that!

And if you’re wondering what I’m talking about, then you’re just gonna have to watch The Main Event on Netflix to find out! Lol I’m not spoiling the ending.

However, it was super cute, despite that jump being a little unrealistic. Lol

Anywho, The Main Event was great, and if you have kids that love wrestling they should definitely watch this! (It’s totally okay if they watch it without you since it’s a kids movie. But it’s great for a family movie night too.)

And you don’t have to LOVE wrestling to love this movie! I mean, I watched it as a kid since I was always the only girl around amongst my cousins and older brother, but it’s a good movie nonetheless.

Click here to watch The Main Event.

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The Main Event On Netflix Review

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Written by Shaye Wyllie

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