How On My Block Season 3 Broke My Heart

by Shaye Wyllie
How On My Block Season 3 Broke My Heart

By now, if you haven’t watched On My Block Season 3, I’m sorry … but I gave you enough time. And with Corona ass outside tryna get everybody, you sure did have enough time over the last few days to watch the entire series cause it only took me maybe 3 days to finish it?

So if you haven’t finished yet … we see where your priorities lie!

Sucks for you though cause I’m finna spill all the tea today! I’m normally not one for spoilers, but Season 3 of On My Block messed me up in so many ways that I had no choice but to write this post.

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I’m about to discuss what happened during Season 3 of On My Block, including the last episode, so if you haven’t seen S3 yet and you DON’T wanna know, kindly click this link to make your grand exit right up out this b*xch. Lol If you DON’T care cause you’re nosey as hell, keep reading …

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How Season 3 Of Netflix’s Hit Series ‘On My Block’ Broke My Heart

Monse had to console her crying father after her mom just died.

Listen man, this was so damn hard to watch!

Not only was it sad that her mom died after everything, but to watch Monse’s dad break down crying because his ex-wife never came back to him! Jeezus!

And do you know how broken you have to be to look at your kid and admit out loud that you thought your ex-wife who left you YEARS ago, and done made a whole new family, was coming back! Shit!

On My Block Season 3 Monse Dad Crying

Photo Credit: Netflix

Then to watch him lay his head on his daughter’s lap while crying! OMG! I really felt bad for him cause I know what it’s like to silently wish someone would get it together so you guys can just be together again. Whew!

But then …

Spooky cried! Like actual tears fell outta his damn eyes, cried!

And omg! If you think watching Monse’s dad cry is hard, try watching a gang banger that done killed a few people break down right in front of you! Okay, so he wasn’t right in front of me, I watched this shit through my phone screen but still. Lol

I never thought I’d ever see Spooky get so emotional!

We always see his emotional side when he helps the kids or helps his brother get out of trouble, but that was big brother, big homie level emotions.

This was, f*ck my dad is leaving me AGAIN emotions! Because everyone always thinks that a kid will get over their childhood just because time has passed, but they don’t!

Watching Spooky break down when his dad was leaving, made me realize he loved his dad despite everything. He wanted his dad to stay!

Having to lose him all over again broke his heart.

“You know the worst part about not having a father? Is having to be a father to your brother without ever having being a son.” – Spooky

And then having to break the news to his brother? Man!

But what really broke my heart was watching Spooky cry, hug his dad, and then having to summon all the damn energy inside of him to push his father away.

To force yourself to remember someone ain’t shit just so you can get angry at them so it doesn’t hurt as much is HARD! Shit, I’m emotional writing this now! I can literally feel my body get tense and upset for him.

It’s one thing to be sad about someone leaving, it’s a whole different story when you have to grieve, then push those feelings away in an instant to keep pushing through life. Then after watching Spooky cry …

I watched Cesar take his anger out on Spooky while Spooky’s heart was still breaking.

Son! Season 3 of On My Block was HARD!! Why they put so damn many emotional moments into ONE damn episode??

They couldn’t space out the pain a bit? No? Shit! Lol

Right after Spooky cried, he had to tell Cesar the news. And watching Cesar practically hate his brother broke my heart all over again! Watching Cesar scream at his brother and actually push him?

Now y’all know Cesar ain’t never really lay a hand on his brother, but to watch the anger in him as he pushed Spooky and blame him for their dad leaving again!

Yo! Talk about shattering!

And Spooky, despite dying inside, just took it. He knew why his brother was mad and honestly at that point there wasn’t anything he could do. But it hurt knowing that Spooky was dying inside already and then having his brother hate him on top of losing his father again. Yeah … episode 5 was extremely painful to watch.

On My Block Season 3 Cesar Dad

Cesar and yup … his dad. | Photo Credit: Netflix

And the crying didn’t stop there!

Monse cried too! She was so scared that everything she went threw permanently screwed her up that she fell apart!

During the funeral for Monse’s mom, Monse didn’t shed a damn tear. And when she said out loud that she didn’t even care that her mom died or that she never listened to the voicemail that her mom left before killing herself, I thought she was joking.

But she wasn’t! And that’s when she realized that she had gone through SO much shit that she had become desensitized to everything happening.

Essentially, she was numb. Even with her mom dying. And at such a young age, that definitely broke my heart. Kids in the hood don’t just have to stay alive, they also have to make sure they stay sane if they do stay alive!

Having shit happen to you over and over, one right after another can f*ck someone up! BAD! So while facing outer struggles, you also have to fight internally, and we got to see Monse go through this.

But shout out to Ruby, who reminded her that because she was questioning if she was a bad person, meant she could still feel and all hope wasn’t lost yet. However …

Once Monse left, the gang fell apart.

Photo Credit: Netflix

And boy did this break my heart! I know gangs fall apart all the time, but like damn! I was rooting for them. Lol I was hoping they’d stick together. But Monse was the glue, and once she left I don’t think the boys felt the need to keep it going.

Hell, even before she left I could see them distancing themselves.

However, I got why they couldn’t remain friends after everything that happened. Sometimes you just gotta let everything go and start anew. Even if that means …

Ceasar officially joined the Santos.

Now I’m not sure why Cesar had to join the Santos! I really didn’t want him to go down that path, but to say he would have lived a happy life after enduring everything that he did, while not having Monse, is probably unrealistic.

I mean … he not only had to deal with Monse leaving, but he also had the pain and anger from his dad leaving. Plus I’m sure he was still angry with Spooky and ya know … one thing leads to the other. Sigh! But like god damn!

This was like the worst way to end Season 3 of On My Block. (Well, from a writers point of view it was a GREAT way to end it. Lol The shock nearly killed me! But from a fan’s point of view, it sucked ass! Lol) I was always so happy when Cesar stayed away from the Santos but the reality is that this is what really happens to kids!

With no real role models or anyone to push them further, it’s easy to just let your anger get the best of you, which is what I think happened. Even Spooky said during the show that if it wasn’t for his anger he wouldn’t have made it through life.

So yeah … as you can see Season 3 of On My Block completely broke my heart. Like ripped it to shreds and then taped it back up with the cheap-ass clear tape from the 99 cent store to only throw it on the floor and stomp all over it seconds later.

However, there were a few moments that made me laugh or smile so stay tuned for that post. And don’t forget to check out episode 2 of my podcast on Friday! It should be up on Spotify by 8pm.

If you follow me on Facebook and Twitter, I’ll let you know exactly when it goes up.

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How On My Block Season 3 Broke My Heart

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