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Is Jordan Peele’s “Nope” Movie Trailer Scary? A Review For Scaredy Cats + 4 Creepy Things You Need To Face Right Now To Get Through It

If you’re reading this Nope movie trailer review, it’s probably because you hate horror movies, and you’re a scaredy cat just like me.

It’s cool … I get it!

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So the real question of the day is: “Is Jordan Peele’s “Nope” movie trailer scary?

Like ACTUALLY scary? Or can my Black ass actually sit through this thang without shitting bricks? ‘Cause if we can’t make it through the dang trailer, how the hell we supposed to sit through the movie?

Listen … every time a Black horror or thriller film gets released I cringe because I KNOW I need to watch it, but I hate them.

And not because I just “hate” them, but because I’m a big ass scaredy cat!

What I really hate is:

  • the sight of blood
  • seeing or hearing bones breaking
  • being startled (aka jumping up outta my seat like I forgot the damn stove on)
  • extreme violence (think repeatedly stabbing someone as if they ain’t already dead)
  • racial incidents that’s sure to trigger any Black person
  • watching kids get hurt

And probably a ton of other shit!

But since it’s my duty to you, the culture (and myself) to review Black films all year round, I’m trying to make peace with the fact that this includes horror and thriller!

So Here’s A Quick Review Of The “Nope” Movie Trailer Just For My Scaredy Cats


Is the “Nope” movie trailer Scary?

I watched the Nope movie trailer 2x! Like, back to back. Watched it once, and then watched that jawn again because WTF did I watch the first time?! So it’s really not THAT bad. It’s more intriguing than anything to be honest.

Like, I really just wanna know what’s going on! The trailer gives us nothing, but snippets of what we think is gonna happen. But you know Jordan … he gon’ make you think you’re getting one thing, and it’s gon’ be a whole different situation when you watch the full story.

We don’t even have a full fleshed out description of the film. Just a damn sentence! Think I’m joking? Here’s the Nope movie trailer and the description!

Anywho … if you don’t like horror there are a few things to watch out for.

I hate surprises, and that’s kind of what bothers me the most about horror — creepy shit randomly popping up outta no where. So …

Here Are 4 Creepy Things From Jordan Peele’s “Nope” Movie Trailer You Need To Face Right Now

These photos are listed from the least creepiest, to the most creepiest, so hold on to your seats people!

1. The cloud.

It looks calm, but seeing as how things don’t just be floating in the air like this, I’m pretty sure something’s going on here!

We got a glimpse of what I think was a UFO in the trailer, sooooo … this ain’t the calm cloud y’all think this is!

This photo is misleading, I’m sure of it.

And I can’t wait to find out what this thang is really all about.

2. The creepy “prize” stand.

After the first watch, I assumed this was a prize stand at a weird white fair or event of some sort. We know there are horses, so maybe it’s a horse racing compeition?

But these um … prizes … ain’t the typical happy go lucky toys we’re used too!

Oh and they kind of look like … aliens?

Yup! So this scene right here is what made me watch the trailer twice!

I just knew I was missing something!

And sure and behold, right there in the upper right hand corner, there’s a plastic bag with the words “Alien viewer” at the top. So some creepy shit is going down in this town y’all.


3. The creepy monster hand.

Is nope movie trailer scary

The first time I saw this thang, it happened so fast I barely gave it a second thought. I just wanted it to get off my damn screen.

But then I watched the trailer AGAIN … and realized this nasty monster hand is fist bumping … what looks like … a god damn baby! And possibly under a table?

Lord jeezus please help us all! I told y’all I don’t like creepy shit happening with kids involved! This right here is gon’ take me out.

I just know it.

Thank goodness it’s not a Black baby. (I know that sounds crazy, but y’all know what we say about white folks just leaving they kids to run a muck in unfamiliar places! I got a feeling this is what this scene is all about.)

4. Is this an alien?

Is nope movie trailer scary

Pretending to be a human? Like … why her face look like this? And why sis got on a church hat? What’s her sweater about?

This whole photo gives me the creeps!

But it still makes me wanna know what’s really going on in this dang movie! So I never say this, but I hope we get another trailer!

Now …

Do I recommend watching the Nope movie trailer even if you hate horror flicks?

Yup. Like I said, the “Nope” movie trailer isn’t that scary. The creepy things aren’t popping up in our faces, and the scares are subtle at the momento.

Plus, now you know everything you need to look out for, so it shouldn’t scare you at all.

As for the actual Nope movie? I’ll let you know if you should watch it in July once it’s released!

Nope premieres in theaters on July 22, 2022.

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