I Spoke To Yvette Nicole Brown And Here’s What She Wants Women Of Color To Know

by Shaye Wyllie

Not only did I meet Yvette Nicole Brown in person during The Geekly Retreat, but I also got to talk to her about her role in Disney Plus’s new live-action Lady and the Tramp movie! And since this was a once in a life time kind of thing, I figured my question better be GOOD!

So I spent the entire night before stressing, and brainstorming the perfect question! Cause what I don’t wanna be is “the black girl that asked the basic ass question”. (*in my Brooklyn accent* Deadass son! Lol)

As I furiously researched the movie and what others had already asked, while time quickly ran out and my eyes and body slowly started to fail me, I came upon a question, that led to an answer, that washed all my stress away!

Yvette Nicole Brown didn’t actually WANT the role of Aunt Sarah! She actually almost didn’t audition for it either!

Yvette Nicole Brown from Lady and The Tramp Wants WOC To Know This

Let me say that again in case you ain’t get that the first time around!

Yvette Nicole Brown DIDN’T want to AUDITION for a DISNEY movie because she didn’t think she was right for the role! Why? Because SHE thought she wouldn’t be able to play the role of Aunt Sarah. Sis thought it wasn’t for her! Like WHAT?! Her mama is actually the one that (basically) told her to “cut her shit” and go audition!

Crazy right? Lol (Extremely crazy!)

And that’s when I KNEW I had to ask her for some advice. (Mainly for myself, but I guess for y’all too. Lol) So I asked Yvette Nicole Brown for some advice that I could share with other women of color who are afraid to shoot their shot because they think they don’t fit the bill. (Similar to how she almost didn’t audition for Lady and the Tramp because she thought she wouldn’t be able to play Aunt Sarah.)

To which she responded by saying,

“Don’t fall into the trick or the trap of what society says you are and what your limitations are. There are [way] more opportunities for all of us than we realize, and I think the trick [of society] is to make us think that there aren’t. The thing that you think exempts you from success is the [very] thing that is your superpower. So if you have a big forehead, and you decide that doesn’t work, and you want to cover it with bangs …. don’t! No bangs! Let them see it.”

Yvette Nicole Brown also went on to say that she feels like “we’re supposed to lean into the things that we feel are good. Because usually when we decide something’s not good, it’s someone outside telling us that! We know within ourselves that we’re all right, right? So … fight against the programming that tells you that you’re not enough.” And boy does that last line hit HARD!

But she’s right!

So if you’re looking to shoot your shot this year, stop focusing on why you think you shouldn’t and focus on why you should! If that doesn’t work, then just tell yourself that Yvette Nicole Brown HERSELF said that you should shoot your shot. Boom! Lol

Here’s what I initially thought of the Lady and the Tramp movie and this is my full review of the Lady and the Tramp movie.

Meeting Yvette Nicole Brown from Disney Plus's Lady and The Tramp

About The New Lady And The Tramp Movie

In Disney+’s “Lady and the Tramp,” a timeless re-telling of the 1955 animated classic, a pampered house dog and a tough but lovable stray embark on an unexpected adventure and, despite their differences, grow closer and come to understand the value of home

A heartwarming romantic adventure that seamlessly combines live action and photorealistic animation, “Lady and the Tramp” stars: Tessa Thompson as the voice of Lady and Justin Theroux as the voice of Tramp; Kiersey Clemons as Darling; Thomas Mann as Jim Dear; Janelle Monáe as the voice of Peg; Yvette Nicole Brown as Aunt Sarah; and Sam Elliott as the voice of Trusty. The film is directed by Charlie Bean from a screenplay by Andrew Bujalski and Kari Granlund, and is produced by Brigham Taylor with Diane L. Sabatini serving as executive producer.

Watch the new Lady and the Tramp movie on Disney+ here.

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Yvette Nicole Brown Wants WOC To Know This

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