You Asked For It, So Here It Is: My Thoughts On You Season 2

you season 2 review joe and love

Disclaimer: This You Season 2 Review contains spoilers. If you have not finished watching You, do not read this review yet!

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If you HAVE finished You S2, then carry on my good friend …

you season 2 review joe and love

And I’ll spare you the intro paragraph today, because I know some of you have been waiting for this You Season 2 review for like forever now! Lol So here we go …

My Full Review Of You Season 2 …

The relationship Joe built with Will is crazy, but was well needed.

Who would have ever thought that Joe could lock someone up in his little glass box, and then turn them into a friend!

Not I says the cat. I mean, think about it! Someone knocks you out, throws you in a glass box, locks you away for days, and then you hit them with the “nah it’s cool, I understand, you did what you felt you had to do at the time, we’re cool though, just let me out and I’ll be on my way”. 

Henceforth why Joe had to move to California, because that shit couldn’t have happened in New York f*cking City I tell you that much!

Ain’t nobody in NYC that god damn forgiving! Lol N O  O N E! Got it? 

So don’t even think about trying that shit here, because while we’re keke’ing in your face, locked away in your box, telling you that we forgive you, we’re also plotting the death of you and your dog, which we’ll kill before we kill you so you can watch, and a trip to Greece to live happily ever after!

Season 2 of You woulda been done in about 3 episodes bruh! Lol

But, I’m sorry, back to my ORIGINAL point here! I think Joe NEEDED Will, more than he even realized. I think their relationship represents the relationship Joe needed with his mom. Look at the way Will just believes Joe!

Will was kidnapped too, but he’s the ONLY one that believed Joe was good! He’s the only one that wants him to do good, like really wants too … not just saying it because he wants Joe to let him out. Will supported Joe.

Shit, during Season 2, we see Will help Joe, and at the end, we see Joe call Will to make sure he’s where he said he would be, not out and about in LA killing people and framing Joe for revenge.

That end scene, where Will reassures Joe that he can still do the right thing, the way he believes Joe didn’t kill Delilah, it just feels so blissful. 

For the FIRST time, we see the weight lift off of Joe’s shoulders. For the first time ever Joe finally has an actual friend he can talk too! I think he needed that desperately. Maybe Joe’s mental health and trauma issues can be resolved in Season 3 now that he has someone he can trust and can talk too?

See not having someone to talk to about things can LITERALLY drive people insane! Always feeling alone is dangerous? It’s why I’m never surprised when I hear someone who looked happy on the outside has committed suicide. Being surrounded by people and feeling alone is probably the worst feeling ever.

And Joe has been alone since he was a kid. He’s felt like that even before he ended up in a group home.

So I REALLY think Joe needed Will, and I think EVERYONE needs a Will in their life. Someone to talk too about anything. Someone who won’t judge you when you tell them what’s wrong. That’s how the healing begins.

We all knew Love was messed up when she decided to take Joe back, but god damn!

I’m looking over my notes from the last few episodes, and I legit have in my notes:

How messed up does one have to be to take Will (Joe) back? I mean she doesn’t know about anything so I guess right now she just thinks he lied about who he is?

And now I’m looking back at these notes and laughing it up. Cause she knew! Shawdy was WAY more messed up than I realized! Sheesh! But maybe they also named her Love, for a deeper reason.


True love is seeing the worst in someone and still loving them anyway right? So maybe this was a way for Joe to realize that to love someone else, like Love, someone as crazy as him, he’d have to first learn to love himself. If he can’t love her because of what she’s done then how can he love himself or anyone else?

And to think she’s the one that killed, not Forty! I’m gonna need them to dig into that a bit deeper in Season 3 because she seriously coulda just called the cops, or took a photo/video of what was happening. WHY did she think death was the best answer for that situation?

We know why Joe killed, but why did Love? It can’t be as simple as “I was protecting my brother”. (Which I guess now it makes sense why people are suggesting that Love and Forty had a thing going on. Ew!) But hey, maybe she was just tryna save her brother, who knows! Lol

However – her killing Candace, and using the baby to trap Joe really digs in deep on how crazy she is. And how much she’s also willing to do for Love!

Y’all, pray for her please! Lol I was mad when Forty said she couldn’t be a mother, but goodness NOW I get why he said it. Lol

you season 2 review forty and joe

Speaking of Forty … y’all were just sitting there complaining about how annoying he was when the poor boy was just tryna keep it all together!?

Forty was a DICK! And rightfully so!

When I thought he was the one that killed as a kid, I instantly thought “okay, so this is why he’s so messed up and why he’s an alcoholic”. Sure that doesn’t explain why he’s so f*cking annoying, but still! Lol

It also makes sense why Love did SO much to HELP him when he wasn’t sober! It was HER f*cking fault he was an alcoholic in the first place! Lol Shit!

However – how Joe didn’t kill Forty is beyond me! I woulda killed him, I swear! (If I was already a serial killer I mean. Lol) Like how did he survive for so damn long? Drugging people and shit. That’s how you know Joe was really tryna change!

Cause Season One Joe woulda killed Forty just for being annoying, let alone kidnapping him and drugging him!

But I LOVED how they unraveled Forty’s story! Learning what he did and what he went through bit by bit helped us learn why he was the way he was.

Not just why he was an alcoholic, but why he always needed someone to love him and take care of him.

I’m glad Candace is gone, I’m not gonna lie! She was annoying too!

Like sis, you coulda just stayed dead! Maybe this is why Will didn’t bother with revenge! That boy was smart! He got out with his life and he moved the f*ck along!

Not Amy though. No no! Amy had to stir shit up! And then when she actually HAD a chance to do something, she punked out! TF? Like, here’s your chance sis!


you season 2 review delilah and ellie

Curiosity killed the cat … literally … and especially Delilah!

Candace and Delilah both died because they couldn’t leave well enough alone!

Had Delilah just took her one stupid photo/video and gotten the hell outta there, she wouldn’t have ended up in that damn glass box in the first place! And who’s stupid enough to actually ENTER a room where anyone can come up behind you and close the exit? You’re a WHOLE journalist and you didn’t know better?

I don’t even have anything else to say about her ass. I’m just disappointed. Lol

But can we talk about how Joe is an example of “people who can’t handle what they dish out”.

Like, sir! She’s doing exactly what you did! You out of all people should understand that. Guess not, huh. Lol

I have some thoughts about Season 3, but I’ll link to that later once it’s posted. Because I can already see that Joe isn’t okay with Love’s crazy, even if it’s exactly like his! Just goes to show you that people can’t handle what they dish out!

How come it’s okay for him to be crazy and forgiven but not her?

Also, can we stop overlooking the fact that almost everyone in Season 2 was dealing with unresolved trauma?

Every time I talk to someone who says they don’t watch You, I tell them it’s about mental health issues and why serial killers really become who they are, because to me that’s what this is really about.

Joe, Love, Forty, Candace, and even Delilah, they ALL had unresolved trauma and THAT’S why they kept making those bad decisions!

Joe killed when he was 9 and his mom basically washed it over and kept telling him he was a good kid and didn’t mean to do it. Years later we can see that Joe still justifies everything he does by telling himself those same words! Every time they flashed back to his childhood, it was to show us WHY he became who he was and why he thought he was justified in what he was doing. He’s been “killing to protect the people he loves” since he was 9. It’s unresolved, so that’s all he knows right now. 

Love was pretty much the same as Joe, although we don’t really know why she ended up killing. Poor Forty believed he had killed for love, and his trauma was so washed over he became an alcoholic and a drug user. 

Candace – well, we already know her trauma made her do stupid things! Lol Like go after a serial killer all on her own! *rolls eyes* And Delilah’s trauma had her fixated on a man whose death led to her own.

This shit was deep! And all I ever hear is folks complain about what everyone did, but no one stops to ask WHY they did it.

And since I know everyone was wondering about this … here’s why the Twins names were so weird.

The twins you say? Lol Forty and Love! (Did anyone else forget they were freaking twins? Cause I sure did!) However, Glamour explained the tennis terms perfectly and now I finally understand Tennis! Shit! Lol Thanks!

However LOVE means ZERO in Tennis. The first point is 15, the second is 30, and then the third point scored is … well … if you guessed 40, you’re correct! So for the score to be Forty – Love, one player would have had to score 3 points back to back, without his/her opponent scoring any!

It’s almost as if the Quinn’s KNEW they had all the power in LA. Their kids even mentioned they had the LAPD in their pockets right? So of course they’d win every “match” they entered. Also, now that I think about it – it’s a play on how much LOVE the Quinn family had for each twin.

We all know they cared for the brother more, but we just assumed that was because the family thought he killed and he needed to be protected. But nope! Love Quinn KNEW the family loved her brother more even before that and THAT’S why she killed and framed her brother. She knew they’d clean up the mess if they thought it was him!

So basically … Forty always winning, and Love forever losing! Which is why she wants a new family so damn bad. She pretty much doesn’t think the Quinn family is HER family, and she wants out. She’s tired of losing!

However with that said, I think I’d be fine if they stopped the story here.

Season 2 ended on a high! I loved watching the tables turn on Joe and the bit about him thinking #WhatWouldBeckDo was hilarious! Plus, seeing Dr. Nicky pretty much “over” the situation and not worried about revenge, was amazing!

Not many would be okay with being in jail, despite being innocent. Dr. Nicky’s take on why he really wasn’t innocent, despite not doing what they claimed he did, was an eye opener. Just because you didn’t physically kill someone, doesn’t mean you didn’t do anything wrong! (It also means, he’s as smart as Will. Lol)

I also don’t care if we ever see Ellie again! She’s gone. Don’t come back sis. Lol Don’t be a Candace! But since they already pretty much confirmed a season 3 I can’t wait to see what happens. My season 3 predictions will be posted shortly! 

Until then, what did you think about Season 2?

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Written by Shaye Wyllie

Shaye is an Entertainment Writer from Brooklyn, NY and a big fan of anything and everything superpowers related (especially if kids/teens are involved), cooking + baking shows (like MasterChef Junior and Cupcake Wars), teen dramas, sitcoms, comedies, and legal dramas. When she's not binging the latest series on Netflix or writing, you can find her spilling her thoughts on the Brown Side of Disney Chat or creating YouTube videos with her daughter for their new family site, Popcorn and Tater Tots.



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