5 Of The Stupidest (And Best) Responses From Netflix’s Twitter Thread About Sex

by Shaye Wyllie

So apparently, last night there was a Netflix sex Twitter thread!? The fck going on over at the Netflix headquarters bruh? Lol And when Tanay (from Black Girl Views) told me about it this morning, I just KNEW I needed to take a peak! Half of this is spot on, while the others completely missed the g-spot!

5 Of The Stupidest Responses From The Netflix Sex Twitter Thread

Brand: Yelp

Um … I see where this was going, but I don’t think Yelp understood this assignment. Unless their social media manager is a hoe? Lol Cause um … yah, no. Moving right along folks. Lol

Brand: Fox

I know where they were going with this, but let’s be real NO ONE is saying FOX during SEX, so this doesn’t work. Sorry!

Brand: Hulu

WTF? Lol They know this was a chance to highlight THEIR brand right? (And I get where they were tryna go, I swear I do, … but it didn’t get there. Sigh!)

Brand: Animal Planet

WTF? DURING SEX! Not before, not after. Who TF is asking for photos DURING sex? Y’all got time to ask for photos during sex??? Cause I’ma pray y’all find a new partner if you do. Lol The hell?

Brand: Axe

Lord! I don’t even know what to say right now. Unless she’s pregnant and talking about how much her boobs has grown? Like … WHO IS SAYING THIS DURING SEX! Lol

Now Here’s 5 Of The Best Responses From The Netflix Sex Twitter Thread

Brand: Aviation Gin

I’m pretty sure you can tell why this is SO damn great. Lol (I mean … probably would have been better if a Tequila brand had tweeted this, but that’s besides the point. Lol)

Brand: Absolut Vodka

I guess it makes sense that the folks running the alcohol accounts know how to play this game right? Lol Cause these are so spot on! Lol

Brand: Tazo

Um … I don’t even drink tea, but I am here for THIS! Lol

Brand: Hampton by Hilton Hotel

Ohhhh yessss! Belgian waffles, with strawberries, bananas and whip cream please!

Brand: Hotels.com

OMG! Yessss! Not that I would EVER try this 15 mins before I had to go somewhere. Lol I don’t like disappointments.

And then there’s the brand that was TOO perfect to respond …

Brand: Kum And Go

This right here is HILARIOUS! They totally shoulda chimed in. Lol

And the brand that REALLY missed their shot …

Brand: Sunny D

Here’s the tweet that started this mess …

In case you’re looking to check out some of the other responses.

Were these funny to you?

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