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Clearly Wypipo Wrote This Script ‘Cause These Coming 2 America Quotes Were More Offensive Than Funny



worst coming 2 america quotes

If you’re a 90’s baby, like moi, you were probably extremely excited when Prime Video announced there would be a sequel to one of our classics, Coming to America! While the original film isn’t the best looking back at it, (now that we know better), I had great hopes for Coming 2 America. But after hearing these quotes, that could have been written by a few bullies in 6th grade, I knew Coming 2 America wasn’t gonna be for me.

These quotes were literally the absolute worst, and probably the most offensive movie quotes I’ve heard over the last few months.

Here Are 6 Of The Most Offensive Quotes From The Coming 2 America Movie

worst coming 2 america quotes

“Those hungry babies with the flies on they face?” 

“I bet they could fix those long saggy titties y’all got in Africa.”

“It’s cavi ah what?”



“You know our cousin named that.”

“You dress like a slave from the future.”

“She took the royal jet.”

“That thieving b*xch.”


“I want a woman so black when you make love you need a flashlight.”

Did any of these quotes above make you cringe? No? Just me?

That’s fine.

I’m used to being the odd man standing, but I can’t sit here and pretend like this movie made me happy, ’cause it didn’t! And in 2021, they really should have done SO much better with this film. But hey, to each it’s own!

Coming 2 America is currently streaming on Amazon Prime Video.


Shaye is an Entertainment Writer from Brooklyn, NY and a big fan of anything and everything superpowers related (especially if kids/teens are involved), cooking + baking shows (like MasterChef Junior and Cupcake Wars), teen dramas, sitcoms, comedies, and legal dramas. When she's not binging the latest series on Netflix or writing, you can find her spilling her thoughts on the Brown Side of Disney Chat or creating YouTube videos with her daughter for their new family site, Popcorn and Tater Tots.

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Prime Video

The Cliff Notes: The Craziest Things That Happened On Season 1 Of “Swarm”, Prime Video’s New Serial Killer Series



swarm on prime recap

From co-creators and executive producers Janine Nabers and Donald Glover, “Swarm” follows Dre (Dominique Fishback), an obsessed fan of the world’s biggest pop star who sets off on an unexpected cross-country journey. And if you’re still wondering if you should check out “Swarm” on Prime, or you just want the cliff notes of what happened … here’s a recap of the craziest things that went down in Season 1!

swarm on prime recap

22 Of The Craziest Things That Happened On “Swarm” Now Streaming On Prime Video

Note: I omitted some of the names just in case you’re still interested in watching “Swarm” after, so I don’t spoil everything. You can thank me now.

  1. The Chloë Bailey and Damson Idris sex scene! Yup, that was wild. And it’s all over Twitter!
  2. Sis spent $1,800 on some concert tickets, instead of … you guessed it, her rent!
  3. Dre binge eating sweets, after almost every kill. And yes, it’s as weird as it sounds.
  4. Sis took a shower in homeboy house, after killing him in said house! Then went “food shopping” in his pantry? Bro WHAT?!
  5. There’s a Black man … let me repeat … a grown ass Black man … with a skunk as a pet. I can’t make this shit up!
  6. Sis locked a recovering sweets-a-holic in a room with a cake. You’ll get why this is crazy after you watch episode 3.
  7. Someone bit Ni’ Jah!
  8. There’s a white girl named Cricket. Need I say more?
  9. Billie Eilish plays a creepy ass character on the show! I didn’t even realize it was her because I’m so not used to her looking so “soft”.
  10. Dre gets sucked into a cult, and literally drives the cult leader over with her car because they took her phone, and made her miss the Ni’ Jah concert.
  11. Someone sang the lyrics “say my name, say my name” which was clearly a nod to Bey’s song, and I thought that was cheeky.
  12. Sis said her mama was crying over spilled milk … and the milk was red! She meant blood! It was blood that was spilled all over the floor, not milk! My goodness!
  13. Sis burned a body, and forgot to take out the Ni’ Jah tickets out her pocket. Aka she burned the damn tickets!! She was sick. I almost felt bad for her I swear. Cause how could you be so dumb!
  14. Learning that Dre’s foster parents folded her (and cut her) out of all their photos … was wild. They always put her on the end of the photos, so they could just fold her out of the frame!!
  15. Dre’s foster daddy tried to kill her, literally. This moment was quite ironic, since she’s usually the one doing the killing.
  16. Somebody in the “documentary” episode (ep 6) had on a track suit and I swore up and down it was Ivy Park! Probably wasn’t, but it sure looked like it!!
  17. Dre becomes Tony — and ends up dating a girl, who doesn’t care that he doesn’t have a phone! She gave “him” her number on a piece of paper. This made me sick! Ain’t no way!!
  18. Tony said “his car” was in the shop, and sis said — it’s okay, we can walk. WHAT?! Absolutely TF not!
  19. Not “Tony” getting her period, while sis is tryna get some sex! Whew lawd.
  20. Sis took Dre to meet her family! Why TF would she do THAT!? Girl was literally insane!
  21. Sis got someone Ni’ Jah tickets, even though she knew they hated her! Then got mad when sis didn’t want them. And killed her. Like … worse boyfriend of the year much!?!
  22. Dre killed someone while telling them she loved them. This might be the craziest moment of them all to be honest.

So yeah … if you haven’t seen “Swarm” on Prime Video yet I totally recommend watching it. Like ASAP. It was insane!

And if you HAVE seen it, drop something you thought was crazy in the comments below!

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Film Festival Coverage

A Review Of “Swarm” Prime Video’s New Insane Series About A Black Girl Serial Killer For Scaredy Cats — Is It Safe To Watch?

“Swarm” is Prime Video’s new insane series starring Dominique Fishback, Chloë Bailey, and Damson Idris — about a Black girl serial killer that gives us major ‘Beyhive’ vibes and yes it’s worth a watch! (Even if you’re a scaredy cat like me.)



is swarm on prime scary
Courtesy of Prime Video

From co-creators and executive producers Janine Nabers and Donald Glover, “Swarm” follows Dre (Dominique Fishback), an obsessed fan of the world’s biggest pop star who sets off on an unexpected cross-country journey. The series premiered its first two episodes at the SXSW 2023 Film Festival, which I was fortunate enough to attend and thoroughly enjoyed.

But is “Swarm” scary?

If you’re reading this “Swarm” review, it’s probably because you hate all things horror, and you’re a scaredy cat … just like me. And that’s cool … I get it! So the real question of the day is: “Is “Swarm” scary? Like ACTUALLY scary? Or can my Black ass actually sit through this thang without shitting bricks? Every time a Black creator releases a horror or thriller … I cringe because I know I need to watch it (for the culture — and to review), but I hate them. And not because I just “hate” them, but because I’m a big ass scaredy cat!

What I really hate is:

  • the sight of blood
  • seeing or hearing bones breaking
  • being startled (aka jumping up outta my seat like I forgot the damn stove on)
  • extreme violence (think repeatedly stabbing someone as if they ain’t already dead)
  • racial incidents that’s sure to trigger any Black person
  • watching kids get hurt

And probably a ton of other shit!

But since it’s my duty to you, the culture (and myself) to review Black films all year round, I’m trying to make peace with the fact that this includes horror and thriller!


So Here’s A Quick Review Of “Swarm” For Scaredy Cats

is swarm scary

Is “Swarm” Scary?

After finishing “Swarm” on Prime Video, I realized that while it’s a whole f*cking lot, it’s actually not scary at all! And yes, I too think that’s weird. But it’s not meant to be a horror story. It’s actually a psychological thriller, about real life events (and internet rumors), so I think the interesting and intriguing outweighs the scare factor in this one.

But if you don’t like horror there are a few things to watch out for.

What actually bothered me:

Don’t laugh when I say this, but nothing actually bothered me while watching this. I don’t know if that’s because it’s extremely fascinating to watch Dominique Fishback switch back and forth from a sweet (but weird), lovable child to a psychotic serial killer.

Or if it’s because the serial killer in this series is a Black girl, and feels less threatening than say — a white adult male, like so many other series are based on, including my fave Netflix serial killer series “You“. However — the elements of horror that I hate are present, but they just don’t hit hard enough to actually scare me into skipping them. And I like it that way.

The same way we think Jordan Peele films are more intriguing than scary, is exactly how many will react to “Swarm”.

Courtesy of Prime Video

What you need to know before watching “Swarm” if you absolutely hate horror:

If you have melissophobia, or apiphobia

Aka the fear of bees, beware! While we rarely ever see them, we do hear the bees often.

And yes, it’s a nod to the “Beyhive” as you’ll see while watching, so hopefully they’ll make you think of Beyoncé instead of actual bees?


Other things to watch out for:

  • the sight of blood (and lots of it) — there’s even a scene with Dre mopping up blood like you’ll see in the trailer, or in my TikTok recap video of the SXSW x Swarm Mini Mart event
  • being startled — you’ll know what’s coming before it happens, so that takes most of the scare out of these scenes, but there’s a bit of suspense that could scare you
  • there’s a cop scene — where Dre gets stopped, and yes the cop is white and stalker-ish, so that could trigger some trauma if you’ve got any (from your own experience or even just the news)
  • the kills are violent, and repetitive (meaning she stabs/hits again and again) but you can fast forward a tad if it bothers you (it didn’t feel intense as most kill scenes do so it didn’t bother me)
  • suicide is mentioned, but we don’t see the act being committed
  • if white girl cults make you uneasy, then you’ve been warned
  • while the cop scene doesn’t have any shooting involved, there is a shotgun pointed and shot at Dre to harm her (thankfully not from anyone white)
Courtesy of Prime Video

Do I recommend watching “Swarm” even if you hate horror?


Like I said, it’s insane, but it’s only 7 short episodes. (They’re about 30 mins long each.) So it’s easy to binge over the weekend, and then watch a few Abbott Elementary episodes right after, if that’s what you’ll need to sleep better at night. But I didn’t need to watch anything funny afterwards to calm down.

The series really isn’t that deep.

It’s just cute commentary on how stan fans take shit way too damn far, and how the stan culture can hurt others. It’s also cool to see a Black woman take up space in a realm we don’t often see them in. And Dominque’s an incredible actress, so the series is worth watching for just her alone!

Plus there’s that sex scene that everyone keeps talking about? So I guess you could also watch it for that, although it’s so much more than a sex scene.

Courtesy of Prime Video

Now Here’s A Few Tips To Get Through “Swarm” If You Plan On Watching It (And You Hate Horror)

  1. Turn yo muhfudging sound down bruh! Horror thrives on sound!
  2. Keep the lights on. Why in the world would you watch this in the dark? Candles, something!
  3. Watch this at home! That way you can control your surroundings.
  4. Fast forward if needed. You don’t need to watch how everyone is killed to follow the story.
  5. Watch with a friend. Thrillers and horror stories are easier to stomach, when you’re not watching alone.

Rating: 4.5/5

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Prime Video

Here’s A First Look At Amazon’s New Black Led Series “Harlem”



harlem amazon prime series first look and trailer

If you’re a big fan of … well … let’s see … Black led series, Harlem based series, women led series, Meagan Good, Grace Byers, Whoopi Goldberg, Tyler Lepley, Robert Ri’chard, or Jasmine Guy, you’re in for a REALLY big treat!

Amazon Prime Video is getting what seems to be a new exciting Black series, called “Harlem”, and I’m ecstatic! So of course, here are a few first look photos and the new trailer below!

However, I have to admit, this looks a tad bit similar to “Run The World” on STARZ.

Not that I’m complaining!!

But I just hope that “Run The World” doesn’t get pushed aside because Harlem’s cast is so cute and shiny.


However I am super-cali-fragilistic-expialidocious-ly (sorry incredibly) excited to see how this goes.

I already took a look at the trailer and it looks GOOD!

I love that there’s a mix of what feels like “old” and “new” Black actors (and of course actresses) in the mix, and I love that some of these episodes are directed by Malcom D Lee!

Oh and Pharrell Williams  is an executive producer? SWOON! Not so happy about Amy Poehler being a producer, because her comedy always seems to miss the mark for me. BUT … I’m hopeful!

Before we take a look at the new photos, here’s what “Harlem” will be about.


About The New “Harlem” Amazon Prime Series

This artist poster was commissioned by New York artist Jade Purple Brown.

From writer Tracy Oliver (Girls Trip), Harlem is a new comedy following four stylish and ambitious best girlfriends in Harlem NYC, the mecca of Black culture in America.

Camille is a popular young anthropology professor at Columbia with extensive knowledge of the dating norms of many cultures, but has a hard time navigating her own love life; Tye is a successful, queer dating app creator who prefers keeping vulnerability—and romantic partners—at arm’s length; Quinn is a hopeless romantic and trust fund fashion designer who is trying to give back to the world while running a struggling business; Angie is a confident, vibrant, and filter-free singer and actress who also lives rent-free and fabulously with Quinn.

Together, they level up from their 20s into the next phase of their careers, relationships, and big city dreams.

Harlem will premiere on Amazon Prime Video on Dec 3, 2021.

Now here’s what you came here for …

Amazon Prime’s “Harlem” Trailer

Harlem First Look Photos

harlem amazon prime
harlem amazon prime
harlem amazon prime

Are you excited to watch Harlem on Amazon Prime?

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