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Will Nebula Avenge The Fallen And Beat Thanos Once And For All?

by Shaye Wyllie
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Marvel released a TON of new Avengers: Endgame posters a few days ago that say “Avenge The Fallen” and everyone is losing their minds! Including me. Lol I wasn’t sure why everyone was freaking out until I saw all of the posters together and someone on Twitter said that all the black and white posters are those that died. (Thanks to that stupid snap! Lol) But now I’m currently putting my thoughts together as well. Lol

Ignore the fact that I’m not a HUGE Marvel fan for one point. I mean I absolutely LOVE their movies but I don’t follow every absolute thing so I’m usually pretty lost when it comes to “what’s going to happen next”. Hell, I haven’t even watched all the movies! Lol (Don’t judge me!) But I did recently see Captain Marvel (which was great and you can check out my review of that here). I also saw Infinity War a few weeks ago as well, which blew me TF away! Lol It was SO GOOD! (I didn’t watch it because everyone hyped it up, but OMG it totally lived up to the hype. Lol I was on the edge of my bed all night like OMG OMG! Lol)

Those that are HUGE fans might say I have no right to draw my own conspiracy theories since I haven’t even watched them all yet. BUT I’m going to anyway! Lol Because I’m REALLY excited for Avengers: Endgame after watching the new trailer and looking at all the posters. So … if you haven’t watched the trailer yet or seen the posters all together, please do so now! Here’s the trailer …

Now that you’ve watched the trailer, what do you think? Here’s what I think!

First of all, I ALMOST screamed at everyone because I thought Captain Marvel wasn’t going to be in the trailer. Lol But she pops up at the end, and it was cute, so they get a pass. Lol I guess because she’s “new” or because the movie JUST came out they saved her for the ending?

I can’t wait to see how she works with them though! I also think this trailer either doesn’t give anything away OR my slow ass (who’s never seen half of these movies) is missing A LOT! Lol So if I’m missing a lot, please fill me in. Lol Leave a comment below and let me know WTF I missed, cause I get the feeling I was supposed to react at the beginning but couldn’t because I’m not caught up to speed yet.

Lawd, I wish I had seen all the movies now. Lol I wish I had TIME to watch them all! Maybe I can watch them all over Spring Break? Lol I have like 3 days off before I have to go to the Mom 2.0 Conference so it MAY be possible. Lol (I’m gonna try! Pray for me. Lol) But yeah … other than being happy about Captain Marvel, I’ve got NOTHING from this trailer. Lol Did you? Now … the posters on the other hand, that’s a different story! Lol I guess all those random days of staring at artwork is about to pay off because these posters are talking to me. Lol Here are all of the posters …

Notice anything? I sure as hell do. Lol First thing’s first, (rest in peace Uncle Phil, fo’ real). Sorry I had to … carry on! Lol So … some of the posters are in color, and some of them are in black and white. Remember above I mentioned that someone on Twitter said that everyone in black and white died?

So yeah, if you thought they were still alive … boom, they dead! Lol Next thing? All of the folks that died are facing the left BUT, everyone that’s still “alive” is either facing the left or the right. This makes me believe that EVERYONE facing the left is dead or is going to die! Why else would they be positioned in the same way as those that have already died?

Now THIS brings me back to my title and question, “Will Nebula avenge the fallen and beat Thanos once and for all?” Well, if Nebula is facing the left, I don’t think she’s going to survive, despite everyone saying she’s going to be his downfall.

UNLESS I have it wrong and it’s actually the other way around and everyone that’s looking to the right are the ones that are going to die. Which would SUCK because that means no more Captain Marvel, but this upset is minor compared to the other, right? Because can we REALLY take SO MANY more Avengers dying? Lol Can we really walk out of the theater knowing that only 3 survived? I’m not sure y’all could. I’m not sure I could. Lol

Marvel Studios’ AVENGERS: ENDGAME Nebula (Karen Gillan) Photo: Film Frame ©Marvel Studios 2019

BUT a BIG upset would really make this ending AWESOME, from a writers perspective, so I wouldn’t be surprised if my first guess is right. Lol Well … hold on, maybe there will ONLY be 3 left. There has to be a Captain Marvel 2 and a Black Panther 2 right? So it would totally make sense this way! Lol Shit!

If that’s the case we’re in for a very long 3+ hours. Lol (You did know Avengers: Endgame is going to be more than 3 hours long right? Shit longer than a broadway play, come on now! Lol There HAS to be some big upsets for them to keep everyone’s interest that long!

But that’s all I’ve got for now! Sound off in the comments below and tell me what you think! Lol But um … did you notice that we don’t see Thanos in these posters OR the trailer? My nigguh WHERE YOU AT!? Lol One last conspiracy theory for ya before you go.

I think Thanos DOES die. I mean if you think about it, he’s already pretty upset about the decisions he made in Infinity War. (If you haven’t seen it yet, don’t worry I won’t spoil it for you. Lol) But men, okay sorry lol, people are weaker after the guilt kicks in! So maybe the Avengers will be able to use this moment of weakness? Cause Lord help them if I’m wrong! LOL What do you think?

Will Nebula Avenge The Fallen And Beat Thanos Once And For All? I Don't Think So!

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