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I Can’t Wait To Stay At The Safari Inn (The Hotel The Coach Carter’s Team Snuck Out Of)

Normally, when I fly outta NYC, I’m bougie as hell! No seriously! Lol I gotta stay in the nicest hotel (I can afford), with all the amenities! I wouldn’t DARE be caught in a hotel with the word “inn” on the end! Nope! Not at all! You’d think I was rich or something! Lol But when I got word that I’d be staying at the Safari Inn in Burbank, California for The Geekly Retreat, I almost flipped out!

This is THE hotel the Coach Carter team stayed in, and then snuck out of to go to a damn party! Lol

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I remember the first time I watched the movie. I CRINGED the entire time they were sneaking out! Lol Like “don’t y’all get in trouble enough? WHY!” Men, am I right? Lol

By the way … Coach Carter is one of my FAVE movies in the world and how I got introduced to my absolutely favorite quote in the world, ” … it is our light that most frightens us …”. So yeah, this is pretty exciting for me!

Safari Inn

The Safari Inn was also featured in The Incredibles movie, as the Safari Court, which is so cute! And my kid is going to DIE when I tell her!

But I won’t until I come back, because she’s ALREADY mad at me for leaving her in NYC for a few days. Lol

About The Safari Inn

The Safari Inn is conveniently located near several motion picture studios including Universal Studios and NBC, and a short drive to Santa Monica, Beverly Hills and The Hollywood Strip.

So if you’re searching for Hollywood hotels with a bit of film history, this is it! The hotel offers 55 guest rooms and suites with high speed wireless internet, complimentary local calls, free parking and Burbank airport shuttle service. Dining and room service is provided by Olive’s Bistro & Lounge.

About The Geekly Retreat

Why I Can't Wait To Stay At The Safari Inn

The Geekly Retreat is an invitation-only entertainment journalism event from November 6th to the 9th, which includes hands-on sessions with established entertainment writers, agencies, and brands like Team Click and Rotten Tomatoes.

23 attendees (including me, YAY) will join The Geekly Show hosts in Los Angeles, CA and have the opportunity to be a part of high-profile entertainment and travel experiences, and in-depth learning intensives, focusing on how to monetize their entertainment content.

With that said, I’ll definitely have a review of the hotel up when I come back from the retreat, because it BETTER be GREAT! Lol I’ll also have TONS of photos and videos up on instagram, since we’re gonna be doing some cool stuff on this retreat.

If you’re not following me everywhere, NOW is the time to do so. Cause if you miss out on this goodness, it’s YOUR fault! Lol

For daily updates of The Geekly Retreat check out:

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Facebook: facebook.com/xosanaabrooks

I’ll also be using the hashtags, #TheGeeklyRetreat and #PATGeeklyRetreat everywhere, and I’ll definitely be uploading content to my Youtube channel (finally lol) so follow those as well.

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