White Women Watched A 2 Hour Movie About A Great Black Dad And Missed The Entire Point

by Shaye Wyllie
king richard movie

Imagine watching an entire movie (the King Richard movie to be exact) for two whole hours, and still missing the whole damn point! To then get on Twitter and complain that folks retold a story to highlight a Black man as the reason for two Black women’s success.

And that Black man is they god damn father! Imagine!

Or don’t … because there’s no need to imagine it when it actually happened.

White women not only took to Twitter to share their frustrations about how a Black man got “all the credit” for two hard working women’s success, but also wrote think pieces on it.

And then hit publish!

The caucasity!

Just look at this shit.


Imagine being a parent, and wanting nothing but great things for your kids, and making sure that they become the best, to then be told that you ain’t shit for tryna take credit for their success!

Cause that’s basically what they said right? (They act like this man wrote the story himself.)

king richard movie

Well, if you watched the King Richard movie, and you too are confused about why it focuses on their dad instead of the girls themselves … here’s a tip!

Those two girls had a great Black dad! I know you’re not used to seeing Black men portrayed in a positive light in the media, so it’s a tad bit confusing, but without their dad Serena and Venus Williams wouldn’t be the two best tennis players in the god damn world!

Yes, their dad pushed them! Yes, he made them practice in the rain. And he called every damn coach he could until someone better than him coached his kids! He also talked to them kindly, and reminded them they were great every day. He protected them from the world, who only saw them as a quick come up!


How did you miss that?

This isn’t the “Richard Williams” show! But that man put everything he had into his girls to make sure they’d be better than him and he deserves some fucking credit!

I’m sorry. You think you know the names Serena and Venus Williams because the world wanted you to know them? They were two BLACK girls playing TENNIS! Nobody gave a FUCK until RICHARD WILLIAMS made them pay attention!

Y’all really tryna sit here and say they’re retelling a story to favor the man?

A Black man? They daddy? The daddy they always shout out and thank for getting them here?

Yes they put in the hard work, but who woke them up and made them practice when they didn’t want to?

Who pushed them and supported them through the hard days?

And yes their mom helped too … and we see that he’s flawed, and he was a complete asshole to ignore her! But that doesn’t take away what he did for them.

Just say you’re not used to seeing Black fathers support their kids on tv and be on your merry little way. Cause clearly that’s the problem here.

Oh and just so y’all know, Serena and Venus helped create this very narrative y’all are complaining about! This isn’t to take away from what they did and the years of hard work they put in.

Rather, the King Richard movie provides us a backstory as to how the two tennis stars grew up, and how they became who they are today. Their DAD helped them rise to the top!

And best believe, if I had parents who pushed me and supported me the way Richard Williams did for Serena and Venus, I’d make sure the world knew it when I became successful!

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