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The Dress I Wore To The Frozen 2 Red Carpet Premiere Was Only $50 And You’ll Never Guess Where I Bought It

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links that cost you nothing extra to click on or purchase from, but allow me to earn a small commission if you do purchase something.

No seriously! Just try to guess! I know you’ve already seen the dress I wore to the Frozen 2 Premiere at least 3 times, since I’ve posted photos all over the innanet. (And will continue to keep posting it until I run out of photos to share! Lol)

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But I bet you’d NEVER guess where I got the dress from!

Like, the cute purse and earrings I got from Fashion Nova aren’t even a big deal anymore because this is so shocking to me! Despite shopping at this online store at least once a month, and even having a few of my blogger friends suggest it to me, I NEVER thought I’d actually find a dress here!

Hell, I’m lucky if I find a dress that I actually like anywhere for that matter! But to find it HERE? ONLINE? Like what?!

So before I tell you where I got my Frozen 2 premiere dress from … can we talk about how this was my very first time disneybounding? Ahhhh! I’ve always wanted to Disneybound, but I’ve never been to Disney World. Lol

So when I found out that I was going to the Frozen 2 premiere, I jumped at the opportunity to disneybound!

It almost killed me to find a white dress that I liked, after Labor Day. Lol But I was determined to be Olaf! And I think it paid off! Don’t you?

Disneybounding As Olaf – How I Came Up With My Outfit

So to pull off my Olaf disneybounding look on the Frozen 2 premiere red carpet, I knew I needed a lot of white, and a little touch of black and orange. (You can count my skin color as the touch of brown. Lol)

So when I planned out my outfit, I knew I wanted a white dress! Then I found an orange clutch and fell in love with it, so I went with black shoes! I found these sparkly earrings and immediately knew I wanted to add them to my outfit!


Get the look: shoes | dress | clutch (in silver, couldn’t find the orange) | earrings

I even got my nails done the day before to match my theme!

I originally wanted plain white nails because I literally just had orange nails a few months ago when we went to Chicago for Nickelodeon’s SlimeFest.

But when I visited the (only) black owned nail salon (I now book nail appointments in) called, Free Edge Beauty Salon, my nail tech said “nah” when I told her my clutch was orange. Lol And since she’s done my nails a few times before this, and I trust her creative instincts, I went with her idea. Lol

So here’s how my nails turned out. And if you look real close at the photos you’ll notice that she was RIGHT! This orange contrasted really well with the orange of my clutch!  So I’m glad I listened. Lol

P.s – Sorry I didn’t get close ups of my shoes, clutch and nails during the event. I suck at being a blogger sometimes. Lol Next premiere I got you!

So yeah … that’s how I came up with my Olaf outfit! I can’t wait to disneybound again! However …

Here’s Where I Got My Frozen 2 Red Carpet Premiere Dress

One word …

Six letters …


Yup! I still can’t believe it myself. Lol Like Amazon actually has plus size dresses that don’t suck? Go figure! Lol

And since this dress is super cute and can be worn for any fancy event, here’s the link so you can purchase it yourself.

Spoiler alert – It’s only $50! (Okay it’s about $53, but same thing! Lol)

Have you ever bought a dress on Amazon before?

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