I Finally Watched “What Men Want” And It’s Trash 

by Shaye Wyllie
what men want movie review

What Men Want Movie Review

No seriously! I finally watched What Men Want on Hulu a few days and um … let’s just say that I’m glad I ain’t watch this shit when it first came out.

I would have been extremely upset!

Like this is the shit y’all was promoting like it’s good?

I remember how much promo this got, and how funny it looked and well … it just wasn’t at all what I thought it would be! So here’s my full review of What Men Want.

what men want hulu review

To be quite frank it’s trash! But I mean I guess you can watch it.

I sure as hell did! Lol I probably cringed a few times, but if you’re bored enough it’ll do! But just know that this shit ain’t funny!

While I was watching it, I kept thinking “this is as bad as Playing With Fire“. Lol And if you’ve read that review then you KNOW that shit was BAD! Lol

Ok … so What Men Want isn’t THAT bad, but it was still trashhhhhhh. Lol Like WTF! 

The ONLY good part of this movie was the climax and how emotional the movie gets when Will realizes he’s being played. But even that small part couldn’t save this tragedy. (Just like how the last 5 minutes of A Fall For Grace doesn’t make it a better movie. Lol No matter how much you enjoyed the ending. Lol)


(Main Cast) L-R: Chris Witaske, Max Greenfield and Taraji P. Henson in What Men Want from Paramount Pictures and Paramount Players.

But um … who did the music? Cause this shit just doesn’t mix!

If you’ve been following my blog for a while now, then you know I’m big on music in films and tv shows. I’m big on music period, BUT it’s on a whole different level when it comes to visuals because I feel like the music just has to make sense!

Music can make or break a film. (Like Missing Link could have been so much better if they had a few memorable songs for kids to really LOVE that movie.)

But the music in this movie didn’t make no damn sense! Every song was from the 90s or a throwback song. But this movie clearly wasn’t set in the 90s and nothing about this movie screamed 90s!

So the songs just felt like they were thrown into the film. Like you were watching a modern film but listening to a throwback playlist at the same time. It was annoying as hell! The only song that fit was Golden by Jill Scott.

erykah badu

Oh, and the characters are just ew.

It’s all so damn overdramatized it’s ridiculous!

Like, I really felt bad that Taraji was in this!

Why did they make her be SO dramatic? Like it was such bad acting! And I know that couldn’t have been her fault, cause she’s a great actress! So that makes me believe this is how the directors wanted her character to be? Ugh!

Like who the hell shaves with someone else’s razor when they don’t know them? What BLACK woman is walking into some dude’s bathroom that she has never hung out with before, to use HIS razor, to shave HER legs?

NONE! Not one! Lol Definitely not sober!

Now, I totally expect this kind of dramatic, trying hard to be funny, kind of acting from Tracy Morgan because he’s extra, and that’s just his “brand”. But Taraji? This was disrespectful to her and her talent! She’s an emotional actress, not a comedian. And I’m sure she could be funny, but this just wasn’t it.

And did they even have to dress Erykah Badu up? Or did she just pull that hairstyle and outfit out her own damn closet? Lol Not sure why I expected her to act right either, but I didn’t like her acting or her character. I know her character is supposed to be a bit of a mess, but it’s all too much. (And I’M extra! But nah! Lol)

The only one that acts normal is Taraji’s dad (in the movie) played by Richard Roundtree. And the damn kid! (Who was played by Auston Jon Moore.) Lol

Even Will had a few moments where I was just like, I don’t think a grown man is acting this stupid. Lol

P.s – This is Will. Need I say more? Lol

What Men Want is disrespectful to women who REALLY get pushed to the side like this.

I feel like I get the direction they wanted to go in, but it just didn’t do it for me.

But maybe this was made just for men? To show men how stupid they are? Cause other than that, I dunno!  This seems like a dude film.

The humor lacks grace and is on par with locker room f*ckery.

The way this movie was made, makes it hard to take the messages in it seriously. What Men Want is supposed to show a woman working in a male-only industry, and all the challenges she faces as a woman trying to make partner.

Or at least that’s what I thought! That’s what it seems like at first, but the lack of true humor, and over forced acting makes this movie disappointing.

What Men Want was a great concept, but wasn’t executed the right way, in my opinion. And the way they had these women playing stupid bothers me.

what men want taraji

You can just tell a white man wrote this shit!

Like CLEARLY no Black person wrote this script or directed this shit.

Or else they’d know Black folks don’t put food on the ground! Lol Taraji put a bag of food on the ground to do something, and I was like “yup, a white man wrote and directed this”. We don’t do that!

And that makes everything else make sense! Why this movie was so trashy. Lol (Not saying that white men can’t write great scripts, cause they can!) But that small moment was enough to make me realize this wasn’t thought all the way through!

Overall, What Men Want isn’t as great as I thought it would be, but it’s a good time killer.

I still love Taraji, so it’s worth a watch if you do too. But the emotional parts of this movie are the only moments that feel authentic and good. Everything that was meant to be funny missed its mark.

The moment it starts getting good, it switches to “stupid” shortly after! And this is the “stupid” I don’t like. It’s not like Friday or White Chicks stupid, which is actually funny! It’s more like Scream, which I just never ever got into, because it was STUPID!

However, the end credits title sequence was cute. I guess that’s something? Lol (It’s really not since most people don’t watch the credits. But I tried! Lol)

If you’re BORED, throw this on! If you were excited to watch this when it first came out, then lower your expectations. Cause it’s just gonna break your spirit and you don’t need that kind of negativity in your life right now. Lol

Click here to watch What Men Want on Hulu.

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what men want review

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