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The Cliff Notes: “What If” Killmonger Became Black Panther? Episode 6 Recap

I feel like we’ve ALL been waiting for a Killmonger “What If” episode, so I was excited this one. And since I finally watched What If episode 6, here’s a recap of the craziest things that happened!

Spoiler Alert – If you haven’t seen What If episode 6 this recap will spoil things … like a lot. But I mean, I’m assuming that you clicked this post because you WANTED to know what happened!

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If so, continue reading.

If you loathe all kinds of spoilers, read my review of the series instead. And then bookmark this joint and wait until you’ve seen the episode.

10 Of The Craziest Things That Happened On “What If” Episode 6 Now Streaming On Disney+

what if marvel series
  1. Killmonger not only saved Tony’s ass, but now he’s also apart of Stark Industries! Look at him tryna be good.
  2. Of course Killmonger asks “why wear the uniform of the oppressor”. And I mean, it ain’t like he’s wrong, right? 
  3. Killmonger set the whole thing up! The whole charade! Why am I not surprised? 
  4. Tony turns on Killmonger! Poor Tony, just realizing how selfish Kill really is.
  5. Killmonger just out here killing everyone huh? Like everyone! Including Tony! How did we not see this coming?
  6. Awww, he finally gets to go “home” to Wakanda. Not like this a good thing, but I know he was dying for this, so I hope it makes the kid in him happy!
  7. This boy standing there in Wakanda, with the King, pretending like he ain’t the one who brought them damn robots with him! Made them and brought them! Just ridiculous, but so on brand for him.
  8. At least the drones really turn off inside, like he said they would! I guess he doesn’t always lie?!
  9. Too bad he had a whole button to turn them back on once they were inside! Just so he could pretend to save the day.
  10. Oh look, and now he’s the Black Panther! Like he always wanted. I hope he’s happy! 

I’m not gonna lie, this episode didn’t disappoint like the others! I’m glad we got to see another Killmonger story.

However, I would have much rather we saw his actual good side, opposed to him just faking it for the crown.

If you haven’t seen What If episode 6 yet and you’re NOT a hardcore Marvel fan, read this before watching it. Like ASAP.

If you HAVE “What If” episode 6, drop something you thought was crazy in the comments below!

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