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The Cliff Notes: “What If” Magic Could Bring Back Our Loved Ones? Episode 4 Recap

Alright, so it’s been a while, since back to school is happening, and also new jobs? I’ll share more about those in my newsletter later today! But I finally have some “free time’ on my hands, so I can finally catch up. So here’s a recap of the craziest things that happened in What If episode 4!

Spoiler Alert – If you haven’t seen What If episode 4 this recap will spoil things … like a lot. But I mean, I’m assuming that you clicked this post because you WANTED to know what happened!

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If so, continue reading.

If you loathe all kinds of spoilers, read my review of the series instead. And then bookmark this joint and wait until you’ve seen the episode.

13 Of The Craziest Things That Happened On Marvel’s “What If” Episode 4 Now Streaming

what if marvel series
  1. They mentioned the game show “Price is Right”! Like what timeline is this and omg what year is it even, for them to be mentioning this show out of all things. Haha.
  2. So … he almost crashes his car, gives new meaning to 0 to 100 real quick, and then right when he slows down and misses the car in front of him he gets hit by a car behind him? Damn! 
  3. Christine dies. Not sure if this is “new” or not.
  4. But then he goes back in time to be with her. And we all know this can’t end well!
  5. No matter what Strange does, he still gets rear ended, and Christine still dies. You know what they say about changing the past!
  6. So he tries “alternative” routes to the event, stays home with her, and even ghosts her, but you know … she still dies.
  7. After learning he needs more power, Strange summons a mystic being. Because nothing can go wrong here.
  8. And why does this crazy man steal a cape from a bug? I did not see that one coming. Like, this isn’t how he really got his cape right? 
  9. Now, not only does he summon these mystic beings, he also begins absorbing their power?
  10. Then we learn there are two Strange’s in this timeline! When there’s magic, anything is possible right?
  11. I actually like how they say he’s misguided instead of evil. I’ve been saying this about Disney and Marvel villains for years! Thank you!
  12. Strange finally gets enough power to bring Christine back, but now he’s a monster and she thinks it’s all a dream. Oh the irony.
  13. And of course, since there’s always a price to pay when magic is involved, Christine “comes back” just in time for Strange to destroy the entire world, with her included. 

I was worried about watching this one since I don’t know much about Dr. Strange, but you don’t need his story to feel his pain.

Trigger Alert:

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Please know that, this one may be a bit hard to watch for those who may have recently lost loved ones though. Feel free to define “recently” however you’d like.

However, watching a loved one die over and over again isn’t easy, even if it’s for a character in a show.

And if you know something like this could trigger you skip this one.

(I mean that’s why I write these recap posts right? So you don’t need to watch it, but you can still stay “in the loop”.)

Anywho …

If you haven’t seen any of the What If episodes yet and you’re NOT a hardcore Marvel fan, read this before watching.

Episode 4 was honestly still boring to me. I mean, none of these episodes were great, but yeah. It was just a big reminder that no matter how much power you have, you can’t change the past. Bringing back loved ones has a cost! I mean … but y’all already knew that, you saw WandaVision!

If you HAVE seen “What If” episode 4, drop something you thought was crazy in the comments below!

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