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“Wednesday” TV Recap: 43 Thoughts I Had While Watching Episode 2 Of Netflix’s New Teen Series

by Shaye Wyllie
Published: Last Updated on 6 minutes read
wednesday netflix episode 2 recap

After watching episode 1 of the new “Wednesday” series on Netflix last night, I’m now hooked and back to share my initial thoughts of episode 2 via this live recap.

The new series is a sleuthing, supernaturally infused mystery charting Wednesday Addams’ years as a student at Nevermore Academy.

And I absolutely love it! So here are …

43 Thoughts I Had While Watching “Wednesday” Episode 2 On Netflix

Spoiler Alert – If you haven’t seen “Wednesday” episode 2 on Netflix yet this recap will spoil things a bit. I omitted names so you don’t know who is who. But if you loathe all kinds of spoilers, bookmark this joint and wait until you’ve seen the episode.

wednesday netflix
  1. They be casting the same type of white men as ‘police who search the woods’ huh.
  2. Not this boy f*cking alive!!!! Stoppppp!
  3. Really!? They think sis is lying. Her extremely honest ass? Make it make sense!
  4. They couldn’t find sis a cute love interest? Ugh!
  5. They got Thing giving hand massages now?
  6. Jenny’s acting is superb!
  7. Not them singing “Don’t Worry”.
  8. She’s also great at archery? Oh boy Riah is definitely going to wanna be Wednesday again for Halloween if she sees this. She’s already interested in archery. 
  9. OMG they made her wear white? Ew. Why!
  10. Nobody see this hand crawling everywhere on the ground? 
  11. Ohhhhh shit who the hell is that?
  12. Ohhhhhhhhhh!!!! Shit!!! Not her pretending to be Rowan!!
  13. I still can’t believe it’s ol boy from “The Gifted” series!! 
  14. Of course Wednesday knows about dangerous plants.
  15. Wait! If she’s a shape shifter, could she be the monster?
  16. Poor kid. 
  17. Not sis telling her to apologize to Thing! Girl bye. TF.
  18. Why does everyone understand what Thing is saying except me? Ugh!!
  19. Men really do think “a chance of less than 1%” is still a chance and that’s the muhf*cking problem.
  20. Noooo! Not “a very big smoker”. He nasty. It’s always the tiny nerds.
  21. Ohhhh that’s why Rowan is “expelled”!! So she don’t have to keep pretending she’s him. Got it.
  22. Wait Rowan wasn’t trying to kill her?
  23. Not a secret society. What’s a kooky school without one?
  24. Look at Wednesday opening up to people and dare I say making friends? I can hear her rolling her eyes at me now.
  25. It’s the roommate!! He knows something.
  26. How she in here, while this boy home!! 
  27. Ohhhh … so roomy knew Rowan was gonna do something??
  28. Yeah I don’t believe this girl, a total badass, is dying for this boy’s attention. Puhleeze! 
  29. Now their outfit colors are different?? Wednesday’s uniform is a different shade.
  30. Not a Poe cup! Hopefully no one dies like in Harry Potter.
  31. Awwww look at the pretty boy siren. Swimming in the water and about to go f*ck shit up. 
  32. This no rules shit is wild!! They got people pushing boats under water … someone added a whole ax to their boat and not just as decoration. It’s giving … insane! 
  33. Awww, she added a net feature to their boat to catch the sirens. Smart girl.
  34. Them jokers can’t be that easy to fool.
  35. Not a vision!! Not now!!! Oh it’s worse than a vision. 
  36. Her cat outfit is cute AF though, not even gonna lie. Wardrobe doing they THANG! Yasss! F*ck it up!!
  37. Not ‘WWWD’ aka what would Wednesday do. That was cute.
  38. Alright the hand swimming is one thing but him punching homeboy unconscious is just ridiculous. 
  39. Jeez stop comparing this girl to her mama before she set something on fire! 
  40. Awwww the answer is snap twice. That’s such a cute way to add the famous snap into the series.
  41. This must be the secret society room!
  42. God damn they done kidnapped the girl right when she was starting to figure shit out. 
  43. This is really good by the way!!

Anywho, that’s it for this episode! I can’t wait to see what happens next!!

Even though all episodes of “Wednesday” are already available to watch on Netflix, I’ll be sharing my thoughts of each episode as I watch them.

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