4 Things You Have To Watch On Amazon Prime Right Now

by Shaye Wyllie
watch on amazon June 2020

Listen, I’ve had Amazon Prime for a few years now? I originally got it for 2-day shipping, so sometimes I forget that Prime Video is a thing! But they’ve started to increase their marketing and I was super excited when Upload and Homecoming came out last month. And even more excited when I realized how great they were!

So of course I had to come tell y’all what my favorite Amazon shows to watch right now are, and since May is over if you haven’t watched them yet, add them to your watchlist for June 2020!

Here Are 4 Things You Have To Watch On Amazon Prime Video Right Now


homecoming amazon show

A woman wakes up in a rowboat adrift on a river, but she has no memory of how she got there — or even who she is. The search for her identity leads to the Geist Group, the mysterious wellness company behind the unorthodox Homecoming Initiative.

Walter Cruz — trying to build a new life after experiencing the traumas of war and the initiative — quickly realizes that there’s a new, even more, insidious version of the program underway. With all of this going on, anonymous Geist underling Audrey is thrust into unexpected positions atop the corporate ladder.

Click here to watch Homecoming on Amazon now.

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Selah and the Spades

Selah and the spades

Five factions run the underground life of Haldwell School, a prestigious east coast boarding school. At the head of the most powerful faction sits Selah Summers, walking the fine line between being feared and loved.

Click here to watch Selah and the Spades on Amazon now.


upload amazon show

From Greg Daniels (The Office, Parks and Recreation) comes Upload, a new sci-fi comedy. In the near future, people who are near death can be “uploaded” into virtual reality environments.

Cash-strapped Nora works customer service for the luxurious “Lakeview” digital afterlife. When party-boy/coder Nathan’s car crashes, his girlfriend uploads him into Nora’s VR world.

Click here to watch Upload on Amazon now.

Jimmy O Yang’s “Good Deal”

watch amazon June 2020 Jimmy O Yang Good Deal

Performed live at the Neptune Theater in Seattle, Washington, Jimmy O. Yang covers hilarious interactions with immigrant parents, his thoughts on Matt Damon, and whether ghosts will haunt one-bedroom apartments.

Click here to watch Jimmy’s Good Deal on Amazon now.

Need more shows to watch on Amazon in June 2020? This post has a few more!

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watch on amazon prime June 2020

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