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I’m Confused, Was Wunmi Mosaku Not Available Because There’s No Way Zazie Makes A Better Stagecoach Mary

by Shaye Wyllie
Published: Last Updated on 3 minutes read
wunmi mosaku stagecoach mary

I said what I said and at this point, I don’t really care who feels some kind of way. Because I seriously want answers! Was Wunmi Mosaku not available to play Stagecoach Mary in Netflix’s new Black western, The Harder They Fall?

I know sis is quite busy these days, after killing in Lovecraft Country and Loki!

So I mean, if she was busy, then I get it.

But if not, why wasn’t she just straight up offered the role? Or at least asked to audition? Cause there ain’t no way y’all finna sit here and TELL me Zazie makes a better Stagecoach Mary!


Wunmi not only LOOKS more like Mary, but she has the range.

She’s an incredible actress.

So for them to say well it doesn’t matter who looks like her because Zazie played her well, I’m calling BS.

Ain’t no way! NO WAY!

Just say you f*cked up!

stagecoach mary
The real Stagecoach Mary

Like I said in my review of The Harder They Fall, there are so many plus size women, so many dark skin girls, who would have LOVED to see a DARK SKIN ACTRESS be the badass Mary, we all know she probably was back then, on the screen!

Why rob us of that?

With this lame ass excuse?!

We already know Hollywood favors lighter skin tones, and this was honestly a BIG opportunity that was missed and is now being blown over like it ain’t a big deal.

And that’s not fair! Not by the slightest!

Every time I hear the “they were just a better actor” argument, all I hear is “I know I f*cked up, but let’s make them think we made this mistake on purpose”.

First In The Heights, and now The Harder They Fall. The past can’t be changed, but I seriously hope that everyone is taking notes for the future. One day we’ll get this thang right. One day.

Not today obviously, but eventually.

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