Are Nuns Supposed To Be This Badass? Warrior Nun Netflix Season 1 Review

warrior nun review
Warrior Nun (L To R) Toya Turner As Shotgun Mary, Lorena Andrea As Sister Lilith In Episode 5 Of Warrior Nun. Cr. Courtesy Of Netflix/Netflix © 2020

I just finished Season 1 of Warrior Nun on Netflix, and I’m happy to report that these nuns are indeed badass.

With that said, Netflix’s new series Warrior Nun gives new meaning to the infamous phrase “to hell and back”. (But you’ll have to watch the entire season to find out why.)

However, here’s my full review of the first season of Warrior Nun.

Warrior Nun Review

Warrior Nun Netflix Series trailer review

Is this just another ‘Heaven And Hell’ story?

I mean, it feels that way, but it’s still worth the watch nonetheless. I enjoyed it.

There aren’t any HUGE plot twists that give this Heaven and Hell story a new spin, but the irony is appreciated.

And honestly, it kept me on the edge of my seat. (Most of the time.)

You know sh*t gets real when the priest has to literally roll up his sleeves, show off his tattoos and go into kill mode!

There were a few dead spots throughout the series though, where I felt like I was dying to take a nap. But I pulled through and the ending was worth it.

Oh, and if you read my review of episode 1, then I stand corrected – it wasn’t as gory as I thought it would be. So you don’t have to worry about that anymore. Yay!

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Warrior Nun Netflix Season 1
Warrior Nun (L To R) Olivia Delcán As Sister Camila, Alba Baptista As Ava, Toya Turner As Shotgun Mary, Kristina Tonteri-Young As Sister Beatrice, Tristán Ulloa As Father Vincent In Episode 8 Of Warrior Nun. Cr. Courtesy Of Netflix/Netflix © 2020

I do wish there were more fighting scenes though.

Which may be why there were so many “dead spots”? Had they filled some of those slow scenes with a bit more action, this series would have been GREAT.

I was on episode 4 basically strumming my fingers, wondering when it would really kick in. (Which it didn’t until towards the end of that episode.)

And then by episode 7 I realized, the entire season was basically just Ava running from her situation. *sigh*

They really could have added a bit more drama. Another fight scene or two, maybe? But I guess nuns aren’t supposed to be fighting anyway, right? Yet when they did fight, they were badass. Not in an extreme, Marvel movie, badass kind of way, but in a regular degular ‘this girl is whooping his ass’ and he really can’t do a damn thing about it, kind of way.

Speaking of nuns fighting … Mary is crazy! Please don’t try her.

But I absolutely loved her, and I’m SO glad they portrayed their (only) Black woman as such a badass chick, who didn’t follow anyone’s rules but her own.

She wasn’t following the white man’s lead, he followed hers. She did her own thing, and they accepted her as is, instead of trying to make her convert, or be someone she wasn’t.

So I definitely loved that.

But if there’s another season, I’m gonna need Mary to learn some combat training. Them shotguns are NOT enough sis! I need her to not rely on weapons so much.

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However, these Warrior Nuns remind us that not everything is what it seems and that we’re stronger when we stick together.

Throughout the good and the bad, these sisters stood by each other and trusted one another, even when others doubted them. It’s such a great reminder to women, that we really need to stick together.

And I love how they kept calling each other “badass”. They recognized each other’s strengths and values and uplifted each other. (Ignore the parts where they fought each other since you know, that’s what family does? They really did give true meaning to the term “sisters”.)

Warrior Nun Season 1
Warrior Nun (L To R) Tristán Ulloa As Father Vincent, Alba Baptista As Ava, Kristina Tonteri-Young As Sister Beatrice In Episode 9 Of Warrior Nun. Cr. Courtesy Of Netflix/Netflix © 2020

But there’s something to be said about how many times Ava almost died (again) after actually dying.

I mean, sis really did almost die a few more times after her first real death, and I was super annoyed. Why?

Well, because I’m a girl and I’m tired of watching her destroy new clothes. Every time she got a new cute outfit, it got torn up and burnt, and it was hard to watch.

But that’s not why I’m bringing this up.

After I got annoyed by her thousand deaths, I realized that maybe the writers wanted to show us what it looks like when we make mistake after mistake until we finally end up on the right path because the two are similar.

Every time Ava ran from her problems, she ended up in a deadly situation.

Overall Warrior Nun is a good show.

I keep wanting to say it’s great, but it’s not. It’s GOOD and I’m looking forward to Season 2. So hopefully they don’t cancel this.

But I wouldn’t be mad or confused if they did.

It’s not as great as some of the other Netflix series. If you’re looking for an amazing series to watch this weekend, just watch The Baby-Sitters Club or Outer Banks.

If you’re looking for something that touches on religion, without the demonic spin that turned so many off from watching the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, then definitely check out Warrior Nun.

Click here to watch Warrior Nun on Netflix today.

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  1. This was my very first ‘binge’ watch! All my interest boxes were checked twice. Now waiting impatiently for the next season.

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