Warrior Nun: 6 Things I Loved And 6 Things I Hated

by Shaye Wyllie
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I finished the Warrior Nun series on Netflix a few days ago, so of course, I had to give y’all a list of everything I loved and hated.

If you’re unfamiliar with the new Netflix series, it’s about an orphaned teen named Ava, who after waking up in a morgue, discovers she now has superpowers due to becoming the “chosen” Halo-Bearer for a secret sect of demon-hunting nuns.

So here’s everything I loved and hated about this new Netflix series.

Warrior Nun Netflix Series trailer review

6 Things I Love About Warrior Nun On Netflix

1. I love that Mary has a lead role.

For a second, I thought they were gonna just make her a background character, but she really played an important role in this show so I’m grateful for that.

2. Two of the girls have religious names.

Mary and Lilith are both important religious names, so I loved that they both played key roles in this show. Pay extra close attention to what happens to Lilith in the show as well, and think about her story.

I didn’t realize the irony of her name until closer to the end of the show, but it’s a cute detail to notice.

3. I love how the show transitioned into the title sequence in the first episode.

It was so perfect, the way they transitioned from Ava right into the title sequence seamlessly.

4. They used a Billie Eilish song the way I saw it being used.

When her album first came out last year, I immediately pictured her songs being used on TV and in film. But the first time I heard her song in a film it wasn’t used the way I pictured someone would. However, in Warrior Nun, it was definitely used in the creepy way I wanted it to be used and I’m super happy about that!

5. The irony of the boy asking “are you an angel” when she had an angel halo inside of her.

I think I just liked the irony of the question because he had no idea she had the halo inside of her, but he was kind of right about her being an “angel”.

6. I love how they kept calling each other badasses.

But mainly because I used that very term in my Warrior Nun trailer review.

I remember second-guessing if I should even use the term to describe them. So hearing them use it was like the universe reminding me to stop overthinking things when I write. Every time they used the word I smiled.

warrior nun netflix

Warrior Nun (L To R) Alba Baptista As Ava In Episode 8 Of Warrior Nun. Cr. Courtesy Of Netflix/Netflix © 2020

6 Things I Hated About Warrior Nun On Netflix

1. Sis kissed a dirty glass window!

I’m sorry but what? Why! Ew!

I totally get why she was happy to be alive, but couldn’t she have twirled in the rain or something, instead of kissing a dirty glass window?

I’m just saying!

2. Ava silly ass jumped into a pool that wasn’t hers to then realize she can’t swim.

Like, what if she had drowned? Come on now!

Also, you want me to believe that because she died and was brought back to life, she just up and forgot she couldn’t swim? How sway!

3. This man ordered liquor at a bar just to look at it.

I’m not gonna say WHO did this foolishness, but WHY sir, why? Like, stop wasting folks alcohol. Either you gon’ drink it or order a damn club soda. Get outta here! Ridiculous!

4. The unneeded reminder at the end of episode 1.

It was just so unnecessary! Ava having the halo was such a big part of episode 1, who the hell was gonna forget it was in her at the end of the episode? No one damn it!

So why are y’all reminding us? I just feel like they could have ended that episode differently because clearly she had it.

5. Mary thinking and saying she doesn’t need combat training.

And then having girls prove exactly why her ass needs training! Ugh! Just because you have shotguns does not mean you need them 24/7. Nor does it mean that you won’t ever need to actually use your hands!

6. How every time Ava gets some new clothes they get destroyed again.

Okay, so this one’s a bit silly, but I’m being super serious! Every time she got a new cute outfit, it got destroyed!

Sis couldn’t have nothing nice!? She can’t have a boyfriend, she can’t be a normal girl, now she can’t have nice clothes either? Damn!

But yeah, that’s pretty much everything I loved and hated. What did you love / hate about the Warrior Nun series on Netflix?

Click here for a full review of the Warrior Nun Netflix series.

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