I Just Watched The First Episode Of Warrior Nun And This May Be A Bit Too Much For Me

warrior nun netflix episode 1 review
Warrior Nun (L To R) Emilio Sakraya As Jc, Charlotte Vega As Zori, May Simón Lifschitz As Chanel, Alba Baptista As Ava, Dimitri Abold As Randall In Episode 1 Of Warrior Nun. Cr. Tamara Arranz/Netflix © 2020

Remember how I was JUST saying, I hope this show is as badass as the girls seem to be in the Warrior Nun trailer? Well um, I may have spoken a tad bit too soon! *cringe* I just watched episode 1 of the new Warrior Nun Netflix series and it was definitely not what I expected, but also what I was hoping it would be. Here’s my full review of episode 1.

Warrior Nun Netflix Episode 1 Review

Warrior Nun Netflix Series trailer review

A bit too much for me and my squeamish ass, but let’s see how far I get, shall we?

So this new Netflix series hits the throttle on full intensity right from the start and leaves me on the edge of my seat wondering what the hell is gonna happen next.

And honestly, I may be too squeamish for this show, however, I’m intrigued. If I got through two seasons of the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina then I should be able to get through this right?

Anywho … if you’re wondering HOW intense this thing really gets, 3 people done died already. Technically four if you count Ava’s resurrected ass. And that all happened within the first damn 10 mins. Honestly, a few other people probably died after that, but I stopped counting once I got to 3. It must be the mama in me. (You know damn well you better not let me even get to 3 to begin with, let alone a 4!)

But yeah, after I stopped pretending to be the Count, and stopped counting dead bodies like I was at a damn crime scene, I almost flew through the imaginary glass of my imaginary car I was driving while watching this shit! Cause honestly, that’s what it felt like the first time I saw Ava use her newfound powers.

You think SHE was shocked? Bih!

Did you just hear me say I almost flew out the damn car window? I legit jerked forward and almost screamed “oh shit” out loud! That shit was so crazy and SO unexpected! Whew!

I thought homegirl was gon’ lose her life AGAIN, right after she just got the shit back.

Now can we talk about how stupid these folks is for a second?

Did shawdy really kiss the dirty glass window while looking at herself? And don’t ask me how I know the window was dirty, shit was dirty! I cringe every time I see kids do this shit, but she a whole grown … adult?

Okay, she’s 19, so she’s BARELY an adult, but like still, she’s old enough to got more sense in her head right? Or did all that sense leak out when she died the day before?

Maybe that’s what it is.

But if we’re being serious for a moment, sis DID just die the day before and magically rise up from the dead, soooo … I guess she can do whatever the hell she wants right? Even if that means kissing someone’s dirty ass glass window! (Smh. White people! *rolls eyes*)

But if you think Ava is a bit on the slow side … at least she has age and ignorance on her side. What’s up with the priest ordering a whole drink just to look at it? Like now YOU my good sir, is WAY too old for this bullshit!

Either you gon’ order some club soda at the bar, or drink the god damn drink in yo hand and stop fooling with me! The hell you mean you just wanted to LOOK at it? *sucks teeth*

These folks really got me side-eyeing them and it’s only been episode 1. Come on now!

I do love the music in this though!

Not only did they use a Billie Eilish song the way I imagined her songs would be used when her last album dropped (which I’m extremely excited about).

But they also used “live music” aka someone playing the piano as the music to fill that scene, instead of using background music and I loved it. Plus she was playing a pop song that I’m sure these kids will know the name of when they watch this.

Oh and I swear Ava better not be dancing in the next episode, cause she danced throughout the entire first episode, okay?!

She just kept dancing everywhere without a care in the world. I mean … I get WHY, but still! Little orphan girl even ended up at (what I’m assuming is) the hottest party in town, just living it up, dancing it up, like this is her normal life and shit. Like she ain’t just DIE the day before and shit!

Not only did she take drugs, kiss a dirty ass window (yeah I’m not letting that one go) and dance all over the place, but sis also jumped into a pool that wasn’t hers, to then realize her dumbass can’t even swim.

She really do need Jesus apparently!

How she just up and forget she can’t swim? Sis just died and got her life back, and almost accidentally committed suicide cause she just up and FORGOT she can’t swim. (Lord help these people!)

Jokes aside though, episode 1 of Netflix’s new series, Warrior Nun, was definitely more intense than I expected.

So good job y’all! For a second, I really thought Outer Banks was gonna be the highlight of my year (Netflix wise, since Homecoming is definitely the highlight of my year so far for Amazon Prime, the same way Little Fires Everywhere was everything on Hulu.)

But yeah … last bit about this show before I go so I can continue watching.

If the writers magically happen to see this, or the directors, just know that we didn’t need that last bit at the end to “confirm” what we already KNEW about Ava!

I’m slow when it comes to shows and movies, but even I didn’t need an extra reminder!

However, Warrior Nun is definitely a cool concept so far and I’m looking forward to seeing where this goes.

Click here to add Warrior Nun to your watchlist so you can watch this on July 2nd when it’s finally released!

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warrior nun episode 1 review

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  1. your squeamish ass?????? such eloquent writing
    You seem obsessed with the word ass and use it totally inappropriately and too often, tame the teenage style writing to help your career

    • Did you really attempt to critique my writing style while not writing correctly yourself? The irony! All of your punctuation went to one incomplete sentence? Thanks for reading though. I hope you enjoyed watching Warrior Nun. Also – make sure you read my full review, I noticed the show wasn’t THAT bad and my squeamish ass actually made it through the entire season. ☺️

  2. Well, Shaye, I loved your writing style. Just catching up with this show, and happened on this blog. And I laughed out loud at your recap, so keep up the good work. I am hoping that you have continued to review the rest of the show, so \i can look forward to more of your sass and snark.

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