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You May Need Drugs To Think Hulu’s New Movie “Vacation Friends” Is Funny, But …

I’m not gonna lie … while Hulu’s new movie, “Vacation Friends” is a little light on laughs, (and that’s being modest) it is heavy on the friendship goals.

When Hulu slid in my DMs (okay my inbox) a few days ago and asked if I wanted to screen their new movie “Vacation Friends” to review, I was happy to oblige. Not only does Hulu’s new film star Lil Rel Howery and Yvonne Orji as a beautiful Black couple heading on vacation, which means I’ve already had this film on my radar. I was also pleasantly surprised to see appearances by Lynn Whitfield, Anna Maria Horsford, and King Bach, some of my favorites!

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So even though I’ve been disappointed by pretty much every Hulu Original film I’ve ever watched, (guys Palm Springs wasn’t that great), I kept my hopes up.

So what did I really think of Hulu’s new comedy movie “Vacation Friends”? Here’s my full review of the Vacation Friends movie below.

vacation friends hulu movie poster

I’ve gotta be honest here, Vacation Friends wasn’t that funny, but let’s face it, this is very much a “John Cena” film, so that’s to be expected.

I don’t know about you, but John Cena gets on my nerves in literally every movie I’ve ever watched with him in it. Have you read my Playing With Fire review?

His characters just irk my soul! (Yes, including his character in the new Suicide Squad movie!)

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So when I saw him on the poster, I immediately knew what I was in for. But I held out hope anyway.

Well … I was right!

Vacation Friends is as corny as Netflix’s new rom-com, Resort To Love, without the eye candy to distract us.

The very first 10 minutes set the scene pretty well, and if you think it’s “gonna get better”, it won’t.

The humor (or should I say lack of) is very consistent.

The film feels incredibly one dimensional, and it’s super predictable!

It’s pretty much like getting on a roller coaster thinking it’s for adults. Only to realize it was made for children. And every time you slowly hike up the hill, expecting an intense ride back down, you’re met with a disappointing finish.

Imagine going to a comedy show, and the comedian on stage tells you a story, and every few minutes you get excited because you think he’s about to finally hit the punch line, and he skips the joke and rewinds a bit to complete the story.

vacation friends hulu movie
Marcus (Lil Rel Howery), Emily (Yvonne Orji), Kyla (Meredith Hagner) and Ron (John Cena), shown. (Photo credit: Jessica Miglio/20th Century Studios)

But I loved the relationships in this film.

Of course it’s supposed to be a damn comedy! So the fact that I loved the lessons and this quartet is relationship goals, doesn’t really means shit.

Yet, I can’t ignore that I enjoyed Vacation Friends (a tad) because of the relationships.

Having friends that have your back no matter what, even when you don’t think they have your best interest at heart, is incredibly meaningful to me.

As someone who feels like she’s finally “found her people” watching these characters “go to hell and back” to realize that sometimes your “vacation friends” can be so much more, was heartwarming.

Hell … as a 90’s kid who has met a ton of friends ONLINE, in a world where we were once taught that “online friends” could never be your “real friends” this film means a lot to me.

But the humor of it all misses it’s mark. It feels like they’re trying to be funny!

And maybe that’s because this was written, produced, and directed by wyipipo despite most of the cast being Black? Y’all know how that goes!

vacation friends movie review
Kyla (Meredith Hagner), Ron (John Cena), Marcus (Lil Rel Howery), and Emily (Yvonne Orji), shown. (Photo credit: Jessica Miglio/20th Century Studios)

However, as lame as this movie is, let Vacation Friends be your reminder that we Black folks need to relax and take things less seriously! 

Sometimes we worry so damn much, and think everyone is “out to get us” that we block our blessings. Hell, I recently had a run in with a “crazy white guy” who seemed like he wasn’t my cup of tea!

And when he asked to take my daughter and I somewhere (that would totally be fun for her, for us both) I almost passed on the offer.

I mean … I’m not the type to hang with folks who seem like they go against everything I stand for?

And maybe that’s the skeptical New Yorker in me, who just thinks no one really does anything nice just because.

Anywho … long story short, we went, and had a blast!

Had we not gone, we would have missed out on one of the best days of our vacation! Yup, pretty damn similar to what happens in this film. So when I say use this movie as a reminder to us all that we should sometimes say “F it” and just have fun, I mean it!

So should you bother watching Hulu’s new movie Vacation Friends?

If you like John Cena movies, then go right ahead.

This will probably be your cup of tea.

If John Cena and his comedy isn’t your jam, well then … the only real reason you should watch this film is to watch the amazing Black actors and actresses I mentioned at the beginning of this post.

I know some of us are “watch everythang with Black folks in it” people, so if that’s you, go ahead.

But do yourself a favor and grab a drink for this one! You’re gonna need it!

So be sure you make yourself a nice cold margarita before you hit play!

Vacation Friends premieres today Aug 27, on Hulu.

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