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Pixar’s New “Turning Red” Movie Is About Periods, Perfectionism, And Disappointing Parents, And It’s Perfect

I’m not gonna lie, I’ve been excited to watch Pixar’s new animation film “Turning Red” ever since my daughter and I saw the trailer in theaters months ago. But when Twitter went crazy once the “Turning Red” movie review embargo lifted a few days ago, I freaked!

I’ve gotta admit, hearing a ton of critics say they “hate” a movie, always makes me wanna see it even more!

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So last night we turned it on and WHOA!

Contrary to what the angry white men are saying on Twitter, “Turning Red” isn’t JUST about periods, and it’s hella relatable!

So here’s a spoiler free review of Pixar’s new movie “Turning Red”

turning red movie poster

Now, the film does touch on periods a bit, and shows us what the transition is like when a young girl finally gets her monthly blood bath.

But it doesn’t stop there!

After showing us different kinds of pads on screen, which I feel like is almost unheard of, it also goes into tweens learning how to control their emotions, and what it’s like trying to be perfect, so they don’t disappoint their parents.

Honestly, “Turning Red” is about perfectionism and it’s perfect!

If you’re a recovering perfectionist, like myself, this one’s for you! It’s also for you if you grew up a people pleaser! Or as folks would say the “golden child”, (yup, again, just like me), and then grew up to realize that you liked things that you knew would “disappoint” them.

Becoming a teen is hard because it’s all about learning who you are as a person, without trying to step on anyone’s toes.

And I’m not just talking about our parents toes, I’m also talking about our friends!

Sometimes what we really want and need, isn’t what our loved ones wants, and as a kid it’s hard to navigate those feelings.

And “Turning Red” does an incredible job showing us what this is really like.

Listen, if you haven’t seen “Turning Red” on Disney Plus yet, please watch it.

I’m bummed that it’s not in theaters anymore, because this would have been amazing on the big screen! It’s hilarious, and the music is groovy! My daughter sang and danced throughout the entire film (and credits) like a real 4 Townie would!

And I’ve gotta admit, this is the first Asian centered film that has been released over the last few years that I throughly enjoyed! Shang Chi and Raya didn’t quite do it for me.

But THIS? This was f*cking awesome!

From the ever-so-clever ‘Bootylicious’ song use, to the very much like an anime panda transition, to the panda twerk, “Turning Red” is an absolute delight!

I can’t wait to get my hands on a red panda plushy, and some 4 Townie merch!

But until then, go watch “Turning Red” on Disney Plus! It’s a feel-good, coming of age, story that’s sure to turn the entire family into 4 Townies for life!

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