Listen This Movie Trailer For Disney Plus’s New Film “Togo” Looks Great But …

Disney Plus’s new original film, “Togo”, is the untold true story set in the winter of 1925 that takes you across the treacherous terrain of the Alaskan tundra for an exhilarating and uplifting adventure that will test the strength, courage and determination of one man, Leonhard Seppala, and his lead sled dog, Togo.

Togo is also the next original film coming to Disney Plus this month, so it HAS to be great! But even though the movie trailer looks stunning, I’m not sure the entire movie is captivating enough to entice folks to watch it!

Togo Disney Movie Trailer

Let’s be real right now …

Disney Plus is currently filled with movies and tv shows from our past that every Millennial has probably wished they could watch on TV again. PLUS, there are new series like The Mandalorian and High School Musical: The Musical: The Series!

And to make matters worse, there are already a few movies uploaded about dogs, including Disney’s new live action remake of Lady and The Tramp! (Oh and do I need to remind you that it’s also Christmas time, and Netflix has a bunch of Christmas movies you can watch right now, that are AWESOME?)

So what about this Togo film says “everything else can wait, you need to watch me NOW”?

Hell if I know! I haven’t even seen the movie yet!

Although, I will get to see it tomorrow at an advanced screening with the cast and directors. (And then party with them afterwards at the after party. Oh the life of an entertainment writer. Lol)

However … this ain’t even something I’d pull up on Disney Plus to watch right now! My genre of choice is rom coms, and sitcoms, and anime-coms. (Okay that last one isn’t a real thing but I wanted another word to rhyme, and animations just doesn’t cut it. Lol)

And with Christmas coming, I need Christmas themed movies or holiday movies that will LIFT my spirit and make me smile. Not movies about kids almost dying! Or movies about a man and his dog almost dying! (Cause let’s face it, that’s what this is about right? Lol) Talk about mood killer!

But I can’t get over how incredible the trailer looks! And how it MAKES me want to see Togo! It looks like it was produced really well, and that’s clearly a plus for Disney’s new streaming platform. But do we REALLY need this movie, right now? Or can it wait until after the holidays, when we’re all stuck inside because of a snow storm for a few days, bored out of our minds? Lol

Guess we’ll find out tomorrow after I watch the movie, right?

Oh, and one last thing …

Who TF was this movie MADE for? Old people? Cause kids don’t wanna see kids dying, and millennials don’t wanna be depressed more than they already are. Sooooo … who was this damn movie made for?

WHY do we need it?

Someone explain this shit to me please! Lol

Matter fact … I’m finna ask the director himself tomorrow during our interview. Lol So I’ll let y’all know what he says later on this week!

Togo Film Trailer:

About Disney’s Film “Togo”

When a deadly epidemic strikes the town of Nome, Alaska, and the only cure is more than 600 miles away, the town looks to champion dogsled trainer Leonhard Seppala (Willem Dafoe) to help transport an antitoxin serum. Seppala turns to Togo, an undersized and aging Siberian husky, to be his lead.

Undaunted by the massive storm heading their way or his wife’s urging him not to go, Seppala and Togo set out on the deadliest leg of what becomes a larger relay involving multiple mushers and gale-force winds that send the wind chill to -70 degrees F with little to no visibility.

Togo stars four-time Oscar® nominee Willem Dafoe as Leonhard Seppala and is directed by Ericson Core and written by Tom Flynn and produced by Kim Zubick, with Douglas S. Jones serving as executive producer. The film also stars Julianne Nicholson, Christopher Heyerdahl, Richard Dormer, Michael Greyeyes, Michael McElhatton and Michael Gaston.

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Togo Film Trailer Review

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