Listen, we all know Cardi B is known for all the crazy shit she says! But I don’t think anyone, not even T.I and Chance The Rapper saw this shit coming. Lol

Like … these four things Cardi B says during Rhythm and Flow honestly made me (and the other judges) stop and look at her crazy! Why is she like this? Lol (Aside from the fact that she’s from New York and we’re all a tad crazy. Lol)

Things Cardi B Says During Rhythm And Flow

1. You literally hanging by a vagina hair!

Like what sis? Lol

And then she goes on … to explain what she means and it’s just like, lawd have mercy, please help this girl! Lol

2. Tight like my butt hole!

I swear … as bad as this one is … I honestly have to say … this is probably some shit I’d say myself. LOL

It must be the New York in us. Lol

I probably wouldn’t say this shit on TV tho! Shit! Lol

3. Am I gonna remember you later on when I’m getting f*cked? No!

I mean this one isn’t as bad as the first two, cause she had a point. Lol

But like OMG Cardi, why you gotta say all that? Lol

4. Pop that pussy for a 50 cent SODA!

This how you know her ass is a millennial that grew up in the 90s in NYC. Lol

Did she REALLY just say for a 50 cent soda though? Lol

And more importantly … do y’all still DRINK those? Cause they used to HIT when we were kids! Lol

Here’s a few other (semi-crazy) things Cardi B says during the show.

It’s gonna be litty like a f*cking titty!

That song isn’t gonna sell … you’re not going to LA, but you can go to Jersey.

I’m expecting to get pregnant by one of these records.

You impressed me, witcho little white ass.

Did ya balls froze cuz everybody here? 

You know  … you really surprised me, because you look like you work in Best Buy.

I’m not gonna lie, she wasn’t lying on that last one. Lol (She also mentioned a few other contestants looked like “they work with computers” and “mop floors”. Lol)

Watch what else she said here …

About The Show

Rhythm + Flow is an 2019 documentarian non-scripted music reality television series on Netflix which premiered on October 9, 2019. It is Netflix’s first original music competition program.

In the series, hip hop artists Cardi B, Chance The Rapper, and Tip “T.I.” Harris critique and judge unsigned rappers, who are competing to win a $250,000 prize. In several episodes, the judges are joined by guest judges, who give the competitors additional feedback. (Including Snoop Dogg, Fat Joe, Jadakiss, and more.)

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