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The Suicide Squad Was Really F*cking Stupid

by Shaye Wyllie
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the suicide squad 2021 movie review

And I f*cking loved it!

When I say I had to stop and wonder if I was really supposed to be laughing at this f*ckery! Like, James Gunn really took me on a ride with this one and I love him for that.

I went through all the emotions.

From wondering what the f*ck I was watching, to why the f*ck this horrible ass team was invited, to who created this god awful creature. (Weasel I’m looking at you my friend.) All of it.

And I throughly enjoyed it! Like … a lot! Way more than I thought I would!

You can see the initial thoughts that went through my head while I was watching The Suicide Squad here.

I will say though … after watching The Suicide Squad (2021) for about 13 minutes, a sad cloud rained all over me.

The fact that I wasn’t watching this thing in theaters, with someone I could talk too, about how much I was enjoying it really bothered me. So yes, if you can, watch this one in theaters.

I watched TSS at home … on my laptop … via HBO Max, ’cause I don’t watch Rated R films on our TV since my 9 yr old is always lurking and nobody waiting for her never tired ass to go to bed. 

But I would totally watch it again if someone wanted to take me on a date to see it in theaters. I’m just saying.

However … it wasn’t until about 36 mins in that I REALLY began to enjoy this shit show!

Wondering why I continued to watch this even though I thought it was stupid? Here’s my full review of The Suicide Squad (2021) below!

the suicide squad 2021 movie review and poster

First things first, let’s clarify what I mean by “this movie was f*cking stupid”, shall we.

When I say, The Suicide Squad (2021) was f*cking stupid, I mean …

… it was f*cking S T U P I D!

From the useless, C list super villains with incredibly ridiculous names, and cringeworthy powers, who couldn’t save the day even if you PAID them too.

To the so unnecessary dick conversation and absurd sex scene.

To the moment where that one actor got up off the ground JUST to fall down not even 5 seconds later, which felt like it absolutely belonged in a Tyler Perry movie.

There’s even a kill in there that I literally was like … okay, that was just f*cking stupid, and then laughed at how ridiculous it was.

The Suicide Squad is … no doubt, the stupidest film released so far this year.

The film feels almost like the writers were on acid, tripping out, and just making one wild choice after another.

Even the “big bad monster” terrorizing the world felt a little comical when I stopped to THINK about what it WAS! So try not to think too hard while watching this.

None of it is realistic. But I mean … this also isn’t a realistic fiction novel you just so happened to pick up off the floor and read because the cover was cute. So yeah.

But like … a STARFISH my nigga?

A starfish!

That’s who y’all are letting run the streets amuck? My gosh!

But just because it’s “stupid” doesn’t mean, this film was bad!

Where some might possibly say that these choices watered down this version of The Suicide Squad, I say that these choices are the real reason this one’s a great film!

No one wants the same ol’, same ol’.

So many folks go into movies like this looking for a serious storyline to follow, and sometimes that becomes incredibly predictable. I loved that so much “went wrong”, and that … in actuality, NOTHING went wrong at all.

The fact that things needed to happen the way they happened with Team A, for Team B to complete their mission, was an interesting twist I didn’t see coming.

And the “bait and switch” techniques used to tell the story was almost a breath of fresh air.

So relax, and don’t take this one too seriously.

The stupidity of it all, is really what makes this film so enjoyable though.

Shit like this just isn’t supposed to happen. These scenarios aren’t ones you think of when you hear “The Suicide Squad”.

Even the horror film like trope, with the way folks stupidly stood around just waiting for shit to happen to them, was simultaneously infuriating and hilarious.

As is everything else in this film.

But if I’m being completely honest … I gotta say, I loved that this film felt utterly ridiculous.

How else am I supposed to watch people get torn apart, and a thousand and one bodies drop dead in a matter of minutes, without wanting to hide in a hole and remove myself from society for the next 3 to 5 business days?

Like … seriously, HOW many people died in this joint?!

All I know is that … it was A LOT.

So without humor on my side, things here get dark pretty quickly.

And I don’t know about you, but after the never ending Covid year we’ve all shared – remotely, I can’t stomach another intense, blood soaking, emotionally scarring, trauma filled anything.

Without the humor … a RAT BLANKET would scare the shit outta me!

I live in NYC for gods sake. That’s way too likely to happen here.

Have you seen the news?

Hell, without the humor, John Cena’s obnoxious character would have probably made me turn this damn thang off! (He legit got on my nerves the entire movie!)

Then there’s this awful Venom wanna be mask they gave my good friend Bloodsport, which I couldn’t f*ckng stand! And all the criminals wearing bright ass orange CROCS like a walking billboard. Wonder how much that cost?

Oh, and don’t even get me started on that disgusting head explosion! Actually there were a few bloody things that happened that I may have lightly cringed at.

But it all feels less daunting when everyone is a HOT mess! And they each had their own reasons for being “messy”, which is carefully woven into the story, so yeah.

There’s probably only one thing that I truly hated about The Suicide Squad.

And it’s that damn white man referring to another (white) man as a “good dog”.

White or not, that shit is triggering! Thankfully the moment passes quickly, and like I said this WHOLE film is a complete mess so nothing feels TOO intense.

But I coulda did without that one moment.

That’s pretty much it. I wanna say I coulda did without all the blood shed as well, but I mean, what would this film be without those kills? So I guess they can stay.

They were a bit creative.

And as much as I hated that head explosion, I absolutely loved that it was apart of the title sequence and turned into words. I’m a sucker for items in films turning into words on the screen for us to read, and The Suicide Squad did just that throughout the entire film!

But before I wrap this thang up, can we quickly talk about this cast!

Before all else, I’ve gotta mention how much I love watching Viola Davis do her thang. Like sis plays these heartless roles so effortlessly that I’m starting to wonder about her true character.

When I finally meet her, I’m gon’ have to ask her about this. Like ma’am are you really this heartless in real life?

‘Cause these movies and tv shows got me convinced! Whew!

Then there’s Joaquín Cosío (who I loved in Gentefied) and Alice Braga! I just love them both so much! Ugh!

Julio Cesar Ruiz who played our beloved Milton! Sir you DID that!

Storm Reid, who I have to admit I totally forgot was even in this film, but then came through with the one scene we’re all sure to remember, as she cussed at her daddy.

Daniela Melchior, aka Ratcatcher 2, our Gen Zer who didn’t know what the f*ck an over projector was, and was wrongfully classified as a “millennial”. Which by the way I’m still highly offended at.

Margot Robbie, who also effortlessly plays Harley Quinn, yet again! Even though I did love Birds Of Prey Harley more. But her “flower kill” scene was NO DOUBT my most favorite thing from this film and the best 5 mins of The Suicide Squad!

Idris Elba, who always seems to shock me with his acting skills, cause I guess he’s just that pretty, that I completely forget what a great actor he is?

And last but not least … Pete Davidson, who I honestly wouldn’t mind never seeing on screen ever again, ’cause I hate every character he’s ever played.

So aside from him, ew, everyone else did the damn thang! Oh and shout out to our starfish killa! Can’t forget our STAR of the year, now can we.

Overall, The Suicide Squad was absolutely f*cking stupid, BUT incredibly hilarious, extremely entertaining, and totally worth watching.

That doesn’t mean this film was perfect in every which way.

‘Cause it sure as hell wasn’t!

There are a few dead spots where the action dies down, and then things become awfully slow and boring.

But then it picks itself back up and the action quickly kicks in, and tricks you into thinking that maybe, just maybe, if you had absolutely nothing else to do all day, that you could watch this film for hours on end.

Oh, and yes, there’s an end credit scene! So stick around for that mess of an ending, as it really does tie this shit up well, with an unbelievably sparkly bow. Y’all know what they say about adding glitter to shit.

Well … that’s kinda like what that end credit scene does for this movie. Nothing, but make it just that more insane!

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