Disney+ Out Here Snatching Up All The Good TV Shows For Themselves Huh? The Proud Family Included

by Shaye Wyllie
The Proud Family Returns On Disney+

Listen, I told y’all to save y’all coins for Disney+ a few months ago. If you didn’t get that message, please read this post now! Lol Get yo life together now!

Cause in a few months it’ll be November and I don’t wanna hear none of y’all moaning or complaining talking bout y’all don’t have the extra money for Disney+ when you already pay for Tom, Dick, and Harry. (I mean Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime. Lol The Caribbean in me just comes out so naturally sometimes. Lawd. Lol)

Anywho, word is around town that Disney+ is rebooting The Proud Family with NEW episodes and everyone and their mama is excited. Including me! But Disney+ hasn’t confirmed the news yet, so I’m stuck sitting here with a bunch of he said she said, looking like a fool trying not to get my hopes up. Lol

But if they DO snatch up The Proud Family, it’s gonna be lit y’all! Saturday mornings will become Saturday mornings again and I’m busting out the cereal! (As if I don’t already still eat cereal on Saturday mornings. Lol Sorry! The 90s are completely embedded in my DNA! *sings* I got royalty, got loyalty inside my DNA. I got 90s music and 90s tv shows inside my DNA. LOL)

The Proud Family Returns On Disney+

The Proud Family would be joining, what’s already a long roster of tv shows on the Disney+ streaming platform in November along with a few others that we still don’t even know about yet.

But I TOLD y’all this was gonna be good a few months ago and y’all wasn’t listening to me. Lol Y’all better listen up now and start figuring out what day of the week you need to eat cups of noodles to fit this here streaming service into your monthly budget now. Lol Cause Disney ain’t playing with us no more! 

Avengers Endgame is also supposed to be on Disney+ when it releases. As well as The Simpsons! So basically our entire childhood is coming back in full force and then some? Lol 

Look at how AMAZINGLY cute all of the companies are together on Twitter as they promote their new move to Disney+.

That has got to be the cutest marketing strategy stunt ever. Lol Gosh! If there’s anything I do know though, I know that this is gonna be GOOD! Everything Disney touches is magical. Lol

But now the question is, are you exited to watch The Proud Family again? Are you excited for Disney+ NOW? Cause some of y’all was acting a little stank when the news first hit. Lol 

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