The Princess Switch 2 Trailer Makes Me Extremely Happy And I Can’t Wait To See This Sequel

the princess switch 2 trailer
The Princess Switch: Switched Again. Nick Sagar as Kevin, Vanessa Hudgens as Stacy / Margaret / Fiona in The Princess Switch: Switched Again. Cr. Mark Mainz/NETFLIX © 2020

Normally, Netflix films don’t leave much to be desired! They’re usually enjoyable, but one and done films. However, lately Netflix has been creating sequels for some of their more popular films and I’m so damn excited The Princess Switch 2 is coming to Netflix! I absolutely loved the first film. And after watching the trailer for The Princess Switch 2, it seems like I’m going to love this sequel just as much.

I mean the trailer literally made me happy! I love the story of these two twins switching, especially since I know I grew up wishing I had a twin who could take my place sometimes.

I’m honestly in shock that they found a way to keep this joyful movie going! I would have never thought they’d make a sequel, but I’m really glad they did.

The Princess Switch 2 Switched Again Poster

I also LOVE that other actors and actresses are branching out and playing multiple characters in one movie! I think the first actor I saw do this was Eddie Murphy when he did Norbit. I remember thinking how crazy it was that he played ALL those characters in the film.


As a kid I thought I was going crazy because I recognized that the characters looked extremely similar but it took awhile for my little brain to make sense of it. Then came Tyler Perry, and even though folks now talk shit about his films he killed as Madea!

Now Vanessa Hudgens is here doing the damn thing and I love it! Vanessa has the two nice girl personas down, since she plays both twins – queen and baker – and now I can’t wait to see her be a ‘mean girl’ in this sequel.

(I also gotta quickly shout out Diane Guerrero, who plays a character with multiple personas in Doom Patrol and does so effortlessly. I’m always so damn shocked at her range when she goes from Babydoll to Hammerhead to Jane. Her character has 64 personalities!) And knowing her range makes me so excited for Vanessa’s new party girl persona, Fiona!

Check out The Princess Switch 2 trailer below

Will you be watching the Princess Switch sequel when it premieres on Netflix on November 19th?


Written by Shaye Wyllie

Shaye is an Entertainment Writer from Brooklyn, NY and a big fan of anything and everything superpowers related (especially if kids/teens are involved), cooking + baking shows (like MasterChef Junior and Cupcake Wars), teen dramas, sitcoms, comedies, and legal dramas. When she's not binging the latest series on Netflix or writing, you can find her spilling her thoughts on the Brown Side of Disney Chat or creating YouTube videos with her daughter for their new family site, Popcorn and Tater Tots.



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