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A Recap Of The NYC World Premiere Of The Photograph

The Photograph World Premiere: The Who, What, Where & Oh Shit

If you follow me on social media, you probably already know this, but last night I got to attend the world premiere for The Photograph and it was great.

This experience differed a tad bit from my Frozen 2 red carpet premiere experience, but I still had a great time.  So here’s all the deets below.

The Who

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My friend Wendy (from ItsWendyJB.com) and I attended the premiere together, and of course, the cast and directors were there as well.

For some reason, I never saw Issa Rae! Bummer! I was convinced she wasn’t there, but according to the photos and videos from last night, she was so! Iono! Lol

I did, however, see Rel Howery, Lakeith Stanfield, Will Packer, Y’lan Noel, Stella Meghie, and a few others.

I’m not gonna lie though, I saw Rel when he walked in on my way from the bathroom and I kept staring at him like, he looks like Lil Rel! Lol I forgot that man looked a bit older in this movie than in The Carmichael Show! LOL

The What

I don’t even know why I have “the what” here, it just sounded cute. Y’all already know WTF this is right? The movie premiere. Carry the hell on! Lol

But I will say here that I only attended the premiere. There was no after-party for me last night. Although I did hear someone say “I gotta give someone their after-party ticket” so there definitely was one. Lol Screw me for not being on that list!

But, sigh, it’s fine, there will be others! I guess. Lol

The Where

The Photograph World Premiere took place here in NYC, at the SVA Theatre.

So no, I didn’t fly out to Cali again, without telling y’all. Lol I was right here at home.

The Oh Shit

Yup! That happened! Lol And that’s all I’m gon’ say about that for right now.

Full story about this photo below!

What it was like attending the World Premiere for The Photograph

I stood in line, outside in the cold, for an hour.

Yah! I don’t like being “regular” no more. This is ghetto! Lol I’m kidding … sorta.

But no seriously … I’m spoiled now! You know what they say about the entertainment industry and how it changes people. Y’all think I’m bougie now?

Y’all ain’t seen nothing yet!

So standing on line for an hour is so above me right now! Lol (Clearly that shit ain’t, if I did it right. So let me stop being dramatic and move the hell on.)

We got there a little before 6 pm, and didn’t go in until about 7 pm? But I went in and that’s all that really matters, right? Right! However …

I spilled wine on my coat.

First of all, that’s what I get for not sticking to my water only diet in the first place!

Talking bout, OOH, wine! Smh!

When I got back to my seat with said wine, I don’t know what the hell happened! All I know is that it spilled all over the sleeve of my jacket and pants, and I was highly upset that I spilled like half my cup. LOL

Oh, and how about when I was coming from the bathroom, I heard one of the workers say “someone spilled wine in the theatre” and I freaked out like, damn can’t take yo ass nowhere Shaye! Just for them to be like in row H. (I was in row V.) I really thought they were talking about me. Lol

So I guess I wasn’t the worst that night, whew!

I listened to Will Packer proudly speak to the audience.

Normally the cast gets on stage, but for some reason, they didn’t last night.

However, Will Packer, the producer did, and listening to him talk about this movie made my heart smile. He just sounded so proud and so happy about what they had accomplished.

Will also mentioned that when you want something to get done you get you a Black woman to do it and it’ll get done! And he ain’t never lie! Lol

Stella Meghie, the director, also spoke for a bit too.

I also met Lakeith Stanfield.

Yeah, I know y’all been waiting for this one. Lol

Okay so here’s the story all about how my life got twisted upside down and I’d like to take a minute to just sit right here and tell y’all how I …. met Lakeith Stanfield. Lol

Aiight so boom, what had happened was right … god, I’m so Brooklyn. Lol

But yeah, what had happened WAS … the movie ended and we all left the theatre. And as we were leaving, I noticed he was standing in the corner taking a few photos with folks, so I figured I should at least try!

Now, please note that I don’t care for photos with celebs.

I would much rather sit and have a regular, informal, convo with folks and chop it up for a few minutes and just be silly and shit.

BUT Y’ALL MOFOS love a celebrity flick, so I really do these photos for y’all. I’m more than happy with folks just walking past me, and saying hey. I don’t like bothering people. But anywho, after my friend was like “girl get over there and get yo photo”, I could see he was stretched for time and needed to leave.

I almost didn’t bother. But he’s so sweet, and could tell that the other girl and I both really wanted a photo so he was like “let’s do a group pic”. Lol

As you can see, he really tried to be present for both photos, turned his head so both cameras would get his good side, and all that jazz. Lol But he HAD to leave.

So this was the last photo he took.

I kinda felt bad cause despite how calm he was – I’m a freaking empath – so I could TELL he was crunched for time and needed to go. Right after that last photo his team was just like I’m sorry you guys but we gotta go!

So yeah, there you have it. That’s the story! Lol

He’s super cute in person, but honestly, it’s his vibe I dig the most. I watched him talk to someone while we waited for the movie to start and he just seemed SO chill!

He’s like those dudes I hung out with in High School, who were foine as hell, but I really just hung out with them because I liked talking to them. Lol

But there you have it! That’s what went down at the world premiere!

My Experience At The Photograph World Premiere

P.s –  Here’s my full review of The Photograph! The Photograph will be in theaters on 2/14.

P.s – Thanks for reading! Don’t forget to hit the share button below so your friends can read this awesome post as well. Comments are always appreciated and responded to. So gon’ and tell me how you REALLY feel! Thanks in advance! Now click around and read something else. Lol There are lots of suggestions below!

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