While watching The Photograph I couldn’t help but notice these quotes from the movie. They either made me laugh out loud, made my heart smile or made me extremely sad. They’re definitely a true representation of the emotions you’ll go through as you watch the movie. So I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Here’s 12 Of The Best Quotes From The Photograph Movie

“I wish I was as good at love as I was at working.”

“Don’t give him no food he a grown man!”

“So you attracted to her cause her mama died?”

“I’m not tryna buy Kayne pillows.”

“It’s too ambitious, talking ’bout we gon be alright.” (said when discussing Kendrick Lamar’s music lol)

“You ever wonder if we’re who we’re around in the moment?” “Then maybe we should pay attention to who we surround ourselves with.”

‘Why you got your head down like you praying?” “Cause I might need to.”

“Don’t gas him up cause he probably gon’ f*ck it up!”

“He’s very smart but he does dumb shit.”

“She did the little sip and smile thing.”

“I’m uncomfortable with how happy you are.”

“I wish I didn’t leave people behind so often.”

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12 Of The Best Quotes From The Photograph Movie

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