A few days ago, Universal Pictures sent me a copy of The Photograph on Blu-Ray + DVD + Digital, and I couldn’t be happier!

The Photograph is currently one of my favorite movies right now (and will probably always be) so I’m excited to have a copy so I can watch it whenever I want.

To celebrate the In-Home release of The Photograph movie I decided to make a few bingo cards for you to use when you watch it again.

(I also share how you can turn the free printable bingo cards I have below into a drinking game if that’s your thing and you wanna play with others! You’re welcome.)

Anywho, if you haven’t seen The Photograph yet, make sure you read my review of the movie (that went viral) and check out the photos from when I attended The Photograph’s World Premiere.

I didn’ get to meet Issa Rae but I did meet Lakeith and see a few others passing by.

Don’t Forget: The Photograph Releases On Blu-Ray + DVD May 12th

The Photograph Movie Bluray DVD Cover

Bonus Features On The Photograph Blu-Ray And Dvd

  • Shooting THE PHOTOGRAPH – An inside look at the making of THE PHOTOGRAPHfeaturing interviews with Issa Rae, Lakeith Stanfield, director Stella Meghie and producer Will Packer.
  • Culture in Film – Filmmakers and cast discuss the importance of representation in the industry, the significance of being both in front of and behind the camera, and why this story matters.
  • The Film Through Photographs – Explore the use of photography throughout the film as the cast and filmmakers delve into how the photographs, and use of such, told stories beyond the capability of word or action.

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The Photograph Movie Bluray DVD back cover

Here’s 3 Free Printable Bingo Cards Inspired By The Photograph Movie

Note: You can use these free printable bingo cards digitally to save paper! Just make sure folks ain’t cheating! Lol (Yeah, it might be better to print these! Lol)

Click on the cards to print them in PDF form to make actual bingo cards.

FYI – You can laminate the cards and use dry erase markers if you’d like to reuse them. Or … just print them again. Hell! Lol

Oh, and I made 3 different cards so everyone doesn’t get Bingo at the exact same time. So you really gotta pay attention to what’s on your card and where it is, cause they’re not the exact same.

The Photograph Bingo CardThe Photograph Inspired Printable Bingo Cards

The Photograph Inspired Printable Bingo Cards

Here’s How To Turn These Free Printable Bingo Cards Into A Drinking Game …

Before the movie starts, have everyone make a random mark on 5 different spaces (inside the boxes) on their board.

(Ex: Tell them to read the card and pick their 5 favorite things.)

Once that’s done, and only after they mark these spaces, let everyone playing know that if they mark an X in these spaces they also have to take a shot!

Need extra shot glasses? Have everyone bring their favorite with them, or grab some from Amazon below.

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The Photograph Giveaway

For one day only, I’ll be hosting a giveaway to give you all a chance to get a copy of The Photograph on Blu-Ray + DVD before it releases later this month on May 12th.

Yes, it says digital code on the package, and yes I’m stealing the code for myself. Lol

This is legit one of my favorite movies right now, don’t judge me! Lol I’ll keep the entire damn thing if you don’t fix ya face! Shiddddd. But since I only need the digital code, I figured someone would LOVE to have this on DVD + Blu-Ray.

Anywho, you can enter the giveaway below!

Enter The Giveaway Here

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Please note that this giveaway ends on Tues 5/5 at 12 AM EST and is open to USA residents only. Sorry! But … good luck! I’ll pick a winner Tues morning.

P.s – Click here to read my review of The Photograph that went viral in Feb.

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the photograph movie inspired bingo cards

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