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Listen! Charlize Theron Still Got It! The Old Guard On Netflix Is A Must See!

I just watched The Old Guard on Netflix, and I can’t believe how good it was! I’m not even gonna keep you waiting, here’s my full review of Netflix’s new movie, The Old Guard, staring the badass Charlize Theron.

The Old Guard Review

The Old Guard Netflix

I see Charlize Theron still got it! The Old Guard is a must-see!

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From the moment I started watching The Old Guard on Netflix, I knew it was gonna be good. I don’t know HOW, but sometimes I just get this feeling, and I instantly know.

I hadn’t watched the trailer before watching the movie, so I had absolutely no clue what I was in for.

But boy was I pleasantly surprised.

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Apparently this movie was inspired by a comic? So that’s ANOTHER comic story this month for Netflix, only this one is way more badass than Warrior Nun.

Honestly, The Old Guard is the level of badassery I wanted from Warrior Nun, but that series fell a little short.

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But that’s not the point!

So … The Old Guard is about a warrior named Andy (played by Charlize Theron), who’s basically in charge of a group of other warriors just like her. They all have one thing in common – a mysterious inability to die! No one knows where it came from, how they got it, or even how to get rid of it.

So they stick together, and over the years, they help the world little by little, until one day that helpful nature of theirs turns into their downfall.

The movie is based on the acclaimed graphic novel by Greg Rucka and directed by Gina Prince-Bythewood (Love & Basketball​), and is amazing! Andy is such a badass that I completely ignored the fact that she basically slaughtered a ton of men throughout the movie. (But I mean … better to kill than be killed? Or so they say.)

the old guard netflix movie review
THE OLD GUARD (2020) L-R: Kiki Layne (“Nile”), Charlize Theron (“AndyÓ). Photo Credit: AIMEE SPINKS/NETFLIX ©2020

The score is intense and the movie is packed with wit, fighting scenes, and a ton of “oh shit” moments.

No seriously! I lost count of how many times I screamed “oh shit” or “well damn”.

It is a little predictable though. You can see what’s about to happen, right before it happens. But that doesn’t make this movie any less exciting, or fun to watch!

And the score is great! The music really helps intensify the emotions, as it should.

As for wit, Nicky and Joe are my absolute fave and Joe’s sarcasm KILLED me a thousand times over. Like why is he like this! (I can see why Nicky kept killing him.)

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But just when you think it can’t get any better, it does.

The movie is almost two hours long, and there’s never a dull moment where I think … damn is this done?

I was in it for the entire two hours and it just kept getting crazier and crazier! (Henceforth why I said “oh shit” a thousand times.)

This would have been GREAT in theater!

Like, I really need to pop some popcorn soon and watch this again.

Yes, it was THAT good!

the old guard Netflix film

But can we talk about how amazing Nile was for a minute!

For a hot second, she got on my damn nerves, with her stubborn reluctant ass!

But if YOU had died, and magically woke up out of the blue, I’d probably be confused and angry too.

Yet, as the movie went on, I knew she was gonna be an important piece to their puzzle, and that she was! I absolutely LOVED that Andy basically passed the torch to Nile.

(Don’t worry – this isn’t a nod to anyone dying, or anything bad happening, you’ll have to actually watch the movie to see if anything of that sort happens.)

But I just can’t write this review without mentioning how much I love that Andy recognized Nile’s strengths and let her know she’d take over in the future.

Andy had 3 other partners by her side, any of whom she could have chosen. They all could have claimed “seniority”, yet she still slipped the throne to the newbie!

And it was SO great to watch because hello … the other 3 “prospectives” were all men! Sis is handing over her crown to another woman! The men aren’t being left in charge just because they were around longer, Nile got it because she was qualified!

To me – that was such a powerful message to send into the world today. Promote those that deserve it! It’s that simple!

P.s – Nile’s kill shots and aim is insane! Thank goodness the powers went to a marine, huh? Imagine her as a civilian!

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the old guard Netflix
THE OLD GUARD (2020) – clockwise from top: Matthias Schoenaerts (“BookerÕ), Charlize Theron (“Andy”), Luca Marinelli (“NickyÓ). Photo Credit: AIMEE SPINKS/NETFLIX ©2020

Overall …

The Old Guard is definitely better than what I thought it would be! Like for real!

And it’s totally a lesson for men who don’t ever f*cking listen! LISTEN when women speak damn it. They’re always right! Sis didn’t follow her gut because they ‘begged’ her to help and look where that got her.

But I’m so glad I watched this! Make sure you add this to your watchlist this weekend!

Actually, let me help you with that …

Click here to add The Old Guard Movie to your watchlist today.

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