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I’m Shocked AF They Put This Ms Pat Show On These White Peoples TV And Renewed It For A 2nd Season

I’m not gonna lie … if this the new content BET Plus is spitting out now, then maybe I gave up on that platform a little too soon?? The conversations feel real, not staged or faked just for the sake of “good tv”, and I love that!

But I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t shocked AF that this show got renewed for a second season! Why? Well, here’s a review of episode 1 of The Ms. Pat Show, that I actually watched on Paramount Plus, despite it being a BET Plus original, so you can see why for yourself.

A Review Of “The Ms. Pat Show” Episode 1

 the ms. pat show episode 1

Listen, 5 mins in and I was already in love with this thang.

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But it’s black! Hella black! And it’s FUNNY! (Like what we wanted from Black AF!)

And y’all know good Black series rarely ever make it to TV, let alone to a second season.

Okay so maybe it’s not on TV. Maybe it’s just currently streaming.

But y’all know damn we all watching this thang on our TV screens so let’s just pretend it’s on TV.

However, it’s a BET Plus original, currently streaming on Paramount Plus, which I love because that means this show that everyone oh so loves will get to be seen by many!

Including those that may have … ahem … canceled BET Plus prematurely. 

Ironically, The Ms. Pat Show gives me 2000s Tyler Perry vibes.

You know back when everyone loved the man, and his plays, and they wasn’t hating on his wig game cause we ain’t know no better?? 

However it still stands out on its own and it’s highly entertaining. 

Yes there’s a lot of cussing, and episode 1 of The Ms Pat Show touches on hard topics — like school shootings, and gun laws.

But it also shines a positive spotlight on black families, showing a Black father who cooks his wife breakfast after she’s had a long night.

A working Black mother, who still has time to show up for her kids at school. And Black parents who lovingly “embarrass” their teen on a live video together. 

So I’m looking forward to really sitting back and enjoying this full season while we wait for the second one to get dropped.

I only wish there weren’t so many cuss words so I could sit and watch this with my 9 yr old.

It’s really that great of a show.

It’s giving Netflix’s Family Reunion, but for adults only, vibes. It’s what “Dad Stop Embarrassing Me” tried, but failed to be.

So shout out to Ms. Pat and Jordan E. Cooper (the shows creator) for this! If you’re craving something Black and funny to watch (as I often am) this one’s it! The hype was real y’all!

Check it out on BET Plus or Paramount Plus. You can thank me now!

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