I Watched The First Episode Of “The Letter For The King” On Netflix And Here’s What I Thought

by Shaye Wyllie
The Letter For The King Episode 1 Review

Before this whole thing with Corona started, I got an invite from Netflix to screen episode one of their new series, The Letter For The King, and I was excited … sorta.

I’m not sure why, but I immediately thought this would be some “little kid shit” and I was honestly gonna go to the screening just because it was Netflix. Lol

But things happened so quickly … getting my press credentials approved for SXSW, then booking my flight to attend on the same day the screening was supposed to take place … then having everything canceled days before!

So I never got to attend the screening, and then I just put it off because I thought it was gonna be “meh”. Lol

However, last night I decided to watch the first episode and um … wow! Lol

Long story short? I only got 2 episodes left! Lol I stayed up ALL night binging this! And since there are only 6 episodes at around an hour each, this is pretty easy to binge. However, here are my thoughts on episode 1!

I’ll post a full review of the entire season in a few days!

The Letter For The King Episode 1 Review

I watched episode 1 of Netflix’s new show, The Letter For The King, and it was way better than I expected.

From the moment I turned it on, I knew it was gonna be good! Lol Like seriously! (But maybe that’s because I had just watched the first episode of Tiger King and Self Made? Lol)

Either way, I got a good feeling from the moment I turned this on.

The storyline is pretty interesting, despite things being a little predictable.

In episode 1 of The Letter For The King …

the letter for the king netflix episode 1 review

Tiuri, who’s 15 years old, is pressured by his father (who we later find out is actually his stepfather – don’t worry, this isn’t that important to be a big spoiler so rest easy lol) to become a Knight of Dagonaut.

But during his “quest” aka test for Knighthood, Tiuri is tested in a whole different way and suddenly inherits what seems like an impossible task, to deliver an important letter to the King.

However, I don’t think I even read the description on Netflix, cause I was pleasantly surprised when I saw someone had magical powers. Lol

I love everything sci-fi, especially when powers are involved. I don’t know why. Lol This ain’t the time to try to figure that out though.

The show spans across three kingdoms—Evellian (where Tiuri and his mom are originally from), Dagonaut (where Tiuri was raised by his mother and stepfather), and Unauwen (where Tiuri must deliver the letter).

Tiuri’s test for Knighthood is a great intro to who he is as a person, but the test itself isn’t important.

It’s what happens AFTER the test that’s really important!

So don’t really worry about whether he’ll make it through the test or not like his mama did. Lol

Or why they told them damn kids during the test to NOT talk and the moment they left them alone seconds later they were whispering to each other! Lol

Cause WTF man! I was really looking at them kids like, y’all don’t listen??? He said DON’T talk, don’t move, nada! Here y’all go whispering! Y’all all done f*cking failed!

Y’all done judged poor Tiuri and said he couldn’t be a Knight and here y’all are acting a fool … can’t even play the silent game for a whole minute! Bye! Lol

But yeah, the test isn’t as important as I thought it was, yet it still sets up the story really well, and gives us an intro to who the characters are, so you also can’t skip it!

You need to know each character, and why they are the way they are before you can really understand everything else.

But speaking of characters … WTF is wrong with his damn horse??

Just like the task, Tiuri also inherited a horse and that damn animal is the craziest character in the entire show. Well, so far! Lol I’ve only gotten to episode 4!

But like, is the horse also magical? Cause he just doing the whole most! Lol I’m trying not to spoil it for you, but goodness! What this horse know that I don’t?

And were horses always good swimmers? Or did they just make this one invincible or some shit? Lol (Don’t judge me for not knowing this. Lol)

Oh, and what’s with the racism?

Cause don’t think I ain’t catch y’all talking down to all the Black folks and people who come from Evellian! And at this point, I’m pretty sure everyone from Evellian is Black! So yeah … However, I also think everyone with POWERS comes from Evellian too, so I guess there’s that. Lol

But um … one last thing … does everyone Black have a scar? It’s not just the folks from Evellian either, cause the dude in Dagonaut – Ristridin (played by Ken Nwosu, who I absolutely love) also had a scar.

Anywho, ignore me … that may not even be important. Lol

However, I can’t wait to see how this ends and if there’s gonna be a Season 2!

I’m a little upset that Season 1 only has 6 episodes, but I guess that just makes it easy to binge?

I started last night and I probably woulda finished last night if I didn’t watch the first episode of Tiger King and Self Made as well. So yeah … I plan on finishing this series today! And I’m totally adding this to my Netflix Recommendations next week.

Oh and by the way, the scoring for this is great too! Just thought I should say that before I wrap this up. Lol

Anywho … I’m glad I decided to watch this. The journey into a different time period and quest through these kingdoms was definitely needed this week.

If you wanna watch The Letter For The King on Netflix, click here.

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The Letter For The King Episode 1 Review

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