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Yasss! The Circle Is Back! Here’s What I Think Of S2 E1, The First 8 Players + Who’s Going Home First

Soooo … The Circle on Netflix is BACK!

And if you were rocking with me last year, you know this is one of my fave Netflix series! Along with one of the very few reality series I’ve ever watched and loved. (Bling Empire is a close second, with Love is Blind being the third.)

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However, I finally watched episode 1 of The Circle Season 2 and …

I’m glad it’s off to a great start! I’m loving it so far!

So below are my thoughts of the new season’s first episode, along with who I think is being voted off in episode 2! Cause you know they always leave us with that cliffhanger! Ugh! Anywho …

Here’s What I Think Of The Circle Season 2 Episode 1, The First 8 Players, And Who’s Going Home In Episode 2

the circle season 2 netflix poster

Spoiler Alert – If you haven’t seen The Circle Season 2 Episode 1, this post will spoil things a bit. But it’s literally just who the players are and who they’re pretending to be. No big spoilers on what actually happens!

So you can totally read this.

Unless you loathe all kinds of spoilers. In that case, bookmark this joint and wait until you’ve seen the episode.

How To Win That Shmoney! (Aka How To Win “The Circle”)

As you probably already know, The Circle isn’t just a reality tv show! It’s also a cut throat, catfishing, game show! Players are playing for $100,000!

So you know the drill … fake it til’ you make it, or just be you!

Do whatever you want!

But you gotta be the most popular and the last playa standing to win!

Deets On The Circle’s Season 2 First 8 Players + My Faves

Savannah –

the circle season 2 episode 1 savannah

She’s nerdy and beautiful, so of course she’s choosing to be herself. She’s also half Mexican, and half filipino!

But do I like her?

Ugh, yeah! No reason not too … yet!

Jack –

Says he’s the “Walmart version of Barbie’s Ken”? I need him to not!

Apparently he’s also super tall?

He’s also catfishing, as Emily, sooo … we’ll see how that goes!

I swear he’s gonna be one of the first to go! He talks a tad too much.

He also said “you can trust cute, but you can’t trust hot”. And I’m not sure if I should hate him or agree. Ugh!

I’m not sure how I feel about the Walmart version of Ken yet. I probably wouldn’t care if he went home first.

Bryant –

the circle season 2 episode 1 bryant

If you thought the “Walmart version of Ken” was bad … here comes Mr. Bryant blessing his bottle of water before drinking it. Strange much?

He’s definitely gonna end up starting some drama soon! I feel it.

Someone’s gonna piss him off! FYI – He’s playing as himself.

He’s another one I don’t care if they get voted off the island quickly.

Deleesa –

First of all … can we talk about how sis almost bust her ass the moment she walked into her room! Lawd!

Girl, stop slipping! Let’s get this bag!

However, I totally knew she was from NYC the moment she opened her mouth! And she totally doesn’t look 32!

Black don’t crack y’all!

She’s catfishing as her husband, and playing a single dad.

And yes I’m rooting for her! Despite the fact that she’s from the Bronx.

Terilisha –

Teri here is a stunning 34, from Dallas, Texas and a substitute teacher.

Clearly I don’t know what Black women in they 30’s supposed to look like, but hopefully I look this foine ’cause whew!

She’s playing as herself and …

I absolutely love her!

Lee –

My man Lee! He’s 58, an author from Texas who ironically wrote under a female pen name. So in his true nature, he’s catfishing as River, a gay and proud guy. But lord I hope someone helps this man, ’cause apparently he had to learn slang to be on the show!

Oh lord! Talking ’bout “you are so lit circle”. Sir please stop! 

I do love him though! But lord make him stop with the slang!

Chloe –

*sigh* Apparently missy here is from Netflix’s other reality show, Too Hot To Handle *barfs* and she’s also from England. She came in with a big stuffed unicorn, so I’m not sure if I should be judging her or not. But I love her accent! I’m such a sucker for accents.

She’s playing herself, and even though a few of the other players don’t seem to like her, I think she’s cool.

She makes herself sound like a bimbo, but I feel like she’s probably super sweet, and just spontaneous.

Courtney –

Last but not least, Courtney’s 28, a pop culture entertainment host who would rather everyone believe he’s a regular degular barista? So while he’s playing himself, he’s lying about his job.

I love his energy though, and love even more that he’s keeping notes! He’s my new best friend. I don’t think anyone has ever taken legit notes!

Thoughts: How I Really Feel About The Circle Season 2 Episode 1

So far, it’s good! I was worried it wouldn’t be as great as Season 1, so I’m glad we’re off to a great start. But how the hell does no one know what “411” is!? Or a robotics team, for goodness sake!

Predictions: Who’s Going Home In Season 2 Episode 2 Of The Circle

the circle season 2 episode 1 first 8 characters
Photo Credit: Netflix

As always, someone is getting BLOCKED, but they haven’t told us who just yet! They won’t say until episode 2. So who do I think is going home first?


I’ll save details on why so I don’t spoil it for you, but yeah … sadly she may be going home first! I mean, I hope not!

I’d much rather have Jack, I mean Emily leave. But I guess we’ll just have to wait until I watch episode 2 to find out!

The Circle Season 2 Episodes 1 through 4 are currently streaming on Netflix.

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