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The Black Widow Trailer Is Extremely Exciting! Have You Seen It?

by Shaye Wyllie
Published: Last Updated on 11 minutes read

Especially if you watched the Fighting With My Family movie! Like seriously! I still can’t believe Florence Pugh is in this! (I know I’m late on the news, but so what, some of you probably are too. Lol And some of you probably don’t even know who she is! Lol Which is fine because I explain below.) Anywho … y’all are here for my Black Widow trailer review, not to hear me dish about how great the Fighting With My Family movie was. Right? Lol Right! So carry on …

Aiight so let’s dive into this review …

But if you wanna watch the trailer first, which I suggest you do, even though I’m pretty much gonna tell you what happened below, here it is.

The Things You Really Wanna Know

WTF Happened

Okay, so the Black Widow trailer starts off with her (Black Widow), staring in the mirror reminiscing about her old life. Then she shoots at something … and the video flashes to her, with her “new family”, The Avengers. Then there’s more shooting, yaddy yah dah. Lol

And then she says “but nothing lasts forever”. *gasp*

After that, we flash back to present time where she says she’s lived many lives and you can see she’s flipping through ALL of her ID cards. Lol (Sis probably have more than I do! And I still have ALL my ish from JHS, HS, and all of the colleges I (briefly) went to. Lmao PLUS my state ID. Lol)

But whatever … she’s done running from her past! You know how the glow up goes. Lol

Now she’s entering someone’s home with her gun drawn, looking for someone that’s hidden. I’m not sure if it’s a house or an apartment building in NYC honestly. Cause it looks like one a them “fancy” buildings in the hood. Lol (Watch the floor tiles closely when she walks in and TELL me that ain’t one ah them hood buildings. Lol)

So NOW, the person she’s looking for shows their face (finally) with their gun drawn as well! Like WTF. But then lemme hush, cause if someone is entering MY house (if it’s their house, or their hideout spot I don’t know, I don’t care, doesn’t friggin matter lol) I’d be pulling a gun out too! Not that I would know HOW to shoot it! Lol (That wasn’t apart of my Black Widow spy training course at the Spyscape Museum. They should probably add that in just in case, huh? Lol)

Oh and if you’re (still) wondering WHO she saw in the house … you’re gonna have to scroll ya ass back up and watch the trailer to find out. (I mean I specifically SAID watch the trailer first, so iono why you hard headed and don’t listen. Lol)

After the little “ah, ha I found you” scene, Black Widow asks “are we gonna talk like grown ups” and the other person says (with a heavy accent) “is that what we are”? LOL Bruh WHAT!? YES! Y’all are fcking grown ups now! TF you asking for? Lol

They musta been having one of those “millennial quarter life crisis moments” where you start second guessing if you’re actually an adult! Lol Like you KNOW you’re over the age of 21, but you’re STILL eating cereal and watching cartoons every Saturday morning! Like it’s the god damn 90s and you’re a gigantic ass kid, legs crossed, Indian style, directly in front of the TV. Lol (I’m pretty sure sitting in front the TV is how I ended up with glasses in the first place. Lol)

Okay … back to this Black Widow trailer review. I done got off track, daydreaming and shit! Lol So anywho, they both fight and once it’s over Black Widow says “its good to see you too __”. (If you watched the trailer then you know who she’s talking too. If not, WTF ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Lol) 

Despite fighting in the beginning, they both end up teaming up, so they can face whatever challenge is ahead! And THEN they team up with HER FAMILY! Say whattttt?!

Black Widow’s dad seems really happy his daughter is home and the family is back together again. But a little in denial of his new “dad bod” because that suit does NOT fit sir! Shit tight like my stretchy, skinny jeans on a sweaty, hot, Summer day! Cut it TF out! Lol 

They sorta remind me of the family in Fighting With My Family. Which is freaking CRAZY because the star of Fighting With My Family is also IN this movie! Lol OMG!

Mom also isn’t afraid to call dad out though. I’m not sure if her saying “you GOT fat” was because they were all apart, not just Black Widow, or if she was just reminding him in front of his kid. Lol But they’re joining the fight as well! And then …

Pew pew, more shooting, someone jumps outta a plane, the end. Lol If you STILL haven’t watched the damn thang, watch the shit bruh! Lol 

Black Widow Trailer Review

Does This Trailer Make Me Wanna See This Movie?

Yeah … this DEFINETLY makes me wanna see this. When I trained to be a spy like Black Widow at the Spyscape Museum I didn’t really care for Black Widow. I just knew that she was a woman, and she was cool! Lol But NOW? Now I’m READY to see what her back story is!

I guess Kristen Bell was right! Millennials LOVE a back story! Lmao But I’ve always been this way! I like knowing why and how things happened. (Also … Kristen Bell said kids should watch darker films but do we agree with her on that too? Well? That’s a different story, for a different day, but if you wanna read about if I agree or not, you can actually read that here. Lol)

However I’m excited to see Black Widow next year!

Questions I Have After Watching This

Listen… I got tons of questions right now. Lol

Was she a ballet dancer??

What happened to her actual family?

Someone wanna tell me what the hell happened in her past? Lol

Her entire family were fighters?? What am I supposed to call them? Avengers? Superheros? Lol

Who scored this trailer music? Can we be friends? Lol 

WTF is HER name! And don’t tell me Scarlet! Like what is Black Widow’s name?? Lol


What About The Soundtrack & Background Music? (Everything Sound Related Below)

Okay so the sound is CRAZY! Those synths make me HAPPY! Lol It definitely gives me all the feels! And the pulse pretty much drives the intense feeling home!

Plus those breath like sounds are dope AF! Goodness!

The sound effects are great, but honestly, it’s a Marvel movie and they’re always great with this stuff! So should I bother saying it’s also mixed well? Lol 

Long story short, I love the sound in this trailer! S/O to who ever scored this because it’s freaking amazing! I could totally play this a few times more JUST to listen to the sound. Lol I need to know more about this score though!

But I’m excited to see what all the music and sound effects will be like in the actual movie!

3 Words I Would Use To Describe This Trailer

Intense. Badass. Family. 

Intense because the music really gives it an intense feeling while you’re watching the Black Widow trailer and I love it! This is what an action film trailer should look and feel like!

Badass because Black Widow, duh! Oh, and plus the “mystery person” she was fighting, AND her FAMILY! Like can’t you just TELL they’re gonna be a force in this? Lol

Family because her family finally reunites and it feels so good! Lol No seriously! Watching them sit at the table really gives me a nice feeling, knowing that whatever happened in the past they’re willing to push it aside to come together to overcome this shit! That’s what family is all about! 

My Favorite Part Of The Trailer

Um … So I think my FAVORITE part of the Black Widow trailer is the first scene when she’s entering the house, gun drawn, with her guard up. Then they fight, they calm down and you feel the tension leave the room, like aight cool, we can be friends, now let’s talk. Lol 

My Overall Thoughts

Now that ALL of that technical shit is out of the way … here’s what I personally think of the Black Widow Trailer.

I mean I think I said everything I had to say already! It was dope! I’m super excited to see this now and I love the music and the feel of the trailer. It was done really well! Plus, I don’t think they gave away too much, which is always a concern when watching trailers, cause I’m still lost AF as to what is going on and what’s gonna happen! Lol But I don’t know … maybe that’s just my marvel ignorance? Y’all tell me! Lol

Black Widow comes out in theaters in May 2020. Y’all gonna go see it?

If so … feel free to join my Facebook group so we can discuss it! 

Also, Tanay and I are probably gonna talk about this during our new live show today at 12pm over on our new Facebook page, Pass That Popcorn!! So make sure you LIKE that page so you can get a notification when we go live (or catch the replay later on.)

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Black Widow Trailer Review

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