The Banker Movie Review

Another dope, must-see, no trauma movie about Black people being great!

If you’re unfamiliar with The Banker, starring Nia Long, Samuel Jackson and Anthony Mackie let me fill you in on the deets!

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The Banker is about two Black men (played by Samuel Jackson and Anthony Mackie) who get into the real estate business in the 1950s, a time where Black people weren’t supposed to be in charge of shit! Lol

And since they couldn’t be the face of their business … cause god forbid a Black man have his own thriving business … they hired a white man to pose as the head of the company.

And if you’re Black and reading this, then you already know some shit went down! Lol (Especially when they took they crazy asses to go buy a bank in racist ass Texas!)

However, the amazing thing about this movie is that, just like The Photograph, there’s absolutely no trauma, and no real drama! It’s just a light-hearted movie based on a true story, to shine a light on these two amazing Black men and I loved it!
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Samuel Jackson brings a bright ray of sunshine (or should I say moonshine) with his humor during the rainstorm to remind us that there’s always hope.

Y’all know the saying – when it rains, it pours! And that it did in Texas!

Listen, I get it, Black folks hard of hearing, and despite the warnings, they still took they asses down to Texas to buy a bank!

So when things got a tad bit rocky, it was of course expected.

But thanks to Samuel Jackson and his slick comments and humor, the struggle didn’t seem so bad. (Y’all know Sam a damn fool! Lol) But honestly, the humor reminded me of how we as Black people will always find the humor in any tragedy just to make sure there’s a rainbow on the other side of the thunderstorm.

We’re so used to the hard times that we have no choice but to laugh sometimes! Hell, Samuel Jackson literally says in the movie, “when you find out how life really works you can’t do nothing but laugh” so his humor was much appreciated and brought a realness to this story that no one else could. It wasn’t over the top, or lame funny, it was … as baby bear would say … just right.

(P.s – Check out these other quotes from Samuel Jackson in The Banker.)

Oh and his banter with Anthony Mackie and even when teaching Mr. White Boy how to play golf was great! I loved their relationship.

The Banker Movie Review
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But while Sam brought the humor, Nia Long showed us how far a Black man can go when he has an amazing, supportive wife.

Now y’all know they say when you need something done, let a Black woman do it! However, not only did Nia prove this with her role in The Banker … she also showed us what marriage can look like when a Black man has a wife who loves him.

Nia uplifted her man and supported him and his endeavors even when no one else did! Compared to the white boy’s wife who was straight trash, stressed her husband the hell out and put thoughts in his head that led to big failures!

It was nice seeing her in such a honest, supportive role. Nia reminded us that Black women really go hard for theirs! From dressing up as a maid to help supervise the bank, to sending her husband to the car while she had the furniture in the house rearranged, Nia held it down. Lol Without having to be a ride or die!

However, Anthony Mackie is no longer “just” a Marvel superhero, thanks to The Banker, now he’s also a Black superhero that shows kids how understanding math can lead to riches.

And I’m so serious about this!

Watching Anthony teach homeboy math reminded me of my college years when I used to help dudes with their math homework, so they could finally pass math class.

And I never got why men didn’t care for math because the way I see it … if you don’t learn it and learn it well, when you become rich there’s gonna be some kid who knows his shit and will steal from you because they know they can get away with it!

Every time I sit down to help a kid with their math homework, I use terms they can understand and 9 out of 10 times, that’s money!

So to watch Anthony kill it with algebra means that a new generation of kids will see this movie and think “damn I wanna be that nice with math so I can make money too”. Or at least I hope that’s what happens.

The Banker Movie
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So can you take the kids to see The Banker in March and let them watch these Black men be great?

Nia Long thinks you can and should!

During her Q&A after the movie screening, Nia mentioned that The Banker is PG 13, on purpose so that kids would be able to see this. Had it been a Rated R movie, a whole generation of kids would lose out on such an important film!

Nia even mentioned that she planned on taking her 8-year-old!

Which, to some may seem a tad bit crazy, but I’m pretty sure y’all took your kids to see Black Panther so stop it. Lol

Honestly, the only thing “bad” I have to say about this movie is that there are a few cuss words thrown throughout it. I mean, it coulda been done without ’em, but y’all know Samuel Jackson’s mouth! Lol But I don’t think it’s cringeworthy, so yeah, take the kids! Then talk to them about what this movie really represents!

And if this wasn’t already made clear, we need more movies like The Banker in theaters! Hell, this is what y’all asked for!

A movie about Black people with no trauma? No more slaves, no more whips, no more hangings.

Hell, this movie managed to not only keep Black men out of jail jumpsuits, but it was also able to touch on Blacks judging Blacks, the hardships of entrepreneur life when no one believes you can make it and everyone thinks you should just get a job, PLUS racism, with class!

Like, come on now! I mean, they legit omitted the struggle out of this movie, despite us knowing full well that there HAD to have been more going on, on purpose!

I feel like they made sure to only highlight the positives so that we didn’t have to see Blacks struggle! We have enough struggle movies. Hell, most of us lived the struggle, so there’s really no reason for us to watch it play out on screen!

This movie was legit just Black people teaching Black people and helping Black people come up! They bought houses in white neighborhoods so they could sell it to Black folks! They bought a bank so they could give Black folks loans! Loans that would make a world of difference for their businesses! Come the hell on now!

Miss me with the … it’s boring crap! Seriously! LOOK AT THE BIGGER PICTURE! Shit!

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Anywho, the ending was crazy! Like ‘had me wanting to bite my nails, scared to see what would happen next’ crazy.

I’m not saying this was as intense as the ending of Queen and Slim, or as mind-blowing as the ending from Tyler Perry’s A Fall From Grace, but this ending definitely took me there. Hell, I was rooting for the white boy too! I’m not even gon’ lie to you. Lol That’s all I’m gon’ say about that!

However, here’s a tip – don’t throw the towel in at the end, it’s not what you think! There’s a part towards the end that made me almost scream at the screen cause I thought that’s how the movie was ending but it’s not.

So just woosah and keep watching. Lol

The ending will have you screaming YASS, Black people smart as shit! Lol Trust me!

So whether you see this movie in theaters, or watch it at home on Apple Tv Plus, just know that The Banker is a “pull up with the fam, lay back and chillax with the snacks on deck” kind of movie.

I was sitting in the theater like yessss, this is the life! While snacking on my Black Forest gummy bears, peanut M&Ms and popcorn. Lol

I literally sat back and just felt so at peace I knew I had to let y’all know what the vibe was! Plus sitting in the theater surrounded by other Black folks just screaming at the screen, or laughing out loud, was definitely a great feeling!

So whenever and wherever you watch this movie, just make sure you grab some snacks, and a few good people, and enjoy this! Even better if you see this at a dine-in theater so you can sip on something while you watch. Lol Look … the name of this blog ain’t Popcorn and TEQUILA for no reason okay!

The Banker will be in theaters on March 6th, and available on Apple Tv Plus on March 20th. So make sure you go see it!

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