The New Babysitters Club Series On Netflix Is My Husband (Season 1 Review)

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The Baby-Sitters Club: (L To R) Momona Tamada As Claudia Kishi And Shay Rudolph As Stacey Mcgill In Episode 1 Of The Baby-Sitters Club. Cr. Kailey Schwerman/Netflix © 2020

I’m honestly not sure if I can add anything new to this review that I haven’t already said in my review of episode 1 of The Babysitters Club because my thoughts haven’t changed. This new Netflix series is perfection!

And if you haven’t read my initial thoughts about this new Netflix series, please do.

However, there are a few things I wanted to mention, once everyone had a chance to watch the entire series.

So here’s my full review of The Babysitters Club Netflix series Season 1.

The Babysitters Club Review

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The new Babysitters Club series on Netflix is the best book adaption ever. It’s absolutely perfect!

I know I don’t remember the books much, but I do remember the feeling I got as a kid while reading The Babysitters Club, and this new Netflix series is everything I could have imagined and then some.

Then they hit us over our heads with true diversity and showed us exactly what life looks like in the Middle School world.

Middle School is messy, especially when you’re a girl! It’s drama between friends, struggling to make new friends, trying to find yourself, trying not to hate everything your parents do, while getting hit with the puberty stick and having to balance out a ton of new emotions you never even knew you had. And The Babysitters Club on Netflix gives us ALL of this!

Not only is this series, more modern, and more diverse, it also makes it super easy for parents to have important conversations with their kids.

The Babysitters Club does a really great job of starting the conversations below so that parents can continue them in more depth.

They’re all things kids are going to ask about if they haven’t already, so having them apart of this show is a great way for everyone to discuss them after watching.

  • Social Roles + Patriarchy
  • Social Media + Safe Internet Usage
  • Body Image Issues
  • Apologizing +  Owning Mistakes
  • Proper Dating Etiquette
  • Lying +  Peer Pressure
  • Diabetes +  Diseases
  • Transgender Kids
  • Not Having A Parent Around
  • Activism
  • Forgiving Others
  • Communicating Your Feelings
  • Money (Having It + Not Having It)

Also, the topics aren’t completely in your face and preachy.

They’re subtle and presented with class, which is what I love the most about this series. The Babysitters Club series isn’t trying to change your opinions, it just brings these topics to light for a full discussion afterward.

They say “here’s why you should believe in this” and then move on, to allow you to digest the information.

Hell, they even casually threw in that one of the kids talk to a therapist.

Also, the episodes don’t feel short, despite only being about 30 mins each.

You never feel like you’re missing something, or that they could have gone into more details about a specific topic.

Of course, they could have, but for episodes that are around 30 mins apiece, they’re super packed with lots of info, scenarios, and wit.

And I have to say, this series ends just as strongly as it starts off.

The activism episode at the end was SO great and so timely, it’s ridiculous!

Watching all those kids come together to take a stand for something that they believed in was amazing and I really hope it inspires others to do the same. I also hope it opens the eyes of adults who think kids should remain quiet unless spoken to. Kids seriously care about the world around them and making sure that it’s fair and just. It’s the adults who then brainwash them into thinking otherwise.

I hope they renew this series for another season so we can see how their business grows because this wasn’t enough.

10 episodes isn’t enough!

I almost cried when I got to episode 10 because it was almost over. Even my daughter was super sad when it ended.

The creators did an awesome job with The Babysitters Club series and have really set the bar high for book adaptions in the future.

THIS is the standard all book adaptions should be held to because this was simply amazing.

If you haven’t watched the series yet, for whatever reason that maybe, you NEED to watch it ASAP.

Click here to watch The Babysitters Club on Netflix.

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Written by Shaye Wyllie

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