I Watched The First Episode Of The New Babysitters Club Netflix Series And It’s So Freaking Good

The Baby-Sitters Club: (L To R) Shay Rudolph As Stacey Mcgill, Momona Tamada As Claudia Kishi, Malia Baker As Mary Anne Spier And Sophie Grace As Kristy Thomas In Episode 4 Of The Baby-Sitters Club. Cr. Kailey Schwerman/Netflix © 2020

Y’all I’m so freaking excited right now! I just finished watching episode 1 of the new Babysitters Club Netflix series a few hours ago and it’s soooo freaking GOOD!

Like my heart is about to burst!

The 90’s kid in me right now is SO happy! I’m gonna try to make this review short ’cause I’m tryna close this laptop, lay up in bed, and watch the rest of Season 1.

Think I’m playing? ‘Cause I’m not!

However, I will have a full review of the season up on July 4th, a day after Season 1 is released, which gives you enough time to watch the 10 episodes (which are about 30 mins long) before you dive into my review and all the reasons why I absolutely LOVE this new series!

Anywho, here’s my review of episode 1 of The Babysitters Club Netflix series.

The Babysitters Club Netflix Episode 1 Review

the babysitters club netflix poster

It’s so damn good! OMG! How is this so freaking good!?

These girls are absolutely freaking adorable and are perfect for this show!

They really did well with the casting and hair and makeup, because these kids don’t actually look like their characters.

But it suits them and they transition into these characters SO freaking well! I don’t think this could have been any more perfect!

But listen! I haven’t read the books in what, almost 20 years? (Shit that’s a long time!)

So yeah, I don’t actually remember what happened in the books! But I mean, if it FEELS perfect, then it must be, right? Shit! Cause I mean … I ain’t even READ Artemis Fowl and I FELT that was trash compared to the books. Like I felt that deep in my soul! Okay? Okay!

So if this FEELS right … then, they did a damn good job!

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the babysitters club netflix series review
The Baby-Sitters Club: (L To R) Momona Tamada As Claudia Kishi And Shay Rudolph As Stacey Mcgill In Episode 1 Of The Baby-Sitters Club. Cr. Kailey Schwerman/Netflix © 2020

I’ve only watched episode 1 so far, but this seems like it’s going to be a great adaption.

Again, I don’t remember the books and what specifically happened in them. But the way this series smoothly sets up how the girls start the club is just amazing! The acting feels super natural as well. Nothing feels forced, not the script, not the kids, nada! I absolutely love it!

I’ll write another post about everything that I love (and hate) about this series later this week, but I will say that I love how modern they made this series.

Like mom complains about how NO ONE answers their phones, aka cellphones, and back in her day, she only had a house phone, and you had NO choice but to answer it.

It’s so cute! Girls today will be able to really see themselves in these girls!

Plus, it still has this 90’s feel to it that pulls at my 90’s kid heartstrings. I swear! It’s weird. I can’t really explain it, and I have no freaking clue how they did it, but I love it.

But maybe it’s just me? Maybe I’m just in my feels right now? I don’t know! Let me know in the comments once you watch it!

It just seems perfect for millennials, who read the book, while also being great for my kid all at the same time! And it’s not even cheesy!

Do you know how many family shows are sooooo cheesy!!! (*cough* Family ReunionThe Big Show Show *cough*) So yes, I’m super duper happy about this! I’m pretty sure I’ve said that like 10x by now.

The girls even discuss using social media to market their new business, which ends up being a bust since “you’re supposed to be 13 and older to have social media”.

But yeah … I feel like I’m rambling now! I also said I wanted to keep this short *rolls eyes* so let me wrap this up!

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the babysitters club netflix series episode 1
The Baby-Sitters Club: (L To R) Malia Baker As Mary Anne Spier And Momona Tamada As Claudia Kishi In Episode 1 Of The Baby-Sitters Club. Cr. Kailey Schwerman/Netflix © 2020

Another thing I absolutely love about this new Babysitters Club Netflix series is the music!

Which is another nod to how modern the Babysitters club series is! Lizzo’s song “Juice” started playing and I almost bust out dancing in my chair.

So kids are definitely gonna notice this and realize this ain’t mommy’s old ass book she’s been tryna get them to read, but instead a cool “hip” show they can really dig and relate too. (The irony of all those words being used as I try to explain how young I am.)

But the other instrumentals are really great as well, so I can’t wait to see what other songs they throw into the other episodes.

Anywho, while we’re talking about how “old” I am, can we stop for a second to mutually roll our eyes at the fact that this girl bought the god damn house phone from Etsy!

I was literally looking at my phone like … “no she did NOT buy this god damn house phone from a god damn Etsy shop! Cut it TF out! Stop ittttt sis!” Man, I hate everyone right now. Got me feeling old and shit.

But I mean … if we’re being honest here, where else would she get a house phone? All the damn RadioShacks done dead and gone, soooo. Yeah! *moment of silence*

So yeah! As I said, the new Babysitters Club Netflix series is REALLY good and I can’t wait to rewatch this with my daughter when it comes out on July 3rd.

Yes I’m gon’ watch the whole damn thang without her and watch the shit again, a few days later! Don’t judge me!

Mind yo’ business! Okurr?

Another attempt at trying to appear young again, to redeem my usage of “dig” a few moments ago. Just ignore it and pretend like you ain’t notice, thank you kindly.

Anywho … Click here to add the Babysitters Club to your watchlist so you can watch this on July 3rd when it’s finally released!

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