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Live Recap: 89 Thoughts I Had While Watching Swan Song On Apple TV



swan song apple tv live recap

Thanks to Apple TV Plus, I got to watch the Swan Song movie a few days early, and I am super excited to share my initial thoughts.

When I first found out about Swan Song, I took a look at the cast list and freaked out a bit.

I was super scared Awkwafina, and her foolish ways, would ruin this!

I mean she’s not that bad in Shang Chi, but I wasn’t taking any chances! However, I’m happy to say she didn’t ruin this film for me! Whew. Cause girl I was coming for you!

Swan Song is about a loving Black husband and father, who is diagnosed with a terminal illness. He’s presented with a controversial alternative solution to shield his family from his loss — replace himself with a carbon copy clone. But the catch? He can’t ever tell them about the copy, or about his sickness!


And I absolutely love it! So here are …

89 Thoughts I Had While Watching Swan Song On Apple TV

Spoiler Alert – If you haven’t seen Swan Song yet, this recap will spoil things a bit. I omitted names so you don’t know who is who. But if you loathe all kinds of spoilers, bookmark this joint and wait until you’ve seen the movie.

swan song poster

  1. Oh shit a robot that knows what you want, knows your name, takes a payment automatically? Dang! I already like this!
  2. Omg is this how he meets his wife????
  3. Not him drawing her!!
  4. Not her eating his damn echo bar! Tf sis, you ain’t order that and he just took piece like I guess we’ll share. 
  5. They really made echo chocolate bars for this movie. And that’s crazy! Like they really made a whole product just to feature it in this film.
  6. She not gon’ say anything to him though? What kinda foolery!
  7. Ohhhhhhh shit that WAS her echo bar the whole time?!! His was in his bag!! NOOO! I’m crying! That’s hilarious!
  8. Omg, this is so cute! That first 5 mins would make such a cute short film!!
  9. I need info on this futuristic car. Apple TV Plus, y’all make a real one of those for this film too? Send me deets please!
  10. Not my nerdy, organized, virgo ass, looking at this shoe rack like … “mmm I like this shoe rack”. What’s wrong with me?
  11. Music is subtle … nice.
  12. WTF is that? OMG, that was a voice note left for him???
  13. Ohhhh … the futuristic tech in this is dope!! Like this is the kind of tech I expect to see in sci-fi films! Yesss!
  14. Pause … I need these contacts and earbuds explained. ASAP.
  15. Wait, did he just fall TF out and then close the bathroom door so no one would see? He not gon’ ask for help, nada? Just gon’ pretend everything all good while he slowly dying in there? My goodness!!
  16. This shot is beautiful! I wish I was watching this in theaters, damn it!
  17. Yeah, this is literally the same as the Amazon series. But I love seeing it as a movie.
  18. The symmetry!!!
  19. The sets are really nice! Like, reallyyyy nice. Like someone shoulda invited me to walk around this set so I could see it in person ’cause my god!
  20. Oh wow, so the contacts have cameras in them!! It’s like a VR system you control with your hands? I knew something was up with them! This is dope!
  21. Wait … so they’re using A.I to clone people??
  22. It’s the scoring for me!!
  23. So he can’t tell his wife he’s dying if he wants to switch bodies? This is so sad!
  24. Not his son saying he want his drawing pencils! That’s so cute!
  25. Awww, Black man, that’s an artist and getting paid to do art? Thank you!! With a great family! YES Apple TV! I mean it’s not comforting that he’s dying though, but yeah.
  26. This is how they explain to us what the system is? Good job! Nice! Love it. They explain through his clone.
  27. They really doing good with these Apple films bruh, this is so good.
  28. And that anger just now … out of nowhere… you FEEL that … he’s scared, he’s frustrated. Dang Mahershala Ali!! Whew.
  29. That’s probably how Awakafina comes in? She’s one of the others???
  30. His only two options are to do it and swap without telling his wife, or tell his wife he’s dying. So, he either breaks her heart or feel like he’s betraying her trust. That’s crazy!
  31. Oh look she only talked for like 5 seconds. And she’s not tryna be funny! Whew.
  32. It must be hard having to pretend you’re fine while going through everything.
  33. Oh shit, she just recorded that!!! Yooooo! The tech in this is really great!
  34. They’re both artists! She’s a musician, he draws. I really love this narrative!
  35. Omg, he has another kid on the way? I’m about to cry!
  36. Damn, he wanted to tell her!!! Don’t do this to me Apple!
  37. Oh, she has her A.I out there, while she’s still alive? Interesting.
  38. For some reason, the interior in this film, reminds me of Dune.
  39. Dang imagine having to shoot all those shots for that montage!! Sorry, I’m geeking out now. Ignore me.
  40. Would you do it? For real? Give your family a you? I think I would for my daughter in a split second. Knowing she’d never feel like she lost me. 
  41. I love that they went back here so we could see them meet again.
  42. Cameron and Poppy? They couldn’t change the names after they casted? That’s asking for too much? Like, these names feel so weird.
  43. Ahhhhhh Frank ocean? Perfect for this!!
  44. Omg, this is so good it’s so wholesome.
  45. So she doesn’t have dreads dreads, good to know.
  46. She lost her brother. Stop tryna make me cry damn it!
  47. How is her loss so painful for HIIM tho? 
  48. He’s been gone for weeksssss??? WTF!
  49. Not him saying … “aye yo big man”.
  50. I like that we’re seeing his “memories”.
  51. Black family gardening, yessss! Come through!!
  52. Oh wow, the only thing that’s different is a freckle on his hand? 
  53. Not the live video games in front of you. This is so dope!
  54. Oh shit, something happened in front of his son! Will his family know now?
  55. He’s having seizures?
  56. She’s so not annoying when she’s not tryna be funny. 
  57. She does music therapy, awww.
  58. 3rd time we see Awka … a few seconds at a time. It’s not bad.
  59. He was thrown off a bike on a mountain? This literally sounds like a white film with a Black cast.
  60. That’s the difference!!! Cameron’s more emotional!!! 
  61. This the first test? They call the person??
  62. First he was scared that he wouldn’t be able to BE him, and now he can’t stand the idea of it working!
  63. Damn … not them fighting each other!!
  64. Damn his acting is great!! Like seriously amazing!
  65. The dog, the kid, it’s … it’s perfectly perfect! They’re just going through a rough time because of grief! These are the stories we need with Black folks! Not the traumatic slave stories we keep getting stuffed down our throats!
  66. Halfway through and I’m in love with this. 
  67. Oh look he finally has someone to talk to now!! Having someone that knows you, how you feel, someone who can literally feel your pain … damn!
  68. Damn clone keeps jumping out of his sleep. I feel so bad for him honestly. This has to be super weird.
  69. Oh wow, so the dude can see what Cameron sees now!!
  70. WTF? Did he need to see if he could bleed?
  71. Oh damn, he can see him having a seizure.
  72. What if she looks out and sees him laying there?? 
  73. Oh shit, it says not available.
  74. You just gotta say call and pick up? That’s crazy! This better than Siri, bruh.
  75. Not another seizure bro, WTF. 
  76. Wait, what? No, you can’t just swap, make up an excuse!! Now they got me wanting to scream at the screen and shit.
  77. Wowwww … she keeps saying it’s covered in the contract! Like they’re not people!
  78. Oh shittttt … the dog knows!!! The pets always know!!! That’s crazy!!! That was a smart move writers!!! 
  79. She basically stole the last of his days with her family. I’m mad like I know these peopl!
  80. He’s gonna snap he’s faking.
  81. I knew it … and the other felt it.
  82. Oh lord, now they gon see two of him. Come on, sir! This really got me on the edge of my seat tho … whew.
  83. They really tried to hide the Nike logo, and I’m laughing, cause umm … I still see it.
  84. Not him scared of the dog. Did he put him in a closet?
  85. Awww his first beer!! He’s scared of losing out. This is breaking my heart!
  86. He basically needed to say goodbye.
  87. This was basically what a man would do to keep his family happy (to spare them pain).
  88. One of the best films I’ve seen this year!!
  89. Loved this and, no, Awkwafina didn’t ruin this! Whew, love love love.

Whew that was a great film!

I’m emotional all over again writing this. If you haven’t seen Swan Song yet, you really need to watch it! It’s amazing!

Swan Song is now streaming on Apple TV Plus.

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These 4 ‘Top Tier’ Apple TV Plus Series Are Not To Be Missed And Totally Make The Subscription Price Worth It



ted lasso season 2 apple tv plus shows worth watching

Look … I know I’m probably a bit bias as a “critic”, or “tv reviewer”, when I say that I’m always shocked when I hear folks say they don’t have an Apple TV Plus subscription yet. But I’m not kidding when I say these 4 original series make Apple TV plus worth it!

There are so many more series on Apple TV Plus that I’ve watched and enjoyed, including the latest Denzel Washington series, “The Last Days of Ptolemy Gray“. And so many more that I can’t wait to see, like … uh … “See”, starring Jason Momoa, which I hear is amazing.

But these 4 are top tier, for real!

Plus an Apple TV Plus subscription only costs what, 5 bucks a month? That’s a steal!

So when you ask “is Apple TV Plus even worth it”?

I say … yes, and even if you only watch these 4 series, it’s still absolutely worth it!

Of course you should totally stay to see what else Apple TV Plus has to offer! But these 4 shows are a great start.



Acapulco had me laughing every week, and so invested in finding out what would happen to Maximo, that it was truly a joy to watch! If you like, relaxed, beach fun, with a little bit of messiness on the side, this one’s for you.


Foundation had me on the edge of my seat, weekly, and I loved seeing badass Salvor Hardin do her thang. So if you’re big on sci-fi series, and loved movies like Dune, you should totally check this out.

Ted Lasso

is apple tv plus worth it

I’m not ashamed to say that Ted Lasso is my fave of these 4, especially since my folks are from the Caribbean so soccer has a special place in my heart. Even though I don’t talk about it much. However, Ted Lasso is hilarious, and emotional, and I can not WAIT until Season 3 drops. This show is definitely worth the hype and not one to miss. Unless you hate being happy, then I guess, sure, whatevs.

The Shrink Next Door

is apple tv plus worth it

Last but not least, The Shrink Next Door was SO good, it triggered my trust issues every week. Will Ferrell and Paul Rudd KILL their roles. Almost too good, if I’m being honest. It’s a great example of what happens to nice people, and how folks take advantage of others just because they can. So if you like light thrillers, that won’t leave you having nightmares at night, but instead, intrigued and possibly a bit angry each week, this one’s for you.

But if I’m being honest you should watch ALL 4. They’re all amazing in their own way, and the very best of Apple TV Plus’s original content.

So if you don’t have a subscription yet, I need you to get your life together, and subscribe TUH DAY! And if you DO have a subscription and you haven’t seen these series yet, what are you waiting for????

Wait … before you go!

Did you notice my new “Thank the creator” button at the top of this article? Probably not. And that’s why there’s also a “Thanks” button here at the bottom! You’re welcome!

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No seriously …


Each sticker has a monetary value ranging from absolutely positively free to $200! Yup, that’s right, you can purchase a sticker for $0 or for $200! With lots of options in between! (And I’m not gonna lie the Dino stickers are just $1 but they’re the freaking cutest! Not that I wouldn’t mind the shiny $200 diamond sticker! After all a diamond is a girl’s best friend. But I swear Google made that Dino sticker cute on purpose!)

Anywho, if you do send me a paid sticker you can also send me a personal note to remind me how much I made you laugh and how much you love me! (Or hate me. Whatever floats your boat! I know sometimes my movie opinions make y’all mad. You’ll be okay.)

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(I kid you not, there have been many times I’ve wanted to quit writing! But every time I gear up to quit, someone sends me a note about how much one of my articles means to them, I cry a little, and then I get back to it. So I’m excited to read all the new notes I get thanks to Google! But more importantly … the STICKERS! I’m excited for the stickers y’all!)

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The Cliff Notes: The Craziest Things That Have Happened So Far On “Severance”, Apple TV Plus’s New Thriller Series



severance episode 7

Sooooo … I finally finished watching Severance episode 7 this weekend and although the series is still painfully slow, we’ve got some new things to unpack!

And even though I haven’t written a single post about Apple TV Plus’s new series Severance yet, episode 7 was too shocking not to write about!

Because if you’ve been faithfully watching this series each week, you know how hard it’s been waiting for new pieces to the puzzle.

So here’s …

5 Of The Craziest Things That Have Happened On Severance So Far

Spoiler Alert – If you’re not all the way caught up with Severance yet, (meaning you haven’t watched everything, including episode 7) this recap will spoil a lot. So if you loathe all kinds of spoilers, bookmark this joint and wait until you’re all caught up.


1. Mark’s wife isn’t dead!

They keep saying she is, but … she’s not! And we’ve already seen her in the show!

From the ending of episode 7, it seems like Mark’s wife is Ms. Casey! Which has to be the craziest bit of information yet!

Am I the only one going crazy about this?

2. Milchick turned on Dylan’s work memories while he was AT HOME!

We didn’t even know they could DO this until recently. And I still haven’t fully recovered from learning this shit.

But also … Milchick didn’t get permission to do this from boss lady soooo … he’s probably in a LOT of trouble right now. Especially since Dylan remembers what happened!

3. Thanks to Milchick, Dylan now knows he has a SON!

Which is eating at his work soul, because that’s all he knows right now about his life. I’d be losing my SHIT too right now if this was me.


I feel so freaking bad for Dylan!

Like, he’s just been minding his business, working for this stupid ass company, being the best employee he can be!

He’s been following ALL the freaking rules! Excited about all the lame rewards!

And they go and do THIS to him?

4. It’s no wonder Dylan flipped his shit at work and bit Milchick.

I mean these people are learning new shit every day, and it’s driving them literally insane not knowing the full story!


I feel so bad for them!

Especially Dylan and Irving, who seem to be taking things the hardest right now.

5. Speaking of Irving, Burt is “retiring”?

We still don’t know if he’s actually retiring, or if they’re gonna kill him because he knows too much. But I got this weird feeling, they’re gonna let him live, and they just want him out of the job, so Irving can behave.

There’s no reason to kill him since once Irving leaves he won’t know Burt.

But I’m still worried. Irving about to lose his cool too! Shit’s about to get real!


So if you haven’t seen Severance yet I totally recommend watching it.

It’s definitely a SLOW burn, but it’s intriguing. I usually hate slow shows, but it’s interesting enough to keep me coming back each week.

And if you HAVE seen it, drop something you thought was crazy in the comments below!

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Samuel L. Jackson And Dominique Fishback To Star In New Apple TV Plus Series “The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey”



"The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey” apple tv plus series

I don’t know about you, but anytime I see the name “Dominique Fishback” on a cast list, I get excited! So the fact that she’s in Apple TV Plus’s new series “The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey” starring alongside the great, Samuel L. Jackson, makes me incredibly happy!

Dom was a stand out in Netflix’s Project Power a few years ago, where she somehow managed to outshine one of our faves — Jamie Foxx, and then killed her role in Judas and the Black Messiah last year, alongside Daniel Kaluuya and LaKeith Stanfield.

So best believe she’s gon’ hold her own alongside my man Samuel L. Motherf*cking Jackson this year!

But I say ALL that to say, that Apple TV+ revealed a first-look at “The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey,” their new limited series yesterday, which of course is also executively produced by Samuel L. Jackson.

The series is based on the acclaimed novel by best-selling author Walter Mosley, who also adapted the story for the screen, and serves as executive producer.


The six-episode gripping series about family, memory and legacy will debut globally Friday, March 11 on Apple TV+ with the first two episodes, followed by one new episode weekly, every Friday, and I can’t wait to watch it!

I’m actually screening it this month so I can’t wait to tell y’all how good this thang is. (I just know it’s gonna be good! Apple TV Plus has been killing their original series y’all! Seriously!)

More About “The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey”

The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey series

Hailing from Apple Studios, “The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey” stars Jackson as Ptolemy Grey, an ailing man forgotten by his family, by his friends, and by even himself.

Suddenly left without his trusted caretaker and on the brink of sinking even deeper into a lonely dementia, Ptolemy is assigned to the care of orphaned teenager Robyn, played by BAFTA Award nominee Dominique Fishback (“Judas and the Black Messiah”).

When they learn about a treatment that can restore Ptolemy’s dementia-addled memories, it begins a journey toward shocking truths about the past, present and future.

In addition to Jackson and Fishback, the Apple Original series features Cynthia Kaye McWilliams (“Coyote,” “Real Husbands of Hollywood”), Damon Gupton (“Black Lightning,” “Bates Motel”), Marsha Stephanie Blake (“I Am Your Woman,” “When They See Us”), Walton Goggins (“Justified,” “The Unicorn”),  and Omar Miller (“The Unicorn,” “Ballers”).


Alongside Mosley and Jackson, “The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey” is executive produced by Mosley’s producing partner Diane Houslin, Ramin Bahrani, Eli Selden and David Levine for Anonymous Content, and LaTanya Richardson. 

With that said … I’m excited for “The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey”. Stay tuned for more news relating to “The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey” and of course a full review closer to its release date, and episodic live recaps of each episode.

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